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Outsourcing archaeology -- with arrogance

Experts snap at ASI outsourcing Renuka Narayanan New Delhi , February 9, 2007 The Archaeological Survey of India is drawing flak for its apparent unilateral decision to outsource the digitisation of its century-old archives of thousands of photographs to an American-funded organisation. The contract has been awarded to the American Institute of Indian Studies, Gurgaon, that is funded primarily by the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, the US State Department and other US government bodies. This is despite the procedural cautions stated in a report (presented to Rajya Sabha on November 25, 2005 and tabled in Lok Sabha) by a standing parliamentary committee chaired by former MP Nilotpal Basu. The report questioned the locus standi of the AIIS in this project, based on media reports. It observed that "adequate care should be taken while finalising such kind of deal (sic) so the expenditure to be occurred… is spent in the best interest of the nation and valuable information abo

Congress taking President for a ride--yet again ?

  [ 11 Feb, 2007 0019hrs IST TIMES NEWS NETWORK ] NEW DELHI: President A P J Abdul Kalam's decision to return the file seeking elevation of Justice Jagdish Bhalla to the Kerala High Court marks a certain fraying of relations between Rashtrapati Bhawan and government as the father of India's missile programme nears the end of his tenure as the President. The President's decision to signal his unhappiness over Justice Bhalla's elevation, apparently in the light of controversy surrounding acquisition of a Noida plot by his wife, is the third instance of Kalam taking a less than sanguine view of government decisions in the last year-and-a-half. And in the Justice Bhalla case, it is the second time that Kalam has chosen to raise a question over a judicial appointment. He had returned a similar recommendation regarding Justice Vijender Jain's elevation as chief justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court which had been mooted by the Supreme Court collegium and t

Rahul Gandhi Notice to HinduUnity : Original Document

The following is the text IntelliBriefs received from a source who is close to , the website which alleged Rahul Gandhi has raped a girl named Ms.Sukanya Devi in Amethi . Joy Basu Advocate Supreme Court of India A-129, Neeti Bagh, New Delhi-110049 INDIA Phone : 91-11-26515599, 91-11-26510344 Telefax : 91-11-26858818 E-mail : basu_ BY E-MAIL/COURIER To 1. Mr. Rohit Vyasmaan, Date : February 01, 2007 PO BOX 174, East Norwich, NY 11732, USA Email: 2. M/s ezboard, Inc. 564 Market Street Suite 705 San Francisco, CA 94104 USA (415) 773-0400 Email: Sir, I write this on behalf of my client, Shri Rahul Gandhi, Member of Parliament, India and from the chambers of Dr. Abhishek Singhvi, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India and former Additional Solicitor General of India to serve you this legal notice and submit as under : 1

Rahul Gandhi rape case: VIDEOS aired

Sukanya "Half of my family member live in Pratapgarh (very close to Amethi), so after reading this news, I talked my family members over there (I am currently living in North America), and it turn out that, every one knows about this incident. However, what surprised me is that, why media kept their mouth shut about it. Its really sad. If we don’t wake up now, next target could be our own family members. " -- Rakesh , a comment from PetitionOnline

Rahul Gandhi rape allegation : Petition to President for probe was launched

An online Petition to President of India was launched for a probe into allegations of rape against Mr.Rahul Gandhi, MP from Amethi . Click to read Petition The petition says " The issue is grave and the plea is that 1) the justice system should take suo moto cognizance of the serious allegations made; 2) President of India should ask the Central and State Governments for an investigation into the allegations; and 3) Prime Minister should order a CBI inquiry into the allegations to clear the name of the accused and to stop the threats to innocent citizens and media persons. " Sukanya The striking thing about the Rahul Gandhi episode is the disgraceful conduct of women's groups. They have shown themselves to be political stoogies. Yesterday it was learned that some 80 men calling themselves as IB personell came to Amethi from Delhi and picked around 20 people and took them to Inspection Bunglow . Critics say the men are congress party workers . As mentioned a

An Indo-Arab blunder?

