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PAKISTAN : One swallow does a summer make!

One swallow does a summer make! Source: The News International Pakistan By Anjum Niaz Anjum Niaz is the first Pakistani woman to qualify under US Government Immigration as possessing Extraordinary Ability in Journalism. She works as a correspondent for Dawn, has been editor of Dawn Magazine, Managing Editor of The Earth Times, columnist for The Friday Times, Coordinator at Johns Hopkins University and a Board Director The Population Institute in Washington DC. Anjum Niaz has interviewed hosts of Prime Ministers and Presidents of the Subcontinent and is a vast traveler. Can one woman carry a crusade for democracy? Can one woman take on the military and the powerful establishment to demand an end to army rule? Yes if she happens to be a former judge of the Lahore High Court. Yes if her name ends with Iqbal. And yes if she has the support of the civil society and judiciary. Reflexively, she is a doer; not an armchair begum or a drawing room whiner. Her greatest assert is her husband Javi

Bangladesh: Interim Authority Pushing the Political Parties for Internal Reforms

Source SAAG Guest Column by Dr. Anand Kumar The interim authority of Bangladesh has created “crisis situation” for established political leaders of the country by its insistence on internal political reforms of the political parties. The political culture of Bangladesh which was primarily based on personal rivalry between Shaikh Hasina and Khalida Zia appears has to change in the near future. The demand for internal reforms by the interim authority has given an opportunity to the dissidents of the mainstream parties to seek reforms within. This in effect would mean curtailment of dictatorial powers of both the mainstream party leaders. On the other hand, the two leaders accused of dictatorial rule have begun to thwart any effort towards reform by creating divisions in segments demanding reforms. Interestingly, some of the corrupt leaders have also used this reform wave to wash away their sins by joining groups that are in favour of reforms or by attempting to create new polit

Pratibha Patil : UPA Legacy, Puppet PM and President

The case against Pratibha Patil is not one of personal corruption. It is one about moral and ethical standards and the kind of leadership this country deserves. By going for pathetic personal attacks on her opponent without any sources, any evidence and not even direct links via either Institutions run by Shekhawat or direct acts of nepotism by Shekhawat, the Outlook has exposed itself for what it really is, a Congress rag-tag and Vinod Mehta for what he really is - a Sonia spin meister. With just a day remaining for the lapse of the deadline for filing nominations for the presidential election, the BJP on Friday once again appealed to the UPA to withdraw Ms Pratibha Patil from the fray, and replace her with “any other suitable candidate.’’Leader of the Opposition LK Advani took up cudgels on behalf of the BJP, making yet another “withdraw-Ms Patil-from-the-field’’ plea “in the interests of the nation.’’ The Congress expectedly rejected the request, asking the NDA to withdraw the no

Sahib Singh Verma dies in road accident

Sahib Singh Verma dies in road accident Derided by its rivals as a party of the traders, the BJP’s loss in the death of Sahib Singh Verma, its “kisan face” in the metropolis, reports Hemendra Singh Bartwal. Sanjeev K Ahuja, Hindustan Times Email Author Sakatpura (Alwar), June 30, 2007 First Published: 15:01 IST(30/6/2007) Last Updated: 04:38 IST(1/7/2007) Former Delhi chief minister and BJP vice-president Sahib Singh Verma and three others died in a car crash in Rajasthan’s Alwar district on Saturday. Verma, a former Union minister who represented Outer Delhi in the Lok Sabha from 1999 to 2004, was returning to Delhi after engagements in Neem Ka Thana in Sikar district. The accident occurred on NH-8 near Sakatpura village around 2.10 pm. DSP Rajesh Gupta, who was in an escort vehicle, told HT that Verma’s Tata Safari had a head-on collision with a truck. SSP Alwar, Biju George Joseph, said: "A speeding truck coming from the opposite direction lost control trying

