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ULFA threatens to kill Cong leaders in Assam

Times of India GUWAHATI: The United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) has threatened to kill ruling Congress party leaders in Assam, even as the army said that a 30-member rebel group involved in the massacre of Hindi-speaking migrants may have gone underground. "If any Assamese youth is killed in the ongoing army operations, ULFA's 28th battalion would target and eliminate Congress leaders working at the grassroots and also state-level politicians," ULFA commander Prabal Neog was quoted as saying by language newspapers on Saturday. The rebel threat comes in the wake of a massive crackdown by the army, paramilitary and police in the state following a terrible weekend that left over 60 poor workers from Bihar and about 10 others dead. "The army operations against us will fail to yield any results," the ULFA leader said. Authorities have asked Congress workers and leaders to be on guard against possible attacks by the outlawed ULFA. "Security has b

Creating a northeastern Bhindranwala, playing footsie with Ulfa

Playing footsie with Ulfa P R RAMESH TIMES NEWS NETWORK [ WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2007 12:00:00 AM] UPA politicians have been shedding TV-compatible tears over the serial killings of Biharis in Assam. Government bigwigs have been queuing to hop onto brand new Embraers for flying for an on-the-spot assessment of the security situation in the state. And there have been a chorus "we-will-not-allow-this-carnage-to-continue" pledges from the government's top leaders. But the killings in Assam — 69 murders in three days — have shown that the government leadership and its internal security managers remain both clueless and senseless in tackling one of the biggest problems in recent years. After the Naxalite fiasco, this is the second time that the Manmohan Singh government has failed to live up to its constitutional duty to provide for the security of its citizens. The men in uniform cannot be faulted for the current mess as a series of efforts were underway in recent mo

NDTV hung its head in shame

1/12/2007 4:55:50 AM B.R.Haran ‘N’ation ‘D’amaging ‘T’ele ‘V’ision (NDTV) hangs its head in shame CHANNEL : NDTV. DAY / DATE : Thursday the 11th of January 2007. TIME : 8.30 pm. PROGRAM : 'Verdict' – India 60 minutes. TOPIC : Makara Jyothi in Sabari Mala. HIDDEN AGENDA: To insult Aiyappa Devotees; To ridicule Hindu faith; To hurt Hindus' religious sentiments. PANEL : 1. Shri. G. Sudhagaran, Devaswom Minister,Government of Kerala. 2. Shri. Ananthraman, Guru Swamy from Bangalore. 3. Shri. Rajan Gurukkal, School of Social Sciences, MG University. ANCHOR : Ms. Nidi Razdan. QUESTION : Is "Makara Jyohthi" (Divine Light) a miracle or State's set up? BACK DROP GIVEN BY THE CHANNEL: 1981 – Mr. Karunakaran Nair of KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) along with the help of his driver Gopinathan Nair set up an 'artificial' jyothi by lighting 2Kgs of camphor. 1986 – Officials of Devaswom Board set up an artificial Jyothi with the prot

Terrorism as an Export

Terrorism as an Export STRATEGY PAGE January 11, 2007: Pakistan has a bigger problem with terrorism than does India. Last year, India, with a population of 1.08 billion, had 2.56 terror related deaths per million population. Pakistan, with 166 million people, had 5.46 dead per million. As in India, not all the Pakistani terror activities were connected with Islamic radicalism. Tribal separatism in Baluchistan led to 31 percent of the deaths. Nearly all the remaining deaths were related to Taliban activities along the Afghan border, or fighting between different religious sects (particularly Sunni and Shia zealots) throughout the country. Pakistan also exports a lot of Islamic terror to Indian Kashmir and Afghanistan. There were 1,552 terrorism related arrests in Pakistan (70 percent of them Taliban, three percent al Qaeda, 13 percent other Islamic militants, and 14 percent separatists.) In northwest India, separatists and security forces have been fighting for nearly a week, wit

The Belarusian Crisis: An Opportunity for Germany By Peter Zeihan Picture this scenario: After months of acrimonious negotiations over energy prices, Russian leaders put their foot down and inform the government of a former Soviet republic that the gravy train has screeched to a halt -- no more subsidized energy supplies. At the dawn of a new year, Moscow ratchets up prices by orders of magnitude, the former vassal state begins siphoning off Russian exports destined for customers in Europe and the Europeans complain vociferously about interruptions to their supplies. If this sounds familiar, it's because just such a sequence of events occurred in early January 2006, in a spat between Russia and Ukraine over natural gas supplies. Almost exactly a year later, the scenario has repeated itself, though this time it concerns oil, rather than natural gas, and Belarus, rather than Ukraine. But from a geopolitical standpoint, there are some important differences between the two energy crises. In 2006, Russia used the cris