Mustafa El-Feki ( Over the years, the Arab world has let India down even though the Asian giant championed the Palestinian cause, writes Mustafa El-Feki * When I compare how India used to view the Palestinian question, back when I was counsellor to the Egyptian Embassy in New Delhi 25 years ago, with how it does now, I cannot help but wonder how things change. I was posted in New Delhi in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when India was a major supporter of the Palestinian cause. The very idea of having diplomatic ties with Israel was offensive to most Indians. I once monitored a meeting of late Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi with a group of Jewish Indians in Mumbai and then wrote an article about it for the Cairo-based periodical Al-Siyasa Al-Dawliya (Foreign Policy), speculating on the future of relations between India and Israel. In response, the Indian ambassador in Cairo filed an official protest with the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, expressing outrage that I

Demons from the past —Irfan Husain

LETTER FROM LONDON : Demons from the past —Irfan Husain Whether we like it or not, neither geography nor history can be changed. While both countries have engaged in rewriting the past to suit their respective agendas, the facts cannot be erased. Both Muslims and Hindus have to live together as neighbours, and in India, as citizens In a tranquil place like St Andrews, there are not many distractions, so I have been reading lots of history and trying to reflect on its lessons. For some time now, I have been interested in the dynamics of Hindu-Muslim relations, and the impact of ancient enmities and grievances on current Indo-Pak relations. We have forgotten much of our past, but it nonetheless affects our daily lives. For instance, when we now think of the Afghan city of Kandahar, we equate it with the Taliban. But its original name was Gandhara, and it was a part of the ancient Buddhist civilisation with its capital city in Taxila. Swat, Peshawar and the Kabul Valley were all i

New Challenges & New Options: The Changing Energy Dynamics of Eurasia

Corporate Roundtable Luncheon "New Challenges & New Options: The Changing Energy Dynamics of Eurasia" Vladimir Socor Senior Fellow, The Jamestown Foundation Tuesday, February 13, 2007 12:30 - 1:45 PM $35.00 per person Payable by Cash or Check to The Jamestown Foundation Location: The Jamestown Foundation 7th Floor Board Room 1111 16th St. NW Washington, DC 20036 Vladimir Socor is a Senior Fellow at The Jamestown Foundation and a regular contributor to Eurasia Daily Monitor. He is one of the foremost experts on NATO enlargement, as well as political, diplomatic and energy affairs in the Baltics, Belarus-Ukraine-Moldova, the South Caucasus and the Caspian. He also covers Russian and Western policies, security and military issues and inter-ethnic conflict in the former Soviet Union. Mr. Socor is a frequent guest lecturer at Harvard University's National Security Program at the Kennedy School of Government and a member of the Euro-Atlantic Security Study Group, spo

HinduUnity message board banned by ezBoard

ezBoard company which hosted message board has banned the forum permanently . HinduUuity message board accused Mr.Rahul Gandhi of raping a girl in Amethi last december . To this Rahul Gandhi lawyer has sent a notice to ezBoard last friday . EzBoard say "(hinduunity) has been locked down in accordance with ezboard's Terms of Use . Reason: Violations of ezboard's Term's of Use." Though the allegations are not verified by anyone , however Hinduunity was challenged by many to come up with evidence . A source told that they were in in the process of airing interviews of few residents of Amethi tomorrow . The thread received over 80,000 hits in less than a month compared to other which covers events in "Balochistan " . "Balochistan thread received just over 40,000 hits over a year but it is so amazing that Rahul Gandhi's thread received twice the number of hits in few days " said a watcher . Members and leaders are upset over l

Rahul Gandhi Rape case : demands Government to launch a probe

Finally Hindu Unity responded to the legal notice sent by Rahul Gandhi . On it's website Chairman Mr.Rohit Vyasman issued a statement along with many other prominent members of Hindu Unity . It called for government investigation and protection to the alleged victim . We are reproducing the content below CHAIRMAN, HINDUUNITY.ORG DEMANDS THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT TO LAUNCH A PROBE TO INVESTIGATE THE RAPE OF SUKANYA DEVI BY RAHUL GANDHI "We will not back down under any circumstances. A complete and an independent investigation on this rape case must be launched immediately and secure the rape victim and her mother from any assassination attempts by the Congress Government of India. We fear for their safety. This is an atrocity, a modern day tragedy of an innocent young lady and the retaliation to blindfold, hide and intimidate the Indian public by a ruling party that is naively revered by many as divine" - Rohit Vyasmaan, Chairman, H.U. "We think Sonia along w

