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Not many know the Indian past he had discovered!

Thursday November 16 2006 09:31 IST S Gurumurthy "What is it that keeps the country down", asked the speaker. A young man in the audience replied unhesitatingly: "Undoubtedly the institution of caste that kept the majority low castes and the society backward" and added "it continues". The speaker replied, "May be". But, pausing for a moment, he added, "May not be". Shocked, the young man angrily asked him to explain his "may-not-be" theory. The speaker calmly mentioned just one fact that clinched the debate. He said, "Before the British rule in India, over two-thirds - yes, two-thirds - of the Indian kings belonged to what is today known as the Other Backward Castes (OBCs). "It is the British," he said, "who robbed the OBCs - the ruling class running all socio-economic institutions - of their power, wealth and status." So it was not the upper caste which usurped the OBCs of their due position in

Modernising the Indian infantry

Modernising the infantry Ashok Mehta Source: The Daily Pioneer Why has it taken the Army so long to conceive an upgrade package for the oldest, most potent and intensely employed fighting arm, the Infantry, even after the so-called revolution in military affairs? The foot soldier, the original and most versatile weapon system that is always taken for granted, has emerged from the dubious shock and awe strategy of recent campaigns as its ultimate arbiter. India has paid dearly for the neglect of its infantry in terms of cost, casualties and over-stretch of battle. But the Infantry has never let us down. Kargil was its finest hour. Gen VP Malik, the Army Chief of the time, wryly noted: "We will fight with what we have." So when for the first time an international conference of Army and defence industry was launched last week to put the forgotten soldier centre-stage, some misgivings were natural. While Army Chief Gen JJ Singh outlined his vision for the soldier syste

Behind Patils sea terror alarm bell : 51 sensitive spy rings busted in two years

Behind Patils sea terror alarm bell: 51 sensitive spy rings busted in two years Pranab Dhal Samanta Team led by Maharashtra DGP reported at conference this week on threat to critical installations, including atomic energy, space; national coastal police station network to be expanded NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 25:When Home Minister Shivraj Patil rang the alarm bell this week over threats to critical installations and nuclear power stations, he had one reason: as many as 51 spy rings involved in gathering information and details on such installations have been busted in the past two years. Its reliably learnt that this information was disclosed at this weeks conference of DGPs from all states. Patil, while inaugurating the conference, underlined the threat posed by Pakistan-based groups to such critical installations, especially along the coast. A committee, led by Director General of Maharashtra Police P S Pasricha, had recently gone into these threats and its report was discussed

Hindu Americans Protest Call to Convert to Christianity By Republican Candidate in Minnesota

Hindu Americans Protest Call to Convert to Christianity By Republican Candidate in Minnesota MINNEAPOLIS, MN (November 21, 2006) – Hindu Americans, still reeling from an election season that saw high profile Republican Party candidates scorn adherents of minority faiths in the United States, were treated to another attack on pluralism from a state senate candidate in Minnesota. Republican Rae Hart Anderson, who was defeated by a margin of nearly 40% in her bid to unseat Sen. Satveer Chaudhary of District 50, wrote a rambling concession email over a week after the election in which she called on the senator to convert to her Christian faith as she said he needed to be “forgiven.” Sen. Chaudhary is a practicing Hindu. The Hindu American Foundation (HAF), which has a full-time staffed office in Washington, D.C. to promote human rights and religious liberty issues in government, contacted the Minnesota Republican Party office Monday. The foundation demanded that the GOP in Minnesota rep

Nemesis faces the United States

M V Kamath Do we require a British newspaper to tell us that nemesis is at last over taking the United States in Iraq? According to The Guardian, the United States is 'finally waking up to failure in Iraq'. Washington should have known a long time ago that military power does not bestow political legitimacy anywhere in the world and no country with any self-respect will let itself be brow-beaten. But the White Man's mind-set with roots deep in the late nineteenth and later the second half of the twentieth century had to learn to change only after paying a heavy price. The French learnt that they could not hold on to its colonies in South Asia, only after the bitter battle of Dien Bien Phu. The French had to pay heavily in flesh and blood to finally call it a day for its colonial rule. They thought that the North Africans were different and held on to Algeria for a long time without any success. The Algerians fought with all their resources - mea

Did Sonia Gandhi signed the register as Non-Hindu at Tirupathi ?

Much publicised Sonia Gandhis visit to Tirupathi has topped national headlines . However VHP leader from Maharastra M.Ashok Chowgule told IntelliBriefs that "There is a tradition at Tirupati that when a non-Hindu enters the temple he/she has to sign a register in which he/she proclaims that he/she respects the Hindu religion " Refering her earlier visit in 1999 he daid "At the time of the arrangement of the 1999 visit, it was agreed by her minders that Soniaji would sign the register prior to her entry. However, she simply went past the register and entered the temple - such is the disrespect she had shown then. " He said it would be interesting to know if Ms.Sonia Gandhi signed the register this time.

Modi criticises UPA govt's "anti-Gujarat" policies

RAJKOT, NOV 26 (PTI) Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today came down heavily on the Congress-led UPA government for adopting "anti-Gujarat" policies and said the State could have done much better if the Centre had adopted positive attitude towards it. "Gujarat has suffered huge lose duo to the UPA government's policies. The state has been developing well during the BJP-led NDA regime," Modi said while addressing a public meeting at Jetpur town, about 70 km from here. "Gujarat could have done much better if the UPA government had adopted positive attitude towards the state," he added. "The BJP government in the state intends to improve basic facilities like roads, water for drinking and crop and electricity, but the efforts are halted due to the UPA government's non-cooperative attitude," he alleged. He alleged that the state has not received crores of rupees allocated by the Centre as grants and funds. The chief minister furt

Kalam seeks answers for Indian workers abroad

Sunday November 26 2006 00:00 IST PTI NEW DELHI: President A P J Abdul Kalam on Friday evening set the problems of Indians working abroad before a gathering of law experts from around the world. Inaugurating an international seminar on 'criminal justice system under stress: transnational perspective,' Kalam urged participants to help find ways to deal with crimes against Indians working overseas. The conference to commemorate an Indian law institute completing 50 years is being attended by experts from India and abroad, including Chief Justices, judges and lawyers and law scholars. A highlight of the event presided over by Chief Justice Y K Sabharwal was Kalam administering an oath of “righteousness” and “honest life” to young law students, which drew an all round applause. Among those present were the Chief justices of England and Wales, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore and Canada. Those who spoke on the occasion included Law and Justice Minister Hans Raj Bhardwaj, seni


Divide Pakistan Book Launch Uploaded by dividepakistan Book Description DIVIDE PAKISTAN TO ELIMINATE TERRORISM is Syed Jamaluddin's vision to address issues related to combatting terrorism emanating from Pakistan which have dramatically transformed the entire region into a systematically controlled network having vicious effects to the global peace. This book gives an indepth analysis about the role of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Tablighi Jamat which are involved in producing future terrorists. The book provides specific information about the actual tactics of ISI and Tablighi Jamat and their strategy to disrupt the international peace in the name of Islamization of the world through holy war and martyrdom. The book is an effort to provide an inside story of Pakistan and stories of its military dictators and religious cults who are busy day and night to commit corruption in the name of war-on-terror. The writer declares General Musharraf as a Terrorist-