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Reclaiming bharatiya studies

Reclaiming bharatiya studies Click In this article on vernaculars and sanskrit written in March 2006, I commented on the distortions indulged in by Sheldon Pollock and Robert (also Sally Sutherland) Goldman denigrating the contributions of sanskrit language and literature to bharatiya society and samskriti. I had endorsed Rajiv Malhotra's observations that " The Western Sanskritist, he says, feels this most acutely, given that Sanskrit was the principal discursive instrument of domination in premodern India. Thus Pollock deftly turns Said's attack on imperialism into nonsense by insisting that the subjugated Indians are themselves imperialists, as much as the conquering Europeans. In Pollock's view, the trend continues today, and sanskrit is being continuously reappropriated by many of the most reactionary and communalist sectors of the population (Pollock 1993: 116). " The distortions indulged in by Michael Witzel are well documented at Click Now some are lamen

EU reoprt on Kashmir stirs Pak reaction

What went wrong with EU Foreign Affairs Committee Report that has disturbed Islamabad ? Mumtaz Khan Vice chair IKA The recent outcry of Islamabad over the draft report of Baroness Nicholson on Kashmir, especially on Pakistan administered Areas apparently has irked the Pakistan establishment which was taken a back by reading about the rights conditions of the Area, which was never known to the rest of world. As strict measures had been placed by Islamabad to restrict the access of non-resident to its controlled Azad Kashmir where access for any foreigner was if not impossible but was close to that. Whoever in the past had tried to sneak in this Area to learn about the ground realities and human rights situation had to land into the jail and finally thrown out of the Area, and was accused for fomenting the political instability in the Area. Two names Clar-e-Galez and Paul Bearsman two Belgium nationals, but human rights activists had desired to get some insight of the Area might still

The Kurdish Security Network in Northern Iraq

In spite of escalating violence in Iraq, the very region that served as the gateway for al-Qaeda in Iraq is now one of the most secure areas in the country. Iraqi Kurdistan, formally the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), has taken the opposite trajectory than most of Iraq. While the rest of the country was under the secure repression of Saddam Hussein, Kurdistan suffered from government-sponsored chemical attacks on Kurdish civilians. Moreover, while Kurdistan in the years prior to the war served as an open gate for al-Qaeda terrorists, among them Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, terrorist insurgents had not yet infiltrated the entire country. Now, however, the Iraqi capital and most of Iraq have steadily descended into terrorist and sectarian violence while Iraqi Kurdistan has flushed out foreign fighters (aside from the PKK, which they support) and flourished, both politically and economically. The reasons for this are many and varied, but require a concerted effort to be sustained. At

EU DRAFT REPORT Kashmir: present situation and future prospects

Click and Download Word Document COMPLETE REPORT CLICK EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT 2004 2009 Committee on Foreign Affairs PROVISIONAL 2005/2242(INI) 23.11.2006 DRAFT REPORT on Kashmir: present situation and future prospects (2005/2242(INI)) Committee on Foreign Affairs Rapporteur: Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne PR_INI CONTENTS Page MOTION FOR A EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT RESOLUTION 3 MOTION FOR A EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT RESOLUTION on Kashmir: present situation and future prospects (2005/2242(INI)) The European Parliament, – having regard to its recent resolutions referring to Jammu and Kashmir, in particular its resolutions of 29 September 2005 on EU-India relations: A Strategic Partnership , of 17 November 2005 on Kashmir , of 18 May 2006 on the Annual Report on Human Rights in the World 2005 and the EU's policy on the matter , of 28 September 2006 on the EU's economic and trade relations with India , of 22 April 2004 on the EC-Pakistan Cooperation Agreement and of 22 April 2004

Afzal, Madani jo hatyare hain, wo Congress-Communist ko pyare hain

BJP walks out on Afzal posters issue New Delhi, Dec. 5: The BJP staged a walkout in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday, protesting against the projection of Parliament House attack convict Mohammad Afzal Guru and terrorist Abdul Nazar Madani as "national heroes" by two parties in the Kerala byelections. Shouting slogans and showing news reports during Zero Hour, BJP members trooped into the well of the House demanding the government give a statement as to why these two parties were trying to make these "terrorists" into "national heroes". This led to another bout of protests from the Left parties and Congress. Slogans like "Afzal, Madani jo hatyare hain, wo Congress-Communist ko pyare hain (Afzal, Madani, who are killers, are dear to the Congress and Communists)." Raising the issue, BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi expressed shock over the issue. Hang Afzal or we give up medals: 13/12 martyrs' kin Staff Reporter New Delhi W

