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India-US nuclear agreement : What might happen? story/ 28603.html After the recently concluded bilateral talks between the Indian and US government officials it was stated that the two sides hoped to conclude an US-India agreement for civil nuclear cooperation between the two countries — the so-called 123 agreement — by this year end. It is almost two years since the Indo-US agreement on nuclear commerce was announced on July 18, 2005. Given that the conclusion of the 123 agreement is a precondition for the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) to take action on amending its own guidelines on nuclear transfer, and the India-IAEA agreement is yet to be worked out and that is a requirement before the 123 agreement can be passed by the US Congress, it is unlikely that the process of allowing civil nuclear commerce by the members of the NSG will be completed before the end of 2007. This, despite the fact that the two countries had held more than a dozen discussions in the past one year on nuclear understanding aft

IRAN : US Limitations and Necessity of Naval Power

The Limitations and Necessity of Naval Power April 10, 2007 22 03 GMT Source: STRATFOR By George Friedman It has now been four years since the fall of Baghdad concluded the U.S. invasion of Iraq. We have said much about the Iraq war, and for the moment there is little left to say. The question is whether the United States will withdraw forces from Iraq or whether it will be able to craft some sort of political resolution to the war, both within Iraq and in the region. Military victory, in the sense of the unfettered imposition of U.S. will in Iraq, does not appear to us a possibility. Therefore, over the next few months, against the background of the U.S. offensive in Baghdad, the political equation will play out. The action continues. The analysis must pause and await results. During this pause, we have been thinking about some of the broader questions involved in Iraq -- and about the nature and limits of American military power in particular. We recently considered the purpose

Hindu Students Council Denounces Inaccurate, Misleading Propaganda By Anonymous Group

Hindu Students Council Press Release – For Immediate Release April 20, 2007 Contact: Rishi Bhutada at 832-797-5147 ( Nikunj Trivedi at 732-599-1561 ( Hindu Students Council Denounces Inaccurate, Misleading Propaganda By Anonymous Group New Jersey, USA, April 20, 2007 – The Hindu Students Council (HSC) denounces the recently released report by anonymous writers on the Internet under the name of the “Campaign to Stop Funding Hate”. The report, which has no claims of authorship or organizational sponsorship, makes the erroneous claim that HSC has been deceiving its members about its activities. The true deception is in the report itself, which attempts to present itself as a reputable source of information about HSC while actually being a mix of outdated information (some of which is 15 years old and presented as currently accurate) and inaccurate claims published by anonymous authors concealing their true motivations for initi

OpenOffice gets business intelligence boost

Colin Barker ZDNet UK Published: 20 Apr 2007 16:44 BST Business intelligence software from Pentaho is to be integrated into the next version of OpenOffice, the open-source application suite. As from version 2.3, users will be able to create reports with content from the base database as well as a range of proprietary and open-source relational databases, OLAP and XML sources. Sun, which founded in 2000, says it has been working with Pentaho to enhance the software suite and that it will be "working with the community to enable its integration". Originally known as JFreeReport, Pentaho's reporting project was first released in May 2002, and acquired by Pentaho in December 2005. Since the acquisition, Pentaho has added a drag-and-drop report designer, MDX support, report scheduling, security and portal integration. Pentaho's recently announced standards-based metadata layer and Ajax-based ad hoc query tool also bol

Gold, Geopolitics and Cartel Interventions

Source: Observers of Gold in the past few weeks may have learned some valuable “Object Lessons.” These Object Lessons arise from simultaneously observing Gold, Geopolitics and Cartel Interventions. First, the effects of major geopolitical events on the markets (and in light of Interventions) are difficult and at times impossible to predict. Recall that about a month ago, in mid-March, tensions arising from the Iran Dispute were gradually increasing. And then with the capture of the British military personnel, the tension spiked up. And Gold? In a truly free market, Gold, as the quintessential Safe Haven would have spiked up too upon the taking of hostages. But in fact, the Gold price moved very little upon news of the hostage taking. What conclusion can be drawn from this other than that The Cartel was capping the price? [Long-time Deepcaster readers know that there is substantial evidence for the ongoing manipulation of Gold prices - - see ww

Turkey and America: the Corridors of Intelligence and Geopolitics

by John Stanton Global Research, April 5, 2007 “Turkey is not as politically stable or as secular domestically as they would have you believe”, said one long time observer of US-Turkish relations in Washington, DC. “The Turks do not have a large community across the United States like, say, the Armenians and the Greeks who have been here a long time. Because of this you see a very large Turkish presence inside Washington, DC”. Lacking a legitimate national grassroots organization, Turkey has built a notable presence inside the corridors of power in Washington, DC by spreading cash around and buying direct access to key US decision makers in and out of the US government. It all seems legitimate enough: campaign donations/junkets for members & staff of the US Congress (FMOCs); consulting fees to former FMOCs, US military generals, US State Department employees; and promises of billions of dollars in contracts to US corporate representatives operating in Washington, DC. With so m

