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BJP rout in UP , a note from a prominent Journalist

IntelliBriefs received this note from a prominent journalist , we wish keep his name anonymous . The BJP is seen as a party of human traffickers, money grabbers and posseurs. If anybody is worried about the SP's defeat (as opposed to the BSP's victory or the BJP's washout) it is certain top guns of the BJP who had got used to getting suitcases from those who ran the previous SP regime. BJP supporters should stop spinning imaginary circles of caste and community. This vote was a kick in the face of the BJP for ridding itself of all pretensions of probity in public life. The BJP voters did not turn out on polling day; rather than vote for a venal lot, they chose to stay at home. The BSP voters turned out, as did the SP voters. So let's not tilt at windmills. If there's such great concern for the BJP, do something to check the rot. BJP supporters wilfully choose to deny the truth and look at bogus reasons instead of admitting that the great Hindu party has been hij


by B. Raman In a despatch of April 21, 2007, China's official Hsinhua news agency has quoted the SINOPEC, the state-owned Chinese oil company, as stating that the construction of the China-Myanmar oil pipeline is expected to start this year. According to the company, at the beginning of April, 2007, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) approved the Sino-Myanmar oil pipeline, which would link Myanmar's deep-water port of Sittwe (Akyab) with Kunming, the capital of the Yunnan Province. It did not, however, indicate when the pipeline would be completed. 2. The news agency despatch also indicated that there was a proposal to construct a separate gas pipeline linking the Arakan coast with Yunnan over a distance of 2380 kms. The construction of this gas pipeline would involve an investment of US $ 1.04 billion. In return for this, China would extend to Myanmar a credit of US $ 83 million to enable it to develop its gas resources. The agency said that this pi

Money & Power behind Wolfowitz face revolt of Abused Knowledge

This post was written by Ranjit Goswami on 12 May, 2007 (05:13) | All News If stories of masterpiece Asterix comics were true; we know that the village druid Getafix had the knowledge of mixing unsuspecting mistletoes to prepare the magic potion that provided the Gauls with that ‘invincible’ strength, which the Gauls used only to defend themselves against the invading Romans, or against pirates even more occasionally. Good that simple moral sense of the rustic Gauls never permitted them to abuse and misuse the byproduct of their knowledge. In the 21st century human civilization, when money-power and state-power seem to be improperly used in an endless pursuit to dominate the world, the need to distort and manipulate the most critical foundation of civilization, call it knowledge built on real time intelligence or otherwise, becomes a necessity. One glaring example of such a deadly cocktail of misuse of money and power to manipulate knowledge is present day Iraq. It started t

Tamil Brahmins: The best second-rate men in the world sunday /colItems.asp?ID =SEG20030330072132 Columns by N S Jagannathan This piece, it must be explained at the outset, is not a history of the Tamil Brahmins, or a gratulatory account of the community's famous achievers. It is more in the nature of a portraiture of the "average or the median" member of the species. In an endeavour of this kind seeking to crystallize the unique qualities of a whole people, it would be misleading to talk of the "tall poppies", the all-time greats, such as Sir T Muthuswami Iyer, G Subramania Iyer, Subramania Bharati, Rajaji, Satyamurti, Sir C V Raman, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Madurai Mani Iyer or Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar. It would be more appropriate to use (or misuse?) the well known statistical concept of the "Bell Curve": a graph showing the distribution of the range of any characteristic within a population — say, height, weight, intelligence etc. This is typically a bell-shaped figur

INDIA : Maoists masquerading as human rights groups Plot to frame cops in 'encounter' killings -Navin Upadhyay The political slugfest over the Gujarat fake encounter has unnerved the security establishment amid indications that terrorists and Maoists could use their sympathisers to exploit the situation and frame their 'enemies' in similar cases of encounter killings. The security establishment is also concerned over feedback being received from State police forces that the politicisation of the Gujarat encounter could hamper inter-State police interaction and intelligence-sharing, both vital in nabbing or eliminating terrorists and Maoists. Sources said that a deep sense of demoralisation was creeping into the police forces, paramilitary forces and Army following the arrest of the three IPS officers for the Gujarat incidents and the way a systematic propaganda had been unleashed to damn all encounter killings. "This could badly hamper anti-insurgency operations in Jammu & Kash

Check list for Rahul Gandhi... Cub Politician

Check list for Rahul Gandhi…. Sat, 2007-05-12 02:32 By J. N. Raina - Syndicate Features The All India Congress needs a revamp. It is on the verge of bankruptcy. Its lot can be likened to that of a drowning man, trying to clutch at a straw. This is exactly what the 122-year-old party is doing to save itself. Without inhibitions, it is using the ‘services’ of Rahul Gandhi, a novice in politics. He is just a ‘cub’ politician, whatever the family background. He has been forced into politics in the absence of a cohesive leadership. Merit hardly counts, because he is the heir apparent. Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitely has well said that Nehru-Gandhi family is like an ‘albatross’ (a large seabird) around the neck of the Congress, which, according to him, will ultimately result in the “downfall of the Grand Old Party”. The Congress should take a recess and rejuvenate itself at every level. The party should retrieve itself from the shackles of the dynastic rule. Otherwise its future is ble

