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INDIA : Secularism encouraging terrorism

The Moving Finger Writes Former Punjab Director General of Police, K.P.S.Gill made the point that India was being ruled by pseudo-secularists who did not have the will to fight terrorism. At a meeting organised by the Forum on Integrated National Security (FINS), Gill said that “intellectuals and some political establishments are wedded to weaken the country consciously and as a programme, in the name of secularism.” As Gill saw it, Islamic fundamentalism backed by Pakistan is growing. Something is terribly wrong not only with our national law and order system, but the distribution of prosperity throughout the length and breadth of the country. The distribution is very uneven, but that is only one aspect of the situation. The other aspect is the growth of jehadism in the country and it has now been discovered that Karnataka has become a centre of recruitment. What comes as a shock is that the recruits are not illiterate or poor Muslims eking out a bare living, but well-educated yo

Dhanyavaad Sonia for Poverty

Source: OFFSTUMPED Rahul Gandhi speaking in Parliament articulated for the first time a meaningful idea worthy of public debate. Dwelling on the idea of “Freedom from Poverty”, Rahul Gandhi touted the UPA’s flagship programs with these remarks “Freedom from poverty is not a matter of charity or luck; it is a right,” … The NREGA delivers employment as a right. The Tribal Act delivers ownership of land as a right. The RTI Act delivers information as a right. The Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill seeks to deliver basic minimum rights to those being displaced,” Continuing further with an expression of thanks to Congress President and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Offstumped focuses this time on the pivotal subject of poverty which the Congress seems determined to tout as its theme for the next election whenever it is held. So who exactly is Rahul Gandhi demanding “Freedom from Poverty” for ? The Rural Ministry has been collecting some excellent data on

Rahul Gandhi’s vanishing act in Orissa

Source: OFFSTUMPED Well we now know why the heir apparent’s parliamentary performance to date has been lack luster. He apparently is not very comfortable making extempore remarks in a debate preferring the rather safer option of reading from prepared text. Be that as it may Rahul Gandhi’s Discover India tour to Orissa has raked up another controversy over his alleged vanishing act from the guesthouse in Koraput to a Naxal village near a jungle. While the BJD is hopping mad that it jeopardized security Rahul Gandhi had this to say “It’s my job to listen to the voice of the people I represent. So I am not going to get deterred by the SPG, police or anybody else,” Which leads one to wonder what exactly is the threat to Rahul that he needs SPG cover ? Offstumped poser to Rahul Gandhi: Its time to walk the talk Rahul. Stop making hollow statements of not being deterred by security personnel. Show some respect to those brave men and women who will not think twice about taking a bulle

A Brief Anatomy of Bangla Terrorism

Source : South Asia Analysis Group By Bhaskar Roy A press note was issued by Bangladesh Home Ministry on March 6 declaring