Prathibha Gate : How Govt helped family build hostel empire

http://www.dailypio archives2/ default12. asp?main_ variable= front%5Fpage&file_name=story1% 2Etxt&counter_img= 1&phy_path_it= E%3A%5Cdailypion eer%5Carchives2% 5Cjun2907 Pratibhagate! Navin Upadhyay | New Delhi How Govt helped family build hostel empire The Congress Governments at the Centre have helped UPA presidential nominee Pratibha Patil build an empire around two different trusts run and controlled by her family members over the past three decades. The vast empire includes four hostels for working women, all financially assisted by the Centre, an engineering college, a sugar factory, a Krishi Vigyan Kendra, a school, and a bank that went bust. Incidentally, the rise of the family fortune coincided with Pratibha Patil's rise in politics. Pratibha became Minister for Social Welfare in the Maharashtra Government in 1974, and in the same year her family-run Shram Sadhana Trust set up a sprawling hostel for working women in Mumbai with financial h

Are Commies rethinking Pratibha?

Common Minimum President Dipankar Bhattacharya - Indian Express, June 29, 2007 Why is CPM keen on Pratibha? Because her career proves she can really use power June 29, 2009 By N.S. Rajaram It is extremely unlikely that the CPM will miss out on this opportunity to deliver a debilitating blow the Indian nation state, which is the long term agenda of the Communists, Sonia Gandhi's sponsors and of course Karunanidhi who wants to create a hereditary Tamil Eelam country, jointly with the Sri Lankan Tamils. Dipankar Bhattacharya is also a Communist, the CPI. His differences with the CPM are tactical not doctrinal. His comments on Pratibha are also not ethical but tactical. The only hope seems to be to engineer defections through 'conscience' votes if there is such a thing in Indian politics. Look at the way Shiv Sena has fallen in line to supporta Sonia stooge.

Japan: Spotlight on a Noisy Political Landscape

Source: Stratfor June 29, 2007 21 37 GMT Summary Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori has confirmed his plans to run in Japan's Upper House elections as the candidate of a minor coalition party. While his candidacy might brighten a dull list of Japanese contenders, Fujimori will do little to change the election's outcome or hasten the halting progress Japan has made in reasserting itself as a regional and global power. Analysis Former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori announced June 28 that he will run for a seat in Japan's Upper House on behalf of the little-known People's New Party, despite being under house arrest in Chile. Fujimori is more interested in amnesty from Peruvian prosecutors and will not likely shake things up during the June 29 elections. Nevertheless, his international celebrity has swung the spotlight onto Japan's domestic political scene, where Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's political future seems to be hanging in the balance

Emma Nicholson's reply to Pak Ambassador

Pak Ambassador wrote to MEP Emma Nicholson who prepared the report "Kashmir: Present situation and future prospects" that Northern Areas (Gilgit and Balistan) were always part of Pak and was never a part of JK blah blah blah.....and Emma Nicholson wrote back giving as proof a map of India in 1909 and a letter from Rajah Hari Singh to Mount Batten proving that they were very much part of JK. Source: The Hindu newspaper Pak Ambassador to Belgium letter to Emma Nicholson MEP Nicholson's response:

Never Mind The Baluch

Never Mind The Baluch Ben Hayes Red Pepper, June 2007 While Pakistan and Iran terrorise their Baluchi minorities, the British government has designated the Baluchistan Liberation Army as ‘terrorist’. Ben Hayes reports Barely an eyebrow was raised last summer when the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) became the 41st group to be proscribed as an ‘international terrorist organisation’ under the UK Terrorism Act 2000. The decision was not debated in parliament. Had it been, we might have heard more on the spiralling conflict in Baluchistan and the accusations that Pakistan is committing ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity and a ‘slow motion genocide’ against the Baluchi people. We might also have questioned the UK’s motives for proscribing the BLA. Baluchistan is split across western Pakistan, eastern Iran and southern Afghanistan. Much like the Kurds, the Baluchis are victims of empire, with their resource-rich territory conquered and divided by successive


