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JIHAD IN INDIA: Conference Report

A Conference in Florida Report from Narain Kataria, NY A three day Conference starting March 5, 2007 in the city of St. Petersburg, Florida, United States was organized by Intelligence Summit, a non-partisan, non-profit educational forum. Intelligence Summit website has recently surpassed in popularity even the Jane’s Weekly, the most widely read source of intelligence news in the world. In this Conference Maj. Gen. Paul E. Valley, Deputy Commanding General, US Army (Retd.), Gen. Thomas G. McInerney USAF (Retd.), Cmdr. Richard Marcinko, USN (Retd.), and many other former CIA officials, counter-terrorism experts, and experts on Islamic studies participated in deliberations and enlightened the audience about the danger posed to the humanity at large by radical Islam, political Islam, Islamo-fascism, Wahabi Islam, or by whatever name you call them. Some of the topics discussed at length in the Conference were as under: Can radical Islam escape the opprobrium that it is systemat

Analysis: Attacking Iran -- Part 1

Fri, 16 Mar 2007 12:42:00 GMT | UPI Author : Energy News Editor News Category : Energy (Environment) By BEN LANDO Uncertainties surrounding a potential attack on Iran are plentiful, especially whether the tension over its nuclear program will lead to violence. But the price of oil would likely skyrocket to record heights and the regional and global oil markets would have to hang on for the ride. If there's just an attack on nuclear facilities, and it's limited and Iran limits its response, even then I still think you are seeing oil probably at $80 (a barrel), said Saad Rahim, manager of PFC Energy ' s country strategies group. Oil settled at around $61 Thursday. Now if you actually hit Iran's oil facilities and you take the 2 million barrels per day off the market right now, and especially if you get reverberations from the region, and you take another couple million barrels off the market because of that, then you easily see $100 (a barrel), Rahim said. We ar

Murtha Now Rove's Target: How Low Will Karl Go?

Murtha Now Rove's Target: How Low Will Karl Go? Special to EIR Since his Nov. 17, 2005 introduction of House Joint Resolution 73—which called for American troops to be redeployed from Iraq because they had accomplished all that could be accomplished militarily—Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) has become the number-one target of the notoriously filthy Karl Rove apparatus. Rove, George W. Bush's political hit-man, is close to two of the operatives who ran the attempted "swiftboating" of Murtha through Vets For The Truth (VFTT) during Murtha's 2006 re-election campaign—an operation which has since morphed into a fishing expedition to drum up an indictment of the re-elected Murtha, who now chairs the Appropriations Committee's Defense Subcommittee. Democratic Party leader Lyndon LaRouche recently commented, "Somebody should go after this 'Swift Boat' crowd that's attacking John Murtha—they're better called the 'Dirty Water' Bunch. They'r

Pakistan's Existence- A Need or a Burden?

Pakistan's Existence: A need or a burden? Guest Column: By Syed Jamaluddin. (These are the personal views of the author who is from Pakistan now living in Europe. He has written a book "Divide Pakistan to eliminate Terrorism' which has recently figured in some reports carried by the media. We had asked him what made him write the book. This is his response SAAG.ORG) Regardless of the fact that the advocates of two-nation theory have finally realized after half a century that the division of United India was not a good idea for international peace, there is a need to correct mistakes. India's democratic strength for the last 59 years has proved that its existence was fully justified. On the contrary, Pakistan emerged as a failed state for one single reason that a country which was founded by assembling almost eight different nations in the name of Islam, was unable to justify its existence. Since its formation, Pakistan has been a country full of conspiracies, di

Al Qaeda-The Reality and The Charade-International Terrorism Monitor-Paper No. 206

AL QAEDA: THE REALITY AND THE CHARADE-INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM MONITOR---PAPER NO.206 By B.Raman In many articles written since 9/11, I have been expressing my doubts regarding the manner in which the Al Qaeda was being projected by the US intelligence and the group of Al Qaeda watchers, which has come up. Many of these Al Qaeda watchers, I felt, were just echoing what the US intelligence was saying about Al Qaeda without exercising their independent judgement. 2. I had particularly serious doubts about the manner in which Abu Faraj al-Libi, a Libyan married to a Pakistani woman, who was arrested by the Pakistani authorities in May 2005, was being projected by the Western terrorism analysts----governmental and non-governmental-- as Al Qaeda's No.3 and as the mastermind of the two plots to kill President Pervez Musharraf in Rawalpindi in December,2003. In this connection, reference is invited to my article titled THE AL QAEDA STRIPTEASE CONTINUES of May 5,2005, at http://www.saag


In a message sent to US President George Bush after the 9/11 terrorist strikes in the US, the then Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga offered Washington "full access to the country’s port, airfields and other facilities" for use in its operations against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. 2. In March,2002, a delegation of US officials, led by the then Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs Christina Rocca and including US Brigadier General Timothy Ghormely, commander of the US Marine Expeditionary Brigade, visited Sri Lanka for secret talks with Ranil Wickremesinghe, the then Prime Minister, his Defence Minister Tilak Marapana and senior army officers at the Palaly army camp in the north. General Ghormely also visited Trincomalee. The next month, a four-member team of US military and legal experts secretly visited Colombo. Read more

