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Professor Subhash Kak resolves Einstein's twin paradox

LSU professor resolves Einstein's twin paradox BATON ROUGE – Subhash Kak, Delaune Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at LSU, recently resolved the twin paradox, known as one of the most enduring puzzles of modern-day physics. First suggested by Albert Einstein more than 100 years ago, the paradox deals with the effects of time in the context of travel at near the speed of light. Einstein originally used the example of two clocks – one motionless, one in transit. He stated that, due to the laws of physics, clocks being transported near the speed of light would move more slowly than clocks that remained stationary. In more recent times, the paradox has been described using the analogy of twins. If one twin is placed on a space shuttle and travels near the speed of light while the remaining twin remains earthbound, the unmoved twin would have aged dramatically compared to his interstellar sibling, according to the paradox. “If the twin aboard the space

People must point out my mistakes: Modi

[ 15 Feb, 2007 2019hrs IST INDIA TIMES NEWS NETWORK ] POLITICALLY CORRECT: A murderer from Punjab is a murderer, and one from Kashmir is not, asks Modi (PTI Photo) NEW DELHI: Is Hindutva icon Narendra Modi sounding increasingly circumspect and politically correct as elections in Gujarat approach? Has he stopped talking about minority appeasement, for instance? No, says the man himself. "My language is what it was." To elucidate, he talks about a recent visit to Punjab where he brought up the issue of Parliament-attack- accused Afzal's plea for clemency. The Congress he said had taken but an hour to reject a similar plea from the accused in General Vaidya's assassination. But on Afzal, despite the Supreme Court endorsing that he be hanged, the Congress is dragging its feet. "A murderer from Punjab is a murderer, and one from Kashmir is not - where is the justice in this?" That is vintage Modi - making tenuous links to drive home his point and d


N.S. Rajaram A literary phenomenon Like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, S.L. Bhyrappa’s Aavarana is likely to have far-reaching social and political fallout that goes beyond its literary niche. In reading S.L. Bhyrappa’s latest (Kannada) novel Aavarana, Dan Brown’s best selling novel Da Vinci Code springs naturally to mind. Both have as their subject the suppression of true history and the propagation of a myth by powerful interests. In Da Vinci Code, the villain is the Catholic Church and its modern secret and sinister arm the Opus Dei. In Bhyrappa’s novel, the villain is the collective of politically correct historians and ‘intellectuals’ who out a combination of greed and fear have suppressed the truth about Islam and its record in India. While these intellectuals—called dhimmis by the Egypt-born scholar Bat Ye’or—can boast of no Vatican or Opus Dei, they do form a powerful clique enjoying the support of successive governments who find it politically expedient to appease Islam and

Rahul Gandhi & : Rape allegation, Media , Video clips

Why Hindu Unity is withholding video clips of two key individuals ? Media is deliberately misleading Indian Public : Indian media is known for manipulating “headline readers” by posting ambiguous headlines . On this issue few news reports carried these headlines : “Ezboard apologises for scurrilous writing on Rahul Gandhi “(Hindustan Times): It gave an impression that the EzBoard and HinduUnity guys are same . “Web portal apologises” (Times , “We are sorry Rahul, says web portal” (Times of India) : Which portal ? or ezBoard which hosted their message board . A politician who read the news got an imporession that apologized . Ezboad said one line , "We do not support what has been said on". Hinduunity was on offensive and gave a tit for tat to Rahul Gandhi’s legal notice with a message on it’s website and relaunched the message board in few days, and video clips . Though media reports say that BJP and RS


Prakash Javadekar , Spokesperson, BJP The idea is to pay lip service to the public anger, as in the case of retail FDI, and to show beyond doubt that Sonia Gandhi's writ is supreme The letter diplomacy between Congress President Sonia Gandhi and the UPA government is by design. There are two purposes of this, one is to pay lip service to public anger over FDI in retail and the second is to show beyond doubt that Sonia Gandhi’s writ is supreme in this government. The problem with the Congress is that they have no cohesive economic policy. First they were votaries of a mixed economy. After that they favoured liberalisation, which, if Ashok Mitra would have us believe, was a choice thrust upon them by the US. This is the reason why they have always fumbled with regard to the economy. I firmly believe that Manmohan Singh as finance minister under Narasimha Rao was more honest and effective than he is as prime minister under Sonia Gandhi. This is not the first letter tha


Source: Guest Column by Belaar Baloch The low-level insurgency in Balochistan is now moving towards full-fledged war with a well-equipped conventional army's force much larger than that of the Baloch guerrillas. History, however, shows that nationalism as a political ideology can be an effective tool against an occupying force, even a sizeable one, as experienced by foreign occupiers in Asia, Africa and Latin America following the Second World War. This is true, in part, because nationalists are resolute and often more willing than their opponents to risk death in the pursuit of self-determination. Andrew Mack argues in his book 'Why Big Nations Lose Small Wars': "an actor's relative resolve interest explains success or failure in asymmetric conflicts. In essence, the actor with the most resolve wins, regardless of material power resources." According to this theory, power asymmetry explains interest asymmetry, the greater the gaps in relative p

