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FOSA justifies death of Hindu Children

FOSA justifies death of Hindu Children In a rare instance of cooperation from Pakistanis in FOSA, it is learned that FOSA has prepared a letter for the New York Times in which it justifies the killing of sixty Hindu passengers - a third of who were children - at Godhra in 2002. Aghast by the apathy towards loss of lives and condemnation of the dead, the Pakistani under terms of anonymity communicated with this website revealing the gross anti-Hindu mindset of its members. FOSA’s displeasure sparked when the New York Times filed a report on the tragedy that befell the Samjhauta Express. In that the Times had quoted as follows "In 2002, Hindu-Muslim riots broke out after a train fire killed 60 Hindus returning from a religious pilgrimage. Muslims were blamed for the fire in the western state of Gujarat, and more than 1,000 people, most of them Muslim, were killed by Hindu mobs." In a response that is yet to be published by the Times, FOSA alleges “Those killed in the 2002 inc

An open letter to Kasuri -- B. Raman

February 23, 2007 Dear Mr Kasuri I read with interest the following agency report, dated February 22, 2007, on some observations made by you regarding the need for co-operation between the intelligence agencies of India and Pakistan: 'Intelligence agencies of India and Pakistan will have to work together if South Asia is to live in a civilised manner,' Pakistan said on Thursday, emphasising that such a cooperation is possible if governments push it. Pakistan Foreign Minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri, while talking to some TV channels in New Delhi, hoped India will share the outcome of the probe into the Samjhauta Express blast before the March 6 meeting of the Joint Anti-Terror Mechanism so that 'meaningful contribution' can be made to the fight against terror. Asked whether the intelligence agencies of the two countries could work together, he said, 'They will have to if South Asia is to live in a civilised manner.' He added that if both the governments &

Mysterious happenings at Sethu (Ramar) bridge at Rameswaram

Mysterious happenings at Sethu (Ramar) bridge at Rameswaram Adams Bridge (popularly known as Sethu bridge or Ramar bridge) at Rameswaram, Southern tip of India is believed to have been constructed by Lord Ram and Hanuman to go to Srilanka to rescue Sita during Ramayana days. Scientists have also confirmed the existence of a bridge and matching of the bridge to the Ramayana days (see picture on left taken by NASA through satellite) As part of Sethusamudram Shipping Canal Project (SSCP), Indian Government initiated the process for cutting open the ancient Ramar Bridge . Mysteriously all the costly equipments like cutters, dredgers, spuds, cranes including ships got damaged and fell into the sea. Generally, Hindus believe that this bridge is being safeguarded by Hanuman and any attempt to damage the bridge would be failure. Inspite of the public sentiments and heritage value of the bridge (as defined by UNESCO), Indian Government wants to go ahead with the dredging of this an

How the Iranian Qods Force is operating in Iraq

Tuesday, 20 February 2007 NCRI - In a webinar - a conference on the web - organised on ISCC Site ( today, Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chair of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee spoke about critical aspects of the clerical regime's meddling in Iraq. Following are excerpts of his remarks: The documents and information I am going to present, shed light on the scope of the Iranian regime’s interference in Iraqi affairs. One of these documents is the list of 32,000 agents of the mullahs’ regime in Iraq who receive monthly salaries from the Iranian regime. These people are currently in effect paid staff of the Revolutionary Guards’ Qods Force. (IRGC-QF) A top-secret document of the IRGC, it was obtained by the sources of the resistance inside Iran. A few points on the list: This list contains details of only 31,690 Iraqis who are primarily affiliated with the Badr Brigade of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, also known as SCIRI. But it is

Rahul Gandhi rape allegation : Ratan Singh missing , HinduUnity to air his video clip

As a sequel to the report we published "Elder who helped alleged rape victim of Rahul Gandhi was beaten in Amethi" , now we've learned that the elder name is Mr.Ratan Singh . When we contacted some sources , including , they told us that he is missing since last week and his son is on run . The website hosted 5 video interviews and it is said that 2 more clips are intentionally not released . Now sources say , the website is releasing Video interview of Ratan Singh , the man who helped Ms.Sukanya, alleged rape victim . “Unlike other video clips ,Ratan Singh’s clip shows with face uncovered , he is one of the two persons who came forward and spoke without covering their face and narrated the incident” , told the source when questioned about the uniqueness and importance of this video clip . If Mr.Ratan Singh is allegedly kidnapped by congress goons as per the sources then one should believe that an extensive cover up is going on . However IntellBriefs