Saraswati River: Pumpkin under a grain of rice

Smt. Sandhya Jain inaugurated the Sarasvati Dars'an Exhibition on 17 November 2006. The theme of the Exhibition which will now be taken to reach every village, every school in Bharatam is this: Sarasvati is neither a myth, nor a legend, but a scientifically proven fact. kalyanaraman Organiser Saraswati: Pumpkin under a grain of rice By Sandhya Jain A famous Tamil saying avers: you cannot hide a pumpkin under a grain of rice. It was precisely such a preposterous attempt—the denial of the very existence of the mighty river Saraswati by motivated Western and Indian Marxist scholars—that was powerfully overturned at the recent Saraswati Colloquium at Kurukshetra, Haryana (November 17 to 20, 2006). Organised under the aegis of the Akhil Bharatiya Itihasa Sankalana Yojana and the Saraswati Nadi Shodh Prakalp, the colloquium distinguished itself with a fascinating exhibition highlighting the material, scientific and administrative evidence of the existence of the river that

Dr.Rajaram responds to Ramachandara Guha on Golwalkar article

r.N S Rajaram responds to Ramachandra Guha's article in The Hindu , below is the letter to Mr.Guha Dear Mr. Guha: Thank you for your prompt response. Incidentally, Mani shankar Aiyer is also a St. Stephenite. He makes his living serving a European woman of no great education but finds it possible to sit in judgment over Savarkar! Without Golwalkar, India would be another Bangladesh. I am interested to note that secular intellectuals, like Sonia Gandhi studiously avoid the word Jihad. They also don't want to mention the Khilafat and the Moplah Rebellion, which showed that an organized minority can terrorize a disorganized majority. Of course, these Hindu critics can survive only because they have the protection of the Hindus! But want to bite the hand that protects them! Here is my column on St. Stephen's mindset. In my view such education produces courtiers not leaders. That was the whole purpose anyway. (Incidentally, I was supposed to go to Doon School or its sout

Ramaswamy Naicker Statue opposite the hoary Srirangam Temple

Press Release Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Janata Party President made in Chennai on December 3, 2006 It was in the interest of dispensing justice that the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court has recently stayed the Dravida Kazhagam's plan to erect a statue of E.V. Ramaswamy Naicker opposite the hoary Srirangam Temple. The DK's aim is not to honour the memory of EVR but to create tension in Tamil Nadu so that their masters, the terrorist LTTE can benefit from it and infiltrate into the state again. EVR had opposed all religions and hence the true followers of this atheistic creed should instal his statue in front of mosques and churches also. Instead, the DK is psychotic about Hindu religion and has reduced EVR's message from that of an atheist to an anti-Hindu rabble rouser. No democratic nation believing in the rule of law can permit such slander against the Hindu religion. The DK should realise that Hindus are 83 percent o


ISLAMOPHOBIA: ITS RISING THREAT AND POLICY CHALLENGES Date: December 4, 2006 Venue: Brookings Institution, Stein Room Conference Presented by the Saban Center for Middle East PolicyBrookings Institution With support from the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding and the Association of Muslim Social Scientists Welcome: 9:45 AM Ambassador Martin Indyk – Director, Saban Center Steve Grand – Director US-Islamic World Project Muqtedar Khan – Program Chair and Senior Nonresident Fellow Bridging the Divide Initiative 10:00 -10:45 Keynote: Deputy Assistant Secretary Alina Romanowski Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs Department of State 1:00 – 12.30: Panel: The Rise of Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Chair: Mr. Farid Senzai Director of Research, ISPU Mr. Nihad Awad Council on American Islamic Relations Imam Mahdi Brey Freedom Foundation of America Dr. Louay Safi Executive Director, ISNA Leadership Center and AMSS Lunch: 12.30-1.

Sonia Gandhi : How much hindus hate her


By Sushil Kumar When some Kashmiri separatist engages himself in anti India tirade, such anti Indian tirade no doubt creates pain in the heart of every Indian. An average Indian fails to understand that why some people just because they belong to some other religion talk of breakage of the country which has given them so much. Do they have a right to do so? There are also people in the Indian mainland who think that by carrying out blasts in India, they serve their masters better & hence go to heaven in peace. These are the people who are enemies of their own country as well as religion. It has always been Pakistan, which was instrumental in fomenting terrorism in India. But what started off as move to destabilize India, has now taken a monstrous turn around & has started impacting the existence of Pakistan. When Mohammad Ali Jinnah created Pakistan, his personal goal was to have a secular nation with a Muslim majority. He used to deliver his speeches in fluent British acc