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Is Turkey Lost ?

Geopolitics/ Is Turkey Lost ? Under Atatürk, Rumelia (European Turkey) took over Anatolia (Asiatic Turkey). Now, the Anatolians are claiming their country back. By Michel Gurfinkiel. Until very recently, Turkey was everything an American would want a place in the Middle East or East Asia to be: an ally of the United States; a member of NATO; a quasi-democracy, enlivened by occasional military coups aimed not at disposing of but rather at reinforcing democratic rule; a country with a booming (if chaotic) economy and a vibrant civil society; and, last but not least, a country both Muslim and modern, enjoying a secular constitution and confident enough to maintain a friendly relationship with Israel. These considerable achievements were compensated in kind. Throughout the cold war, the United States provided for the core of Turkey’s national security and welfare. More recently, both the U.S. government and influential Americans of every stripe lobbied for Turkey’s accession to t

Disappointed Christian leaders write to Sonia

http://www.indianex story/25106. html SEEMA CHISHTI Posted online: Friday, March 09, 2007 at 0000 hrs Anti-conversion law: Himachal Pradesh Act a 'breach of faith' by the secular Congress, say minority groups New Delhi, March 8: When the Himachal Pradesh Assembly passed the anti-conversion Freedom of Religion Act 2006 last December, the Congress party could not have imagined the adverse reactions it would bring from minority groups, especially Christians, even from outside the state. They say the law, the first ever to have been passed by a Congress government, goes against the party's commitment to allow Indians freedom to "practise, profess and propagate" their faith. Usually seen at the forefront for defending the party, the groups now say the law amounts to a breach of faith. Several Christian clerics, heads of Christian organisations and even the Vice-Chairman of a State Minorities Commission have written to UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi

India's poor representation at UN Is India slowly losing the United Nations with a diminishing presence and a weaker voice at policy-making levels? There was a time when Indians headed UN agencies, shaped policy and exercised greater influence, but today the story is different. India recently lost two major attempts at securing a higher profile but there is much more to the UN than the post of the secretary general and a permanent seat. An organization is not merely a head but body and limbs, fingers and toes as well. Mourning period over, New Delhi must develop a strategy for an effective multilateral presence that embraces a wider arena spread across all cities where UN agencies are located, not just the shining skyscrapers of Manhattan. A fresh look at the United Nations system might help if India wants to grow political muscle to match its obvious economic strength. You can’t become a great power merely on the basis of large foreign exchange reserves. Both experienced and younger candid

Problems facing the US in Afghanistan and Iraq

There is a lot of press given to visits to Pakistan by American dignitaries. Most of the press also comes down negatively on Pakistan's leadership and rumours abound that American dignitaries are suggesting that America's fearsome congress will clamp down on aid to Pakistan unless Pakistan does something to clamp down on terrorism. In a manner eeriely reminiscent of GoI officials in the 2002 period, Americans are telling Musharraf that they want Dadullah or Zawahiri to be arrested. You may recall that for the longest amount of time the Indian government wanted to see key Jihadi group leaders like Masood Azhar extradited, it appears that the Americans are now handing the Pakistanis some similar sort of list of wanted criminals and rogues. Maverick's World

Collaborating with the US on Defence R&D projects I am getting tired of this nonsense from the mouthpieces and the talking heads. There appears to be a concerted effort underway to solicit India's participation in American defence R&D projects. As some of you may be aware, a number of Indian expats work in this sector already and what is apparently being suggested is an expansion of such interactions. Prima facie this may seem like a good idea, but you have to take into account the fact that places like DRDO are already losing manpower to the higher paying civilian software sector and any direct research arrangement of this kind will amount to the Americans effectively strip mining our intellectual property. Please understand, in this kind of an arrangement, the employees will be Indian and they will have no IPR over their work. They will work under non-disclosures and for a fraction of the cost of American labour. This may seem profitable from the perspective of investors in US defense


Source: by B. Raman I have been repeatedly cautioning in my writings and speeches that the Pakistani authorities would misuse this mechanism to discredit the Baloch freedom struggle by projecting it as an Indian-sponsored terrorist movement just as they sought to have the Sindhi freedom struggle discredited during the dialogue of the late 1980s and early 1990s. That seems to be exactly what they did at the just concluded first meeting of the new mechanism. They tried to keep the focus of their presentations, publicity and propaganda concentrated on their so-called dossier on Balochistan after having derisively dismissed Indian requests relating to the terrorist strikes in Mumbai's suburban trains in July last year in which 184 Indian nationals were killed and in the Samjauta Express near Panipet last month in which 22 Pakistani nationals and 27 Indian nationals were killed. I have written many articles on the so-called India-Pakistan Joint Counter-Terroris

Iran: a stand-off between a regional power and a superpower

16:00 | 07/ 03/ 2007 MOSCOW. (RIA Novosti political commentator Pyotr Romanov) - If we call a spade a spade, all the efforts to settle the Iranian problem over many months have been reminiscent of a counterproductive confrontation between irrational individualism and just-as-irrational collectivism. On the one hand, two individuals - Iran and the United States - were doing all they could to rule out any solutions but a military one. On the other hand, the "collective wisdom" of the mediators in the conflict was locked in the maze of its own contradictions, and did not even remotely call to mind a think tank resolving a serious problem. By and large, the alternating threats and evasive peace-loving protocol statements of Tehran and Washington may be ignored altogether. This was a clash of two mutually excluding egoistic interests, and the much-discussed nuclear predicament was not even the main issue. The truth is that Tehran wants international recognition of its sta

'IAF to become model force for rest of world by 2025' Posted at Wednesday, 07 March 2007 20:03 IST Chandigarh, March 7: The Indian Air Force today gave an awesome display of its power before the President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who visualised that it would become a "model airforce" for the rest of the world by 2025. "By the year 2025, the IAF will be a model air force for the rest of the world to emulate, endowed with the very best of technology in the world, alert and agile strategic planning capability and, above all, the most professional and dedicated air warriors," he said during his address at the Presidential review of the IAF fleet here. The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces visualised the IAF of 2025 to be based on scientific and technological competence in development of communication satellites, high precision resource mapping satellites, missile systems, unmanned supersonic aerial vehicles and electronics and communication systems. "This capability will enable th

Bhumkal Bastar: Who killed Sunil Mahto?

