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The Trans-Atlantic Militant Connection

Source: Stratfor Stratfor's Free Intelligence Reports September 14, 2007 18 44 GMT Authorities on both sides of the Atlantic arrested a total of four people Sept. 12 in connection with a plot to stage jihadist attacks against Austria and Germany. Earlier in the month, Danish authorities arrested eight people on suspicion of plotting attacks in Denmark, and a day later German authorities arrested three people on suspicion of plotting to attack U.S. and Uzbek targets in Germany. Counterterrorism officials in Europe and the United States believe the plots in Germany and Denmark are related. This latest wave of arrests demonstrates the interconnection between militant cells in Europe and North America -- and serves as a warning on the increasing militant activity on European soil. On Sept. 12, two men and a woman were arrested in Vienna, Austria, for allegedly posting a video on an Islamist Web site threatening attacks against Germany and Austria because of those countries'

Nigeria: Maneuvering for Control in the Gulf of Guinea

Source: Stratfor Stratfor's Free Intelligence Reports September 14, 2007 18 17 GMT Summary Nigeria is moving to block AFRICOM, the U.S. combat command for Africa, from establishing itself in the Gulf of Guinea region. A few countries will go along with Nigeria, but oil and natural gas newcomers Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome and Principe probably will resist the move. Analysis The Nigerian government began meetings with West African governments and the leadership of the African Union to oppose AFRICOM -- the Pentagon's Africa command -- from establishing itself in the Gulf of Guinea region, Nigerian media reported Sept. 14. While Abuja aims to preserve its unrivaled influence in the region, Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome and Principe probably will resist Abuja's blocking move to safeguard their newfound independence from Nigerian influence. AFRICOM will work closely with local governments and militaries to build up indigenous security and counterterrorism c

The Surge, the Shiites and Nation Building in Iraq By Reidar Visser For some time, analysts have been suggesting that the Bush administration's "surge" strategy may have achieved a measure of success in certain parts of Iraq. Many highlight the tendency on the part of local tribes in the Sunni-dominated areas to stand up against al-Qaeda, in that way emphasizing their own "Iraqiness" as well as their unwillingness to join in an all-out war against Western civilization. The number of attacks against U.S. forces has declined in many of these areas, and there are signs that al-Qaeda has been forced to relocate to new areas and to choose new targets. Perhaps the most convincing indicator of a degree of "surge" success is one that has gone largely unnoticed. Reports out of Baghdad suggest that the Sunni politicians who for the past two years or so have worked with the Americans through participating in government and parliament are now

Indra Nooyi Defines Good Work

September 11, 2007 Cindy Krischer Goodman -- The Miami Herald Advertisement Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo's chairman and CEO and one of the most powerful women in business, challenged more than 350 corporate and civic leaders in Miami on Monday to redefine what they consider a good company. Being a good company in today's global world means more than having a strong financial performance, she said. Her definition includes cherishing employees and making contributions to improving public health and the environment. She described how she is leading PepsiCo with a philosophy of "bringing together what is good for business with what is good for the world." Nooyi, who Forbes magazine ranks as the fifth most powerful woman in the world, garnered a standing ovation from the audience at the Miami Dade College leadership roundtable at the Radisson Hotel Miami. As one of the few females to preside at a Fortune 100 company, Nooyi, 51, draws on lessons learned at the family d

Alexis Debat sent this rebuttal to the Riche piece To Whom It May Concern, Pascal Riché’s article in “Rue 89” raises very serious questions about my integrity and my credentials, and puts my entire professional life in jeopardy. This is my point by point response below: 1. The interview with Senator Barack Obama did happen through a third party. A journalist named Rob Sherman approached me last spring with an offer to conduct the interview on my behalf. I wrote up the questions and got the answers in writing. My only mistake was to sign this interview in my name, following Rob’s request. I did not conduct this interview in person with the senator, but it did take place. I recognize that putting my name on it was a mistake, for which I take full responsibility. 2. Pascal Riché claims that “I have a reputation for making up stories”. This is a slanderous assertion supported by no facts. In my 5 and a half years at ABC News, I have not once “made up stories” or been suspected of coming

How Alexis Debat managed to cheat everyone in Washington

Par Rue89 15H40 15/09/2007 For years, this "expert" managed to fool think tanks and media despite flashing warning signals. How could someone, in the age of the Internet, manage to fake interviews with world leaders without being caught, while working for the famous investigative unit of one of the biggest American television networks? Broken by Rue89, the affair of the mythomaniac analyst is causing a stir in the United States. How did Alexis Debat, a self-proclaimed expert on terrorism, manage to build such a career for himself --as a regular contributor to the foreign affairs reviews Politique Internationale and National Interest, as a consultant for ABC News and an analyst of the prestigious Nixon Center attending conferences with the cream of the crop of American foreign policy circles? On September 5, Rue89 revealed that Debat had provided Politique Internationale wi