Pakistan : Petition filed in SC for reining in Intelligence agencies

Petition filed in SC for reining in Intelligence agencies [2007-04-20 4:46:07 PM GMT] ISLAMABAD: Appearing in the case of missing persons former Senator Farhatullah Babar on Friday urged the Supreme Court to ask the government to produce copy of the law under which the intelligence agencies operated so that the issue of disappeared could be examined in its correct perspective. He deposed that it was necessary because the Parliament had already been denied even copy of the law let alone its right to make and improve upon the legislation governing the intelligence agencies. He said that in October 2003 he formally asked a question in the Senate about the legislation that governed the functioning of the state’s premier intelligence agency the ISI. He then read out the letter of Senate secretariat of November 3, 2003, which rejected his plea on the ground that “the subject matter of this question is of secret and sensitive nature and it asks for information on a matter prejudicial

Leading Retailer Selects March Networks Professional Retail Services to Optimize Business Intelligence

Leading Retailer Selects March Networks Professional Retail Services to Optimize Business Intelligence OTTAWA, April 20 /CNW Telbec/ - March Networks(TM) (TSX:MN; AIM:MNW), a leading provider of IP-based video surveillance solutions, announced today that one of the largest retailers in the United States has selected March Networks Professional Retail Services for approximately 1,200 of its stores. The consulting and software maintenance services will enable the retailer to extract maximum value from March Networks business intelligence software already in use in the stores to reduce shrink, decrease in-store risk and improve overall store performance. The services include implementation management, shrink assessment, store audits, and transaction profiling customization. They also include upgrading the web-based data mining software to ensure that the retailer benefits from the newest application features and capabilities. Progressive retailers use March Networks adva

India: The Islamization of the Northeast

Source: STRATFOR April 20, 2007 21 08 GMT Summary India's insurgent-ridden northeastern region has long given foreign powers a gamut of exploitable secessionist movements to use to prevent India from emerging as a major global player. Though India has grown accustomed to the ongoing volatility in its northeastern corridor, growing Islamization in the region -- spurred by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency and instability in neighboring Bangladesh -- will give New Delhi a good reason to pay closer attention to its porous northeastern border. Analysis Northeastern India is a region wracked by secessionist violence, where wide networks of drug smuggling, extortion and arms trafficking run rampant. India has traditionally dealt with the myriad secessionist movements through force, fearing that any concessions made to one group would only exacerbate the others' secessionist tendencies and further undermine the country's territorial integrity. The balka

Christian Rightwing leader John Dayal launched Hindutva Watch

From: johndayal@... < johndayal@...> Date: 16 Apr 2007 20:59:14 -0700 Subject: [indiathinkersnet] Launch of Hindutva Watch To: Launch of `Hindutva Watch' Dear Friends I and like minded friends, among them senior academics who are experts in this subject, are launching this group to share information, authentc on-record data about the Hindutva parivar and its group organisations. This will be interest to writers, Journalists, Academics, Civil society and Freedom of Faith advocacy groups, Dalit activists and the Church at large . If you are interest, kindly send en email at the followoing addresses Thank you very much John Dayal Web address: John Dayal was exposed by Francois Gauter in this letter Letter to Dr John Dayal Member: National Integration Council Government of India, in response to the letter he wrote to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Dear John Dayal, I am a westerne

Rahul Gandhi is Political Novice indeed

'No one should write off anyone in politics. My brother will prove him (Mulayam) wrong with time and days to come,' Priyanka Vadra said referring to a statement made by UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav that Rahul is a political novice. Well winning and loosing is part and parcel of politics , however the issue here is Rahul's political novice indeed . Open records are proof of that , Rahul gandhi has no opinion on any of the burning issues , he hardly debated on any topic in the parliament. It is said that he spoke 2 times in 30 months in the parliament . On Rahul's controversial statements, including the one on the division of Pakistan, Priyanka said, ''he knows history very well.'' Again this is a clever tact of deviating public attention . Knowing History and public speaking are two different things , this "western educated" , "scion of Nehru dynasty" should learn how to speak in public . I guess his tutors need to p

Missing Baloch activists

LETTERS: Post letters to Letters to the Editor, The Daily Times, 41-N, Industrial Area, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan Phone: 92-42-5878614-19; Fax: 92-42-5878620 E-mail: Letters may be edited for length and clarity Missing Baloch activists Sir: I recently learnt through an English daily that activists of the Baloch Students Organisation held a demonstration at the end of their three-day token hunger strike against the military operation, arrests of political workers and students and police raids on the houses of Baloch youth. They stated that international intervention would be required to curb the security forces’ tyranny against the Baloch people. They demanded the release of all political activists, including BNP-Mengal chief Sardar Akhtar Mengal and Chairman of the Baloch National Movement Ghulam Mohammad Baloch. They protested against the killing of hundreds of Baloch, women, men and children in the military operations in Dera Bugti, Kohlu, Kahan and ot

