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Mr Prime Minister: Resign

Source: Manmohan Singh’s continuance threatens Institutional integrity . The defining feature of Manmohan Singh has been the refusal to take responsibility. Manmohan Singh has proved to be a pusillanimous prime minister–ready to crawl when asked merely to bend. Both internal security and economic reforms have been sacrificed at the altar of political expediency. Manmohan Singh never seems to have realized that he is no longer a bureaucrat but the executive head of the government. After being repeatedly pushed around for three years by his allies– primarily the Left–the prime minister finally seemed to have developed a spine. He staked his personal reputation on the Indo-US nuclear deal. By throwing the gauntlet to the Left, the prime minister ensured that even those not exactly enamored with his style of functioning, viewed him with certain respect. Unfortunately, the brave words haven’t translated into action.

Pakistani taliban new video INTIQAM(revenge)

NEW VIDEO FROM TALIBAN IN WAZIRISTAN SENT TO PAKISTANI GOVERMENT part 1 Pakistani taliban new video INTIQAM(revenge)part1 NEW VIDEO from Pakistani taliban in Waziristan. In this video you can see the dead body of a Pakistani soldiers beheaded by fundamentalists among 16 Pakistani soldiers captured by the taliban Here is a link where you can have a western news report and understanding of this video. CAPTURED PAKISTANI SOLDIER SPEAKS

"SATYAGRAHA" and India's freedom movement

By: Dr.Dipak Basu, ivarta blog 10/10/2007 (The author is a Professor in International Economics in Nagasaki University, Japan) Yogi Ramdev’s courageous statement that we must not forget the role of the revolutionaries in the freedom movement of India has called for a reexamination of the role of Mahatma Gandhi and his Satyagraha. "Satyagraha’ literally means insistence on truth. According to Gandhi, the doctrine of Satyagraha “came to mean vindication of Truth, not by infliction of suffering on the opponent but ones own self. Satyagraha and its off-shoots, non-co-operation and civil resistance, are nothing but new names for the law of suffering.” Recently the Prime minister Manmohan Singh went to South Africa to celebrate the centenary of Satyagraha, which was started in 6 September 1906 in South Africa as a protest against the identity card that the non-Europeans were asked to carry in that country. What that got to do with Indian freedom movement against the British Empi

The mocking of an India resurgent

By M.V. Kamath Courtesy: Organiser Presently, there is a civil war in Sonia Gandhi’s durbar. This tamasha has to stop. India’s march to progress should not be held up because of the weakness of a leaderless, visionless party that has long lost its bearings. Who is ruling this country? Sonia Gandhi? Dr Manmohan Singh? Prakash Karat? Sitaram Yechury? M. Karunanidhi? Or is it Ronen Sen, the loud-mouthed Indian Ambassador in Washington? The United Progressive Alliance is showing itself as neither united nor progressive nor much of an alliance. Bureaucrats are turning out to be an indisciplined lot. No Sen would have dared to insult Members of Parliament—or even journalists accustomed to be run down by petty officials—when Jawaharlal Nehru or even Indira Gandhi was in power. Ronen Sen is showing calculated arrogance by saying that he would not resign after a show of bad manners and worse culture. And the UPA government maintains an undignified silence. One can’t blame the BJP if it

An Open letter to Smt Sonia Gandhi

Source: With friends like these who needs enemies Dear Smt Sonia Gandhi The CNN-IBN today reported details of the Oct 9th meeting that saw the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh humiliated by the Left Parties. Specifically, CNN-IBN’s Diptosh Majumdar, writes that several accusations were made against the Prime Minister including: Why has the Prime Minister not visited any major Muslim country? Why did the Government not side with Iran during the debate on its nuclear programme? Why did the Government not condemn the hanging of Saddam Hussein? You as the Congress President and the chief protagonist for Dr. Singh to enjoy the highest political office have an obligation to him as well as the Nation to confirm if this indeed is true. You also have the responsibility to the nation to explain if this is how your party’s coalition government expects to conduct its foreign policy for the rest of its term now that you have publicly backtracked on your wil

Swarah: An Enigma

Swarah: An Enigma By: Dr. Sultan-I-Rome Despite the fact that the Pukhtun society remained tribal and to some extent acephalous, the lives and actions of the people had been regulated and governed by unwritten but well-defined and well-known customs, norms, codes and rules called Pukhtu, which is also the name of the language of the people.It is a commonly known saying that ‘Pukhtu is not only a language but also the code that governs the lives of those who speak it’. The term ‘Pukhtunwali’ is also used for ‘Pukhtu’. The term Pukhtu is also used for enmity, for firm stand on viewpoint or decision and sometimes for inflexibility and obstinacy. To an outsider and a casual observer the Pukhtun society might seem disorderly, but it was/is, in fact, a well net and regulated one. Badal is one of the fundamental rather the most significant of all the commandments and codes of Pukhtu. In case of murder, beating, injury, damage to honour and so forth badal (meaning revenge in this case) is