Technology Acquisition and the Chinese Threat

Source: Stratfor May 09, 2007 19 28 GMT By Fred Burton A U.S. District Court jury in Santa Ana, Calif., was still deliberating May 9 in the trial of Chi Mak, a naturalized Chinese-American accused of acting as an agent of the Chinese government and exporting military information, among other charges. Chi's wife, brother, sister-in-law and nephew are awaiting trial in connection with the case. The clandestine and highly sensitive nature of espionage cases, as well as the need to protect the sources and tactics used to discover such operations, makes it difficult to prosecute alleged spies, even when the government is certain the accused party is guilty. For example, alleged American spy Felix Bloch was observed meeting with a KGB officer in a Paris cafe, though he was never prosecuted. Prosecuting suspected spies is further complicated in cases involving the Chinese government, which is renowned for its patient, long-term approach to espionage. Due to these factors, U.S. prose

Chinese-born engineer convicted of espionage in US

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Jurors convicted a Chinese-born engineer yesterday of conspiring to export U.S. defense technology to China, including data on an electronic propulsion system that could make submarines virtually undetectable. Chi Mak also was found guilty of acting as an unregistered foreign agent, attempting to violate export-control laws and making false statements to the FBI. Prosecutors had dropped a charge of exporting defense articles. When the verdict was read, Mak at first showed no emotion but then appeared to hold back tears as defense attorney Marilyn Bednarski teared up and rubbed his back. He faces up to 35 years in prison when he is sentenced Sept. 10. The government accused Mak, a naturalized U.S. citizen, of taking thousands of pages of documents from his defense-contractor employer, Power Paragon of Anaheim, and giving them to his brother, who passed them along to Chinese authorities over a number of years. Mak, 66, was arrested in 2005 in Los Angeles aft

Geopolitics and oil supply disruption: Is India prepared?

Source: IANS Written by Bhamy V. Shenoy What do we do when crude price touches $250 a barrel? Even with high foreign exchange reserves, India will have a very hard time to absorb such a high price. We could dismiss this as Doom's Day scare mongering at our peril. But then a study done last year by one of the international banks projects such three-figure oil price-line as bottom line case scenario, given the volatile potential for oil supply situation; given the potential for Iran-US confrontation getting a lot worse before it gets better. During the last week of March, the international crude market became jittery in view of fears of possible attack on Iran either by the US or Israel. Within hours of such informed speculation gaining currency crude price shot up by as much as $5 per barrel. There were concerns that Iranian export of 2.3 million barrels per day itself may be lost, which is more than the spare capacity available now. There were speculations of the Strait of Hormu

Top-level US defense intelligence team expected in Sri Lanka

Saturday, May 12, 2007, 13:49 GMT, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka. May 12, Colombo: A top-level team of intelligence officials from the United States will travel to Sri Lanka next week. They will advise Sri Lankan government defense authorities on measures to counter the threat of air power from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The defense intelligence team of the US Pacific Command stationed in Hawaii will arrive on the request of the Sri Lanka government, defense sources said.

What Do You Know About the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)

Mmodernization' Bill? The Bush Administration is pushing legislation that would legalize its National Security Agency (NSA) warrantless wiretapping program and other secret spying programs it may develop in the future. The Senate Intelligence Committee may consider adding the administration's bill to its 2008 intelligence spending bill when it meets on May 17. Washington, D.C. - infoZine - Here is what the proposed bill would do: By changing the definition of "surveillance," the bill would exempt wiretapping of Americans' communications into or out of the United States from approval by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. It would also let telephone companies off the hook for illegally complying with the NSA's requests for Americans' phone records, without insisting on warrants. Finally, it would also give blanket immunity to anyone who collaborates with government spying in the future. Should this bill become law? Missouri Senator Christ

Cheney Is Pushing Israeli Strikes Against Iran With Arab Allies

May 9, 2007 (EIRNS)--Arab sources continue to insist that the number-one item on Vice President Dick Cheney's agenda, as he continues his six-day, five-nation tour of the Arab world, is to prepare backing for an Israeli pre-emptive strike against Iran. Today, Cheney made an unannounced stop in Baghdad, to confer with Iraq's Prime Minister al-Maliki and receive a briefing from American military commanders. While Iraq has been publicly identified by the Bush Administration as the top priority in Cheney's trip, Arab sources pointed out that there is very little for the Vice President to say or do about the Iraq situation, which is rapidly degenerating into a fullscale ethnic-cleansing civil war. The sources emphasized that Saudi Arabia is pouring money and material support into the Sunni tribes in the western Anbar Province, to encourage them to wipe out the foreign Al-Qaeda fighters, before they return home to spread instability throughout the Persian Gulf and North Africa —

Monetary Reform and How a National Monetary System Should Work

by Richard C. Cook Global Research, May 11, 2007 The author has received an overwhelming response to his recent Global Research report entitled, “An Emergency Program of Monetary Reform for the United States.” The introduction to that report stated that, “the U.S. financial system headed by the Federal Reserve System has failed, and…only an emergency program of monetary reform can address conditions which may be leading to a catastrophe like the Great Depression or worse.” This new report on “Monetary Reform and How a National Monetary System Should Work” continues the dialogue by outlining the principles and mechanisms available to help guide the creation of a monetary system for any nation that wishes to enjoy economic democracy with prosperity. This would be in contrast to the collapsing debt-based monetary system overseen by the Federal Reserve and the other central banks of the world, coordinated at the top by such institutions as the International Monetary Fund, the Europea