Bhumkal Bastar: Who killed Sunil Mahto? Was Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) MP Sunil Mahto killed by Maoist guerrillas, who have denied their role in the incident? Or was he the victim of a plot hatched by the mafia? As investigators try and solve the sensational murder, the view here seems to be that it could be both. The theory doing the rounds in the state is that the killing of Mahto might be an outcome of his feud with the mafia groups. Informed sources said contractors were unhappy with Mahto, seen as a successor to the ruling party's chief Shibu Soren, who is undergoing life sentence for murder, as most contracts were going to his close associates. 'We cannot rule out the possibility of the mafia engaging some lower rank Maoist activists to kill Mahto. Lower rank Maoist activists sometime carry out killings without informing their higher authorities,' said an intelligence department official. 'Maoists find it difficult to extort levy from an MP and his men;

Bofors: Yet another cover-up by Congress

Bofors: Yet another cover-up by Congress By Easwaran Nambudiri What is more, while the External Affairs Ministry was seeking confirmation of Quattrocchi’s arrest, it was playing host to the fugitive’s son Massimo as part of Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi’s high-powered business delegation to India. The spectre of Bofors has once again come to haunt the ruling Congress, exactly a year after the UPA government led by the party unashamedly and surreptitiously allowed the de-freezing of fugitive Italian businessman Ottavio Quattro-cchi’s London accounts. It was on February 6 that the Bofors pay-off case accused was detained at an airport in Argentina following a red corner alert issued by Interpol. Two days later, the International Police Organisation officially informed its Indian counterpart CBI about the detention but India’s premier investigating agency, which goes to town and shouts from the rooftops even if it gets a bank clerk convicted for taking a Rs 50 bribe, sought to

Two Questions on de-freezing of Quottrochi Bank accounts

Source : BJP Press Release When the Swiss authorities formally communicated to the Government of India that the kick-backs in the Bofors case were deposited in Mr. Quottorochi’s accounts, the Congress Government then headed by Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao was asked by prominent members to immediately impound Quottochi’s passport to prevent him from fleeing the country. This was not done and he was allowed to leave the country. Since then the CBI has been involved in a legal battle to extradite him from Malaysia where he found his new home. The case against him both for extradition and for receipt of kick-backs in the Bofors case are still pending. It is for the CBI and appropriate judicial authorities to take a view in the matter. Even the CBI without permission of the Court cannot close the case. Notwithstanding this legal position, for a Law Officer of the Government of India to request the authorities in Britain to de-freeze his accounts is scandalous. It is an attempt to use unconstitu

China chequers India : Gwadar - Hambantota - Sitwe

PIONEER--OP- EDIT 07 Mar 2007 B Raman Chinese interests in Gwadar in Pakistan, Hambantota in Sri Lanka and Sitwe in Myanmar have serious security implications for India Very few would have heard of Gwadar in Pakistan, Hambantota in Sri Lanka and Sitwe (Akyab) in Myanmar before 2002. These were essentially fishing harbours used by the fishermen of these countries. Sometimes, there used to be references to these places in articles on fishing rights, but rarely in articles on possible threats to India's national security. Since 2002, studies on maritime security have started making references to these places. Initially, the focus was on Gwadar. Now, it is on Ham-bantota. In the months to come, it will be on Sitwe too. What made these sleepy fishing harbours suddenly become areas of strategic concern to India's maritime security experts? The growing Chinese interest in these places and China's offer of assistance to these countries for converting these fishing harbours

QUATTROCCHI : The Hindu newspaper churning lies

"Although no formal extradition treaty exists between India and Argentina, there are several provisions in Argentine extradition law that allow such a procedure to take place. Mr. Freeland confirmed that Article 25 of the Extradition Law (number 24767) specifically details the duties of the public prosecutor appointed by the court to represent the interests of the country requesting the extradition. The court has appointed public prosecutor Carlos Guillermo Daneri to represent India. However, India's Ambassador to Argentina, Pramathesh Rath, confirmed that he had lined up a panel of lawyers who would be retained by the CBI. " The Hindu WHY THE HINDU is cycling Congress lies ???? HERE ARE FACTS 1) In 1956, the first Prime Minister of India, late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru , had supplied a list of 45 countries with which India had established extradition treaties. Argentina was at number 2 alphabetically in that list. 2) The Extradition Act, 1962 further, in clause 2

Massimo Quattrocchi and Club Invest company : Some questions

"....a day before CBI announced Ottavio Quattrocchi’s arrest, his son Massimo Quattrocchi left for Milan from New Delhi. (Lufthansa flight no.761) Quattrocchi Jr had been in India for the previous seven months. According to Quattrocchi’s immigration documents, he arrived in New Delhi on July 21, 2006 (Lufthansa flight no. 760), on an Italian passport (E 810484). Tehelka has information that he visited several cities including Mumbai and Bangalore during his stay. " ( Tehelka ) Massimo Quattrocchi was camped in India for the last seven months . His company has an office in Bangalore According to the membership records of the Italian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (IPEVCA), Massimo owns a company called ci partners in Milan, which provides consultancy services to mncs to help them establish commercial presence in different countries. The records state that CI partners has in depth knowledge of international markets, especially India, and that it has an office i