Source: SAAG.ORG By B.Raman "Beware of Al Qaeda, but equally beware of Al Qaeda watchers." 2. So I wrote in an article of December 14,2004, which was carried by the South Asia Analysis Group (SAAG) as well as the "Asia Times" ( article as carried by the Asia Times Online is annexed (Annexure II) below for easy reference. 3. In that article, I had drawn attention to the mushrooming of Al Qaeda watchers with dubious credentials and compared them to the Kremlin watchers of the cold war era and the pre-March 2003 Iraqi WMD watchers. Many of these watchers had one thing in common---- a desire to make quick money and attract attention to themselves by exploiting the public paranoia----either over communism or over Al Qaeda or over Iraq's non-existent (as found subsequently) weapons of mass destruction. 4.Some of these new crop of post-9/11 analysts working for prestigious foreign think-tanks are alleg

China Writes on UN Arms Registry

China Writes on UN Arms Registry by Bhaskar Roy Source: SAAG.ORG The security analyst community appears to be abuzz with the news what China’s return to the UN Arms Registry after a lapse of ten years really mean. The Chinese answer is quite simple. The USA showed its exports to Taiwan as that to a separate country, so Beijing withdrew registering in protest. Beijing holds firm that Taiwan is a renegade province of China. Almost all countries also subscribe to the position. The Chinese authorities reported some of their conventional arms supplies to mainly less developed and developing countries of Asia and Africa. They only revealed a very well known fact that Beijing is Bangladeshis main arms supplier. Pakistan’s dependence on Chinese arms and military equipment is also equally well known. The backbone of Pakistan’s Airforce is still the Chinese F-7 aircraft. Pakistan is also set to import 250 new generation Chinese F-17 Thunder fighter aircraft fitted with the RussianR

Attack on giant Pakistan Buddha

Bomb damages Janabad seated Buddha in Swat Sept 11: A bomb detonated by militants on Tuesday damaged a rock engraved with images of Buddha in Valley Swat, Pakistan that attracts thousands of tourists a year, police said. Shrapnel from the blast in Shakhrai along the road toward Malam Jaba, a tourist resort in Swat district hit the rock and damage the image. It was well preserved having seven meters hight and was certainly the most impressive piece of sculpture to be seen in Gandahara region. The region -- known for its Buddhist heritage and archaeological sites -- attracts tourists, mainly from Buddhist countries. The incident recalled the internationally condemned destruction of the huge Bamiyan Buddhas in neighbouring Afghanistan by the Taliban regime in 2001. SOURCE: Read more about Janabad Seated Buddha ___________________________ The Buddha at Swat was only slightly damaged Suspected pro-Taleban militants have tried

Pakistan more unstable : Rebuffing of Nawaz Sharif

Home and away Sep 13th 2007 | LARKANA, MATTA AND RAWALPINDI From The Economist The rebuffing of Nawaz Sharif has only made Pakistan more unstable Reuters NAWAZ SHARIF, a former prime minister of Pakistan, landed in Rawalpindi on September 10th with his head bowed in prayer and his supporters erupting around him. He was back from a seven-year exile to challenge Pervez Musharraf, an army coupster who had toppled and imprisoned him. “Go, Musharraf! Go!” screamed his retinue as Mr Sharif's plane rumbled to a halt. But four hours later it was Mr Sharif who was on the move. In the airport's VIP arrivals lounge he was charged with corruption, arrested and deported to Saudi Arabia. It was almost certainly what he had expected. During the flight, Mr Sharif made many bold promises: to wage a “final battle” against military dictatorship, bring “undiluted democracy” to Pakistan, and so forth. He is not the first Pakistani politician to have promised these things. Indeed, as a poli

Letter from Gilgit Baltistan : WORLD TERRORISM STRATEGY

Benazir Bhutto, Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan cannot confront with Pakistani Military and its ISI. Her past has witnessed, where her Minister from NWFP Nasrullah Khan Babur, with the help of ISI had openly helped fundamentalism. To bar Nawaz Sharif another Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan from participating in Elections by sending him to exile, will only benefit the fundamentalists, because Benazir has lost her credibility and confidence among the general masses of Pakistan because of her help to Military regime which does not care about democracy and Judiciary. The USA and Europe should realize that General Musharraf has become an empty cartridge, because of his anti democracy and dual policy with both the USA, Europe and Fundamentalism. Whoever tries to help Military regime by giving stake in Politics, he or she will also fall down along with Musharraf. If Nawaz Sharif is not allowed to come to Pakistan and participate in elections, I think, general masses are left with no choice, but t