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By Kevin Pollpeter In October 2006, both the United States and the People’s Republic of China released documents that dictated their policies toward the international use of space. Issued just a week apart, the “U.S. National Space Policy” (NSP) and the “China’s Space Activities in 2006” dealt with the respective countries’ space programs, though they generated vastly different international reactions. The U.S. government was widely criticized for advocating a policy perceived as intending to develop space weapons and for language eschewing arms control in space. Beijing’s document, on the other hand, received little media attention outside of China, as it limited its discussion to solely civil space programs, gingerly avoiding any mention of its dual-use military applications. The tones of the two documents provide an interesting glimpse at the different approaches to space diplomacy, with the United States emphasizing national security and asserting U.S. rights in space and China st

Manmohan, a reveller in minorityism

January 28, 2007 (Organiser) Mother Teresa shocked the conscience of all genuinely secular-minded persons when she wrote directly to Judge Lance Ito of Los Angeles Court on behalf of a known fraud and embezzler Charles Keating who was facing prosecution because he stole $252 million from 17,000 pensioners, retail stock holders and insurance premiums by selling them bogus bonds of his company. He had donated $5 million (Rs. 25 crore) to Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata, headed by Mother Teresa, and that was enough for her to write to Judge Ito directly asking him not to convict Keating! When Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, made the ridiculous statement that 'Muslims have the first charge on our resources', he was revealing that he had contracted the 'M' virus. M virus, alternatively called minorityism, unbalances the brain and rationality of Indian political leaders and the elite in media and academia, and makes them lopsidedly favour minorities even if not requir

Republic of the dynasty

Is it time for regime change in India, for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to walk into the sunset? Uncle Sam, ever anxious to rearrange the world with friendly dictators and pliable democrats, seems to have woken up to the grand potential of Mr Rahul Gandhi, whose scintillating 30-month-old stint as Amethi MP has set the Potomac on fire. In the best traditions of American journalism, a leading newsweekly has run an effervescent cover story on the Indian "crown prince" (their phrase, not mine). This certainly suggests Congress 'queen' Sonia Gandhi is planning a major political manoeuvre. It is hardly coincidental that the party suddenly withdrew support to the Mulayam Singh Yadav regime in Uttar Pradesh, setting the ball rolling for the Assembly election, which is bound to impact the Centre. Sadly for the friendly Americans, the eulogistic write-up which exhorts Indians to look up to Mr Rahul Gandhi on account of his lineage rather than his ability to lead, has upset


German initiative to ban the swastika is a meaningless gesture that leaves untouched the greater evil of Nazi era academic race theories. N.S. Rajaram In a fit of self-righteousness, Germany, which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, has announced that it will make Holocaust denial punishable in the member states of the EU, including a ban on Nazi symbols like the swastika. Unfortunately, the Honorable Justice Minister, who has come out with the proposal has got both his history and his priorities wrong. If he is serious about banning the evil of racism, he should leave the Indian sacred symbol alone and ban the teaching of Nazi era race theories that continue to flourish in Western academia in various guises. It is important to note that Hitler and the Nazis appropriated their ideas and symbols from European mythology, not India. Hitler̢۪s Aryans worshipped Apollo and Odin, not Vedic deities like Indra and Varuna. His so-called swastika was not re

Rahul Gandhi , did you graduated with a BA from Rollins College in 1994 ?

Source: Baltimore Indymedia OPEN LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OF ROLLINS COLLEGE , FLORIDA To The President Mr.Lewis M. Duncan Rollins College 1000 Holt Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789 , USA Tel: 407.646.2000 Email : Sub : Clarification about Mr.Rahul Gandhi's BA Graduation from Rollins College ,FL . Dear Sir , I wish to verify a report which said that , Mr.Rahul Gandhi , scion of Indian political family , belongs to Nehru Dynasty was a BA graduate (1994) from Rollins College . The Newsweek carried his profile in "Who's who in 2007" in December 2005 edition as a young leader [1] , which had "several inaccuracies" . That prompted Rahul Gandhi's lawyer Mr.Abhishek Singhvi to send a legal notice to the magazine , and editor of NEWSWEEK, a well known Journalist Mr.Fareed Zakaria had apologised for the errors and stated that "Serious, immediate and life-threatening security concerns compelled Gandhi to t