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Harappa was like any other metro: US prof

'U.S. Prof'' Kenoyer & Co have been saying the same thing for over 50 years. There is nothing new. Even the importance of the Sarasvati River, they have jumped on the bandwagon only after it has been discussed thoroughly by outsiders from Wakankar to Kalyanaraman and others. The only thing new that Kenoyer has to say is that the granaray at Harappa was not a granary but a textile weaving center. Even that was explored in great depth by K.D. Sethna in his book KARPASA. Jha wrote with great insight on the unicorn symbol and its westward diffusion. These people have done nothing that can compare with what Wakankar and Jha have done. N.S. Rajaram Author: Anjali Joseph | TNN Publication: TOI Dated: December 21, 2006 A great trading city teeming with different communities that existed together and enjoyed civic infrastructure like a water supply and drains; a manufacturing centre where textiles that were exported around the world were made. It'