Modi eulogises Gandhi while NGOs scrounge phone records

Source : Well the star attraction at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit it appears was not a lame duck Manmohan Singh nor an apologetic Sonia Gandhi but a rather combative Narendra Modi. The CNN-IBN reports Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Friday refused to take blame for the riots in his state in 2002 and said the people would judge him. “I have asked people of Gujarat to be the judge on the issue, and there is no greater judge than them,” More than what Modi did not say about the riots, it is what he said in the context of development that was interesting. Breaking political stereotypes Modi highlighted how local communities can come together and take responsibility with the right incentives. He said he believed in Gandhi’s idea of ‘Gram Swarajya’, according to which village-level representatives should be appointed unanimously as elections led to violence and bad blood. Modi said shortly after he became the Chief Minister o

Gujarat Riots and Sikh Riots : Quick Comparision

Shivraj Patil : Ajmer Sharif Dargah Blast

Moldova: the future of Transnistria depends on the Russia-NATO relationship

During the spring of 2007 a series of meetings between the summits of Russia and Moldova took place: at least ten in four months. A strange silence has following the events and the declarations that were made during those weeks, which appeared to be leading to a sudden and unpredictable 'solution' of the Transnistria crisis. The dramatic actuality of these questions - the risky parallel between the independence of Kosovo and the status of Transnistria and the withdrawal of Russia from the Treaty on Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE) - lead to thinking that the calm is only apparent. Elisabetta Sartorel (12 October 2007) Since last March (when the Russian Secretary of the Security Council, Zubakov met Moldavian President Voronin in Chisinau) Russian- Moldavian dialogue on Transnistria have become more frequent. On 27th March Voronin sent to Putin a written suggestion which has been discussed by Stratan, the Moldavian Minister of Foreign Affairs on 6th April

The Ajmer Sharif Dargah Blast The blast assumes significance for three reasons . It is not in a Congress ruled state , it targets a Muslim shrine and it follows weeks of social turmoil in Rajasthan. The lack of a coherent national strategy and an incompetent internal security executive continue to hurt….. COMMENTS unnecessary propagating the myth of Shivraj’s prowess, the Home Ministry’s ‘intelligences’ when poor Patil - #. Warned of blasts at religious places and #. Said that “Intelligence agencies unfit to fight terror” #.He has to finish 3 books by year -end. Can you imagine the pressure on him by the pub. to finish them. So please excuse Petty Patil . The Ajmer bomb was packed inside a tiffin box, obviously smuggled into the dargah complex by one or more terrorists posing as devotees, a Rajasthan police officer said, speaking on condition of anonymity. He sa


by Dr. Subhash Kapila Introductory Observations Pakistan’s autumn of 2007 is witnessing the regrettable spectacle of an illegitimate Presidency being imposed by external powers along with a contrived “governance troika” of General Musharraf, as a President in civilian clothes, former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto absolved of corruption charges by an Ordinance signed by the military dictator as the next Prime Minister and General Ashfaq Kiyani as the new Chief of Army Staff of the Pakistan Army entrusted with underwriting the existence of the new ‘governance troika’. General Musharraf has been an illegitimate self-appointed President of Pakistan for the last eight years. At every stage he has re-invented his indispensability to serve the strategic interests of external powers. General Musharraf has once again convinced the external powers which control Pakistan’s destiny that without him at the helm, Pakistan could become a strategic liability for them. Succumbing to such fe

FALLUJA--2003/4-Like Situation in Pakistan's Pashtun Belt

Source: SAAG By B. Raman The situation in the Pashtun belt of the Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan has rapidly deteriorated after the commando raid into the Lal Masjid of Islamabad between July 10 and 13, 2007. The tribals, many of whose children, particularly girls, were killed during the raid, have hit back with ferocious vengeance at the Pakistan Army and para-military forces and the Police deployed in the Pashtun belt as well as outside. Al Qaeda and pro-Al Qaeda organisations such as the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and the Islamic Jihad Group have taken advantage of the tribal anger to advance their own anti-US and anti-Israel agenda. One has been seeing a Falluja--2003-4 like situation developing in the tribal belt. 2. There are presently two parallel jihads in the tribal area. The first is a Taliban-like ideological jihad, which is directed against those sections of civil society, which are influenced by l