Jalal Talabani : A gift for power

A gift for power Iraq's Kurdish president is impossible to pin down. He's friends with the Americans - but also with Iran. He calls himself a Maoist - yet enjoys immense wealth. Who is Jalal Talabani? Jon Lee Anderson meets him in Baghdad Friday February 9, 2007 The Guardian On November 5, the day Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death, Jalal Talabani, the longtime Kurdish guerrilla leader, who is currently Iraq's president, was in Paris, on a state visit. He was installed in the sumptuous presidential suite at Le Meurice, a gold-and-marble Louis XVI hotel on the Rue de Rivoli, overlooking the Jardin des Tuileries. I watched the verdict with Talabani in his suite, on a large plasma-screen television tuned to the satellite channel Al Arabiya. He sat in a gilded chair, and his expression betrayed nothing. Soon, after a few curt words, Talabani got up and wandered off to his bedroom. One of his aides tiptoed behind him. The aide reappeared a moment later to say that T

India's Communists:Marxists here and markets there

- From AT THE headquarters of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), a fine brownstone building in central Delhi, bald-headed Lenin busts glower at crazy-haired Che Guevara pictures. Soviet posters celebrating collective farms, all Cyrillic script and tractors, decorate the walls. The symbols are meant in earnest. Prakash Karat, secretary-general of the party, concedes that “there is an economic rationale for industrialisation”, but with obvious distaste. The party views the collapse of the Soviet empire as merely a tactical setback for the communist and revolutionary forces. Yet CPI(M), as the party is known, is a crucial ally of India's reform-inclined but complicated coalition government, led by the Congress party and its avuncular prime minister, Manmohan Singh. This government's stated aim is to reduce poverty by liberalising the economy, encouraging foreign investment, and hacking away at red tape. The record of reform has been mixed and modest. The l

Hindu renaissance; remembering an exemplary son of Bharata maataa

Hindu renaissance; remembering an exemplary son of Bharata maataa 'Emphasising a State as 'secular,' from the point of view of a Hindu, is superfluous. All these centuries in the past, we have been able to maintain religious harmony in the country. The State was only keeping a close watch to see that the people did not fall out and thus render the State weak. Otherwise, all had their freedom of worship, etc. That was the concept followed by Hindu ideology.... Therefore, the qualifying word 'secular' is superfluous and unwanted from our point of view.' …Sri Guruji's time-defying message to all of us is this: 'Our existence as embodied beings is purely temporary; what are a hundred years in eternity; but if we shatter the chains of egotism, and melt into the ocean of Bharat Mata (representing humanity), we share its dignity. To feel that we are something is to set up a barrier between the Goddess of Bharat Mata and ourselves, to cease feeling that we a

ISI THE ONLY TERRORIST GROUP IN THE WORLD State Terrorism of the worst Kind Rawalpindi, Feb 5, 2007: There has always been a question mark against the assertion if Pakistan has the least semblance to any type of democracy. However, if there was any misunderstanding on this count, it should be removed just now with the realization that it is the worst type of military dictatorship under the garb of so many deceptive epithets challenging all those who claim the right of and aspire for pure and simple and understandable democracy. Why? A function held in connection with the 'Kashmir Bachao' (save Kashmir) campaign under the auspices of pro-establishment 'Kashmir Committee' in Holiday Inn Hotel (Islamabad) yesterday. It was also attended by many so called pro-establishment dignitaries and generals like Hameed Gul of 'varan fame' and others who were preaching 'jehad' non-stop as the only solution of Jammu Kashmir dispute (just think of this shameless lot famous fo

IKA condemns the abduction of girl student by LeT in POK

Mumtaz Kan Vice-Chair International Kashmir Alliance-IKA, has strongly reacted to the incident of abduction of Muzafarabad University girl student at gun point by the militants of extremist organization Leshker-E-Tayaba, LeT on Friday while she was going to the University with her Brother in the Morning. The unidentified gunmen stopped their vehcle in front of them and picked her up at Gun point in the city but police remained spectator to whole this incident who sped away with firing. However, entire city took to the street as soon as news reached to them. The unprecedented public reaction was witnessed in the history of Muzafarabad over the news of kidnapping according to the Pakistani media reports, and who gave ultimatum to the government to produce the girl and arrest the kidnappers by the three PM otherwise get ready to face the public wrath. As a result of mounting public pressure government was forced to arrest the culprits after five hours in District Bagh while police let of

Rahul Gandhi rape allegation : Indian Media's biased reporting

Mr.Saroj Nagi , Hindustan times Your report "Ezboard apologises for scurrilous writing on Rahul Gandhi" dated February 10, 2007 on Rahul Gandhi about and's "scurrilous and perverse" writing and ezboard apology , you said hinduunity has not responded to the legal notice sent by Rahul Gandhis legal counsel . "But there has been no response so far from Vyasman or that is reportedly closely linked to Bajrang Dal." I wish to bring to your attention that has responded to the legal notice by a statement from vyasman on its website . I guess the website is not accessible in India , here is what thay said 1. "We will not back down under any circumstances. A complete and an independent investigation on this rape case must be launched immediately and secure the rape victim and her mother from any assassination attempts by the Congress Government of India. We fear for their safet