By B. Raman (To be read in continuation of my earlier paper dated November 23, 2006, and titled WAKE-UP CALL FROM WEST BENGAL AND ASSAM available at Click ) In 13 different incidents reported since January 5, 2007, from the districts of Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Sivasagar and Dhemaji, the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) is reported to have mowed down in cold blood about 60 poor workers from Bihar who had gone to Assam to earn their living as milk vendors, workers in brick-kilns etc. These workers---all Hindi speakers--- were allegedly separated from Assamese speaking workers living in the same area and were shot dead at point blank range with hand-held weapons. 2. This is not the first time that the ULFA had indulged in such brutal tactics to intimidate people from other parts of India living in Assam and force them to leave. It had done so in 2000 and 2003 mowing down about 150 Hindi-speaking poor workers from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. 3. The leaders of the ULFA are all Hin

Heroin Seizures in India - 2006

Source : As some of you may have noticed, there was a rapid upsurge in heroin seizures in December 2006. As much as 50 Kg of No. 4 grade heroin was seized from couriers by the BSF and the NCB. To put this number in perspective our total heroin seizures annually are about 200 Kg of white powder. So in one month we picked up about a fourth of our annual capture. The market value of these seizures is a couple of million USD. Heroin usually sells for about 1 Cr rupees per Kg. The packs containing heroin were marked "Marble Ifaq Factory" of the "Meer Marble Agency of Pakistan Afghanistan Limited". "Pakistan Afghanistan Limited" is allegedly owned by one Bashir Pathan (sometimes also referred to as Mori Gul). Additionally a Canadian NRI was arrested with a substantial quantity of heroin in Punjab and two nigerians were arrested in Delhi with about 18 Kg of white powder by Special Cell. This suggests that the heroin was boun

Christian hand behind the California school textbooks issue

Jeniffer Arul is the go between NDTV and the US-based Christian organizations. She is a conduit for the Methodists to set up network in India. Hence her meteoric rise in NDTV. In turn, through the neocon Christian fronts, she is enabling bandwidth space and telecast times for NDTV in their proposed US foray. As you might be aware, the bandwidth in the radio and TV network is limited, and virtually all of them are owned by the Christian right in a consolidation march that started in 1968. Witzel is likely part of the larger network that involves US Christian right, and the India media salivating for a foray into the US. N.Ram (with his Indian Christian wife - hence the CBCI connection), J.Arul etc are the main focal points that connect the Indian media to the American. Indologists, Social Studies academics, and journalists do the bidding of the Christian right in the hope of getting rewards in return. Just look up how many anti-Hindu sites the Hindustan Lever advertises

Prof Khwaja Masud on the state of Pakistan

What then must we do? By Prof Khwaja Masud The News, January 8, 2007 Iqbal, in his letter to Dr Ghulam Sayyidain, dated 21st June, 1936, wrote: “I suppose you are aware of the educational implications of Leibniz’s monadism. According to him, the monad (the mind of man) is a closed mind incapable of absorbing external forces. My view is that monad is essentially assimilative in its nature. Time is a great blessing. ‘Don’t blame time, time is God’, goes a saying of our Prophet (PBUH). While it kills and destroys, it also expands end brings out the hidden possibilities of things. The possibility of change is the greatest asset of man in his present surroundings.” Iqbal has answered the question that we have raised, yet when we look around, we face the harsh and stark reality of the deep and bitter schism in our society. This schism is born of the crisis of confidence that haunts every nook and corner of our country. The crisis of confidence cannot be resolved by wishful thinking, plat


INDOLOGY MUST CHANGE WITH THE TIMES Recent developments suggest that academic Indology may be in danger of becoming irrelevant. N.S. Rajaram Within the past year, the Sanskrit Department at Cambridge University and the Berlin Institute of Indology, two of the oldest and most prestigious Indology centers in the West have shut their doors. The reason cited is lack of interest. At Cambridge , not a single student had enrolled this year for its Sanskrit or Hindi course. Other universities in Europe and America are facing similar problems. The Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium , long a leader in Oriental Studies, is drastically cutting down its programs. Coming at a time when worldwide interest in India is the highest in memory, it points to structural problems in Indology and related fields like Indo-European Studies. Also, the scale of the problem suggests that the problems are fundamental and just not a transient phenomenon. What is striki