Devyani Rana weds while King Gyanendra faces abolition

Thursday 22nd February, 2007 (IANS) In a kingdom where important decisions are taken after consulting astrologers and the position of the stars, the wedding of Devyani Rana, once known as the woman Nepal's ill-fated crown prince Dipendra wanted to marry, seems to be inexplicably linked with the royals. The 34-year-old, who comes from one of Nepal's best-known families, is marrying Indian Human Resource Development (HRD) minister Arjun Singh's grandson Aishwarya Friday in a ceremony that will be attended by the who's who of Nepal, India and elsewhere. The wedding will be followed by a reception Saturday evening -- both events are to be held at Arjun Singh's Delhi residence. The tiny Himalayan kingdom stunned the world in June 2001 when the king of Nepal, Birendra, his queen Aishwarya, crown prince Dipendra, his two siblings and other members of the royal family were killed in a midnight shootout in the royal palace in Kathmandu. Initially, Dipendra was hel

Britain's Assault on America Revisited

BOOK REVIEW by Jeffrey Steinberg The Anglo-American Establishment by Carroll Quigley New York City: Books in Focus, Inc., 1981 354 pages, paperback Professor Carroll Quigley (1910-1977), the noted Georgetown University historian, completed the writing of The Anglo-American Establishment sometime during the late 1940s. Yet the book was never published until 1981, four years after the author's death. Since the publication was delayed for more than 30 years, it is not at all inappropriate to publish a review of this important work 26 years after its first publication. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to find a more useful moment to review this invaluable account of the British oligarchy's assault on the United States. Since the inauguration of George Bush and Dick Cheney in January 2001, the United States has been under relentless attack from within. Many a sage Bush-Cheney critic has observed that the current Administration has done more damage to the United States than a


One does not know whether the platform of the old Delhi station from which the train left has a closed circuit TV. If it had, an examination of the film should help in identifying persons, who were carrying suit cases similar to the one recovered from the train. Once this train leaves Delhi, no passenger can board it in the intermediate stations till it reaches Attari on the Indo-Pakistan border. It has, therefore, been presumed by many analysts that the perpetrators must have placed the suit-cases containing the IEDs at the Delhi railway station. The other possibility is that the perpetrators might be having accomplices in the railway staff and might have used them to have the suit-cases placed at the intermediate stations. By B. Raman In terrorism-related cases involving the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the break-through in the investigation often comes from the forensic, documentary and other trails left by the terrorists. The successful investigation and prosec

People’s Resistance Movement of Iran rejects allegations of Alquida ties

IntelliBriefs received this statement from People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (former Jondollah of Iran )which categorically rejected ties to western governments and also Alquida . Statement of People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (former Jondollah of Iran ) to Media & International community After our recent defensive measures to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from the genocide of Baloch people, some news media have published certain allegations that we categorically reject. People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (former Jondollah of Iran ) is a defensive organization that has been formed to campaign for freedom and democracy in Iran and to protect the Baloch people and other religious and ethnic minorities. Our mission is to change the present regime and establish a new system in Iran in which every Iranian enjoys equal opportunity and equal rights. We have undertaken to accept the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all other United Nations conventions on resolu

Blast in Samjotha Express in DEEWANA : Experts say NO to peace process

THE DEEWANA INCIDENT by B. Raman Incident I am strongly against the Indo-Pakistan peace process as carried on by the present Government in New Delhi. It is playing into the hands of Gen. Pervez Musharraf and his horde of jihadi terrorists whom he and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) have been using to make India bleed. At the same time, I am against postponing the so-called peace process because that would be interpreted by the terrorists as a major success for them. By all means continue talking with Pakistan, but talk strongly and make it clear that till terrorism stops, there will be no progress on other issues. Discontinue the joint counter-terrorism mechanism fraud sought to be perpetrated by Musharraf on us. Discard the softness which has crept into our counter-terrorism policies and in our diplomacy. Strengthen the hands of the Police, give them the required special powers and let them have a free hand in their investigations. Sixty-six innocent civilians were

Sachar report defies logic, Muslims are better off

Tales of backwardness and creation of political myths There is the unique case of the Hindus of India’s Kashmir: about 10 per cent of the population in 1947, they have been reduced to a tiny number (5,000). The rest numbering about 4,00,000 have been compelled to abandon their home and hearth and made refugees in their own land. While Hindu population is falling steadily, the Muslim population is increasing. This is too well known. The series of reports on the under-representation of the Muslims in services etc (obviously being presented as a monolithic community) and their over-representation in the jails and more such disclosures through the Sachar Committee’s report, are meant to portray the overall image of a deprived community while implying that the Hindus in post-Partition India have an over-representation in services and other arenas, which is neither warranted by history nor by their number. But first, the very methodology of producing this genre of statistics and its