Re-discovering 'dog's death' through Gandhian ahimsa

http://www.vigilonl plain_speak/ ps_view.asp? plainSpeakId= 110 This should stop us in our tracks – bleeding heart human rights activists jumping up and down in rage after the Gujarat riots, screeched that Hindu fascists had caused incalculable damage to Gandhi the First's (Gandhi I) dream of secular India and to his ahimsa. Blood-thirsty Kannadigas banding themselves together as SDFB (Stray Dog free Bangalore), gleefully applauded the brutal, barbarian and absolutely typical human killing of dogs in Bangalore, Mysore and Mandya, and gathered under the statue of Gandhi I too with candles in their hands demanding a dog-free Karnataka, particularly stray dog free Bangalore and they declared that they didn't care how this was achieved. Gandhi the First asked Hindus to stand by in self-righteous ahimsa and allow Muslims to kill the cow and Gandhi I also called for killing stray dogs. "Therefore the only method I know of protecting the cow is that I should a

Pakistan’s at War with Itself

Source: IDSA Over the decades, while the Pakistani democratic edifice continued to cave in under heavy assault from the military, one key characteristic of democracy, however, has continued to hold ground – fearless and forceful writings against dictatorship and praetorian regimes. The books by Hassan Abbas and Husain Haqqani are bold, revealing and comprehensive in encapsulating the contours of Pakistan’s 58 years of existence. By virtue of being written by Pakistani scholars, these books stand apart from the other non-Pakistani writers writing on Pakistan. Click to read

Alternatives facing Pervez Musharraf M V KAMATH The first thing that Pakistanis must remember is that it was not the Indians who called for the division of the country. Indeed Mahatma Gandhi was totally opposed to the very concept. He was even ready to let Mohammad Ali Jinnah be the first Prime Minister of an undivided India. It was Jinnah and his elite-dominated Muslim League that demanded a separate Muslim State. Right from the start it was Pakistan which started creating trouble, especially in Jammu and Kashmir on the issue of its affiliation. It was Sheikh Abdullah who opted for a secular India. Almost from day one Pakistan has been trying to break up India. The hatred of the Pakistani upper classes towards Hindus kept increasing by the years. Pakistan Army's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) swore to destroy India through a thousand cuts. Pakistan fought three major wars. It was willing to lick American boots to best India militarily and did what Washington dictated.

Justice Iftikhar seeks reconstituted SJC

Justice Iftikhar seeks reconstituted SJC: •CJ roughed up •Overwhelming support by lawyers •PBC strike today By Nasir Iqbal and Syed Irfan Raza ISLAMABAD, March 13: In a day of high drama on the streets of the federal capital, the ‘suspended’ Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, tried to march up to the Supreme Court along with his wife and children, seeking justice amidst an orchestrated official campaign that accuses him of misconduct and misuse of authority. Having been roughed up and prevented from marching on, Justice Chaudhry was briefly confined to the nearby Balochistan House. Later, after some persuasion he was driven amidst tight security to the apex court to defend himself. Scores of lawyers present there ignored the police cordon to greet him by showering flower petals and raising anti-government slogans. After an initial attempt by security officials failed to prevent a rousing reception for the ‘suspended’ chief justice, better sense prev

PAKISTAN : SJC Judges biased towards me, says Justice Iftikhar

Hearing of Presidential Reference against CJ adjourned till Friday Wednesday March 14, 2007 (0414 PST) ISLAMABAD: Non functional Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry gestures as he arrives at Supreme Court in Islamabad. ISLAMABAD: Non-functional Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry Tuesday said that the judges present in Supreme Judicial Council are biased towards him as he was preparing corruption references against them. He expressed these views while talking to host of journalists in Supreme Judicial Council on Tuesday. He said that four defence lawyers including Munir A Malik, Tariq Mehmood, Hamid Khan and Aitizaz Hasan are defending his case. They will defend the 15 allegations levelled against him in the reference. He told journalists that judges present in Supreme Judicial Council are biased towards him and would not remain partial as he already has prepared corruption references against them. It is pertinent to mention that CJ has b

Iran's Non-Persian Ticking Timebomb

Iran’s ethnic make-up Persians (50 per cent) may dominate Iran numerically and politically, but there are many smaller groups with their own agendas. The Kurds (nine per cent) have been emboldened by virtual Kurdish independence in Iraq, and the same is true of two smaller groups: the Arabs (three per cent) and the Baluch (two per cent). Most Turkmen and Lurs (two per cent each), and Gilaki and Mazandarani (eight per cent in all), are well assimilated because they speak Persian dialects. But while some of the Azeris (26 per cent) are assimilated, many speak their own language and increasingly seek a united Azeri nation encompassing much of Azerbaijan. Religion further complicates matters, and Persian Shia persecution of Bahais, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and Sunnis has stoked resentment of the Tehran regime. By Joseph Puder | March 14, 2007 It was flattering to read Edward Luttwak’s piece in the Wall Street Journal (Februar

If peace is compromised, negotiations are meaningless

By Mumtaz Khan Living under the shadow of fear and threats for generations have left debilitating affects on the lives of natives divided state Jammu and Kashmir that has become common feature of political culture that rules the minds and bodies of people of this region. Conflict is described as the root cause of bad relations, and blames games have replaced the culture of dialogues and genuine desire for peace. Both countries claim to be right, and justify their positions but change hardly comes by to review their stances and positions. History of long sixty years is replete with three bloody wars, hatred, mistrust; propaganda and arms race yet are the main features of both countries politics. Pakistan extends its claims under the sacred two-nation theory and India rejects under the instrument of accession singed by the Maharajah and endorsed by the Sheikh Abdullah. Facts remains that neither side was willing to change the territory for peace and military solution appears to be out