Virginia Tech Killer Was a Massacre-Videogame User

PRESS RELEASE Virginia Tech Killer Was a Massacre-Videogame User; EIR Has Shown This in Past Multiple-Shooting Cases April 18, 2007 (EIRNS)--The following was reported April 17, 2007 by Washington Post reporters Debbi Wilgoren, Sari Horwitz, and Robert E. Pierre, under the headline, "Centreville Student Was Va. Tech Shooter": "... Several Korean youths who knew Cho Seung Hui from his high school days said he was a fan of violent video games, particularly Counterstrike, a hugely popular online game, in which players join terrorism or counterterrorism groups and try to shoot each other...." Just such a phenomenon has been reported by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, and by EIR, since 1999, in analyses and interviews with experts on mass shootings in recent years. The above report was obtained by searching the website for the word "counterstrike." But this reportage was removed by the Post in the article as published — the article to which the rea

US Air Force official testifies on UAV executive agent issue

by Staff Sgt. J.G. Buzanowski Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs Audio Transcripts 4/20/2007 - WASHINGTON (AFNEWS) -- The deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance explained why Air Force leaders support the idea of creating an executive agency for unmanned aerial vehicles before the House Armed Services air and land forces subcommittee April 19 here. Lt. Gen. David A. Deptula joined other Department of Defense representatives in providing testimony to the HASC. Testimony of David A.Deptula The plan, originally proposed by Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley, calls for the Air Force to oversee the fielding, integration, and operation of medium- to high-altitude UAVs (those that operate above the coordinating altitude, notionally 3,500 feet). The executive agency plan would streamline acquisition, employment and overall mission effectiveness, General Deptula said. For example, although the Air Force already had the MQ-1 Pred

Iran, US take their fight to Afghanistan

Iran, US take their fight to Afghanistan By M K Bhadrakumar Marine General Peter Pace, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, is not beyond making gaffes. When the clever editors of the Chicago Tribune recently prompted him to discuss his former commander-in-chief Bill Clinton's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy on homosexuality among US servicemen, Pace responded that homosexuality was as "immoral" as adultery. Senator Hillary Clinton, among others, promptly objected. For a week, it seemed Pace elbowed out the killing fields of Iraq from the great American debate. Therefore, it might seem at first glance Pace was making a ridiculous gaffe on Tuesday when he implied Iran could be arming the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. Pace told reporters in Washington, "We know there are munitions that were made in Iran that are in Iraq and Afghanistan. Either the leadership in that country knows what their armed forces are doing, or that they don'

Why the West pretends Pakistan is a democracy

By Isambard Wilkinson, from Islamabad. The Telegraph, UK March 21, 2007 America has set Pakistan's president, Gen Pervez Musharraf, a daunting task: America's key ally in the war on terror must hold "free and fair" elections. But the general's electioneering has got off to a shaky start. His attempt to dismiss the head of Pakistan's judiciary, Iftikhar Chaudhry, 10 days ago, has prompted the most damaging challenge to his authority since he seized power in 1999. Chaudhry, the Chief Justice, has refused to stand down, thousands of black-suited lawyers and political activists have clashed with cane-wielding policemen, and half a dozen judges have resigned. Chaudhry irked the government on numerous occasions, but it was his refusal to offer assurances of a compliant judiciary ahead of elections that led to this attempted dismissal. His suspension has further eroded Pakistan's institutions and mobilised civil society at a time when Gen Musharraf

Human Trafficking Vs Human Smuggling

Recent case in arrest of Gujarat M.P. Katara is portrayed as Human Trafficking case by national Media where as it is an example of Human smuggling. I am submitting a chart showing differences between the Human trafficking and smuggling. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND SMUGGLING Mahesh Bhagwat IPS Superintendent of Police Women Protection Cell CID, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh India 500004 Contact (040) 23316754

Jihadist Warfare in the Horn of Africa and Beyond

STRATFOR April 20, 2007 02 00 GMT A suicide bomber blew up a truck at an Ethiopian army base in the Somalian capital of Mogadishu on Thursday, an attack Somalian Deputy Defense Minister Salad Ali Jelle blamed on al Qaeda elements. The bombing was the third suicide attack in Somalia since June 2006, when hostilities began between the country's interim government and the Supreme Islamic Courts Council (SICC), the group that gained and ultimately lost control of much of the country. While the first two attacks occurred in the Somalian city of Baidoa and targeted the government of Somalian President Abdullahi Yusuf, Thursday's attack was aimed at the Ethiopian forces that arrived in the country in December 2006 to reinforce the Somalian government's position. The blast, which likely was meant to further the Islamist goals of driving the Ethiopians from Somalia and collapsing Somalia's secular government, came only days after an al Qaeda node staged similar bombings i