Sonia Gandhi ! Silence, please ! Stay away from sensitive foreign policy issues

Silence, please Sonia Gandhi should stay away from sensitive foreign policy issues. 30 January 2007: At the Gandhi conference, Sonia Gandhi (no relation) was handsomely feted. On one side, she showed hard pragmatism, as the de facto leader of the UPA government. While condemning nuclear weapons, and arguing for universal disarmament (even Kissinger and George Shultz do now), she accepted the compulsion of India's own deterrence. On the other side though, she seemed to be carried away by the NAMby-pamby, Third Worldism of the likes of Kenneth Kaunda. Mrs Gandhi should be more careful. Sonia Gandhi occupies a unique place in Indian democracy. Her closest equivalent in the US would be the Clintons, though they don't own the Democratic Party. Her total leadership of the Congress Party and her dominance of the government may be more readily found in dictatorships. But since she and the Congress party operate in a rumbustious democracy like India'

Elder who helped alleged rape victim of Rahul Gandhi was beaten in Amethi

As you all know has charged Mr.Rahul Gandhi of raping a girl by name Ms.Sukanya Devi last year December 3rd in Amethi guesthouse along with his foreign friends . To this Rahul has sent a legal notice to last week . IntelliBriefs learned from a source in Amethi that a senior citizen who helped the alleged rape Victim Ms.Sukanya was beaten by some goons and his life is under threat . Elder in his 70's is said to have taken the victim to delhi and tried to arrange press conferences and register with Human Rights commission and National commission for women . "He was severely beaten and his family was threatened with dire consequences" , the source said ,and was not allowed to leave the town . We will release the name of the person at appropriate time after taking consent of the persons family . Media focused much of its efforts on Rahul Gandhi's notice to website , at the same time they should have cross check the allegations

Why Nobody wants to comment on Rahul Gandhi on notice to Hinduunity

Nobody wants to comment on Rahul Gandhi New Delhi, Feb 4 (IANS) Even as Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has filed a legal suit against a US-based website over what is said to be a scurrilous campaign against him, leaders of the ruling party are refusing to comment on the issue. "It's too hot an issue to comment upon," said a senior Congress leader when asked about a cyber campaign against party president Sonia Gandhi's son ahead of crucial Uttar Pradesh polls, where Rahul is expected to be the party's star campaigner. Rahul's lawyer Abhishek Singhvi has sent a legal notice to two people - Rohit Vyassman and E Z Bode who are apparently behind the blog that makes unsubstantiated and disparaging charges against the Amethi MP and his activities in his constituency. "It is high time that civil society took note of this dirty campaign," Singhvi said. Congress leaders admit that such personal campaigns against Rahul had increased ever since media reports su

Taj Mahal's historical description; Dhiri Shah's letter to Atlanta Journal Constitution

Jan. 30, 2007 Editor Atlanta Journal Constitution Dear Sir, Re.: Taj Mahal – Mausoleum or Hindu Temple Palace? In Anna Johnson's article, 'Egypt Scorns 7 Wonders Contest' (AJC 1/29/07), a picture of Taj Mahal is shown with comments that Taj, "mausoleum was built on the orders of Shahjahan, Muslim Mogul Emperor to honor his beloved late wife" and that "it is 'regarded as the best jewel of Muslim art in India." The following scientific analysis questions the validity of the fairy tale of Shahjahan's romantic love for Mumtaz and suggests that Taj Mahal was the Hindu temple palace owned by Hindu king, Raja Jaisingh and was commandeered by Shah Jahan and desecrated and subsequently revamped by him for use as a Muslim tomb. The 'Badshahnama', an official chronicle written by Mulla Abdul Hamid Lahori confirms that "the site covered with a majestic magnificent lush garden, to the south