The admiral Ak Chatterjee Memorial Lecture by the Hon’ble External Affairs Minister Shri Pranab Mukherjee 30/06/2007 “INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND MARITIME AFFAIRS – STRATEGIC IMPERATIVES” President, Navy Foundation, Kolkata, Rear Admiral Parlikar, Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Mehta, Distinguished Officers of the Armed Forces, Ladies and gentlemen: It is always a pleasure to be here in Kolkata, a city that has a long and well-deserved tradition of being the intellectual capital of India. Speaking for myself, it is, naturally, always good to be on home ground. However, I am especially pleased to be here today to speak on a subject that is not only of academic or intellectual interest, but also one that is vital to India’s security and the sustenance of her economic development. I am also particularly gratified at having the opportunity of delivering this lecture in the memory of the late Admiral A.K. Chatterjee. The state of affairs today with regard to the Indian maritime s

India, Pakistan and Iran Close To Gas Pipeline Deal By Anjana Pasricha New Delhi 29 June 2007 Pasricha report (mp3) - Download 605k Listen to Pasricha report (mp3) India says it is close to finalizing a deal to transport natural gas from Iran to India via Pakistan. As Anjana Pasricha reports from New Delhi, officials from the three countries have held talks in the Indian capital on the $7 billion project, which has been opposed by the United States. Indian petroleum minister Murli Deora (center) shakes hands with Iran's special representative of Ministry of Oil Ghanimi Fard (l) before the start of a meeting, in New Delhi, 29 Jun 2007 India's petroleum minister, Murli Deora, said Friday that officials from Iran, India and Pakistan have resolved most issues relating to the gas pipeline that would carry gas from Iran to the two South Asian countries. The Indian minister spoke to reporters in New Delhi after officials from the three countries held talks on issues such as price mechanisms and transit fees for

INDIA : Encourage spirit of free questioning , Pranab Mukherjee

Pranab Mukherjee: Encourage spirit of free questioning OPINION Pranab Mukherjee / New Delhi July 01, 2007 The constructive participation of the Indian Statistical Institute should be restored at the government level. As regards the planning for national development, the closeness of Professor Mahalanobis with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru can be traced to 1940, when they began in-depth discussion. In one of his writings, Professor Mahalanobis notes that after a particular day’s work was over, he and Pandit Nehru started talking and continued well past two in the morning. In India, statistics came to the centre stage in national life through sample surveys consistently conducted since the 1930s by Professor Mahalanobis and his colleagues in the ISI to understand complex problems of national development and social welfare. This involvement was enhanced when, after independence, Professor Mahalanobis was appointed honorary statistical adviser to t

India looks seawards to re-establish itself: Pranab Kolkata, June 30: India is looking seawards to re- establish itself as not just a continental power but also as a maritime power, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said on Saturday. "After almost a millennium of inward and landward focus, we are again turning our gaze outwards and seawards, which is the natural direction of view for a nation seeking to re- establish itself not simply as a continental power but even more so as a maritime power," Mukherjee said while delivering the Admiral A K Chatterji memorial lecture here. Mukherjee, who was Defence Minister before taking over as External Affairs Minister, said India has no territorial ambitions and no desire to establish any form of regional or extra-regional hegemony. "However, the absence of hegemonistic intent ought not to imply any neglect of security, for it is when the Indian ruling elites forgot the imperatives of maritime security

Not A Cuddly Panda, But A Fiery Dragon : Burmese Perspective

Policy Paper from the Burmese Perspective : Not A Cuddly Panda, But A Fiery Dragon Sun, 2007-07-01 01:59 Prof. Kanbawza Win A Burmese saying goes the snake sees the legs of another snake, meaning we Asian can see the motive of another Asian. For decades people from the Dragon throne have laboured to portray that China is benign, well mannered, and friendly and have no ulterior motive whatsoever and is to be counted as the front man in the community of civilized nations. Now to the world, seems that their labour has paid off for the Chinese Dragon appeared to be not so scary and once the visceral fear felt in many of the business quarters had quieten and President, Hu Jintao’s “Peaceful Rising” has swayed some of the hearts and minds. Gone are the days when the Chinese army help the BCP (Burma Communist Party) and party to party relations was not with the ruling BSPP (Burma Socialist Programme Party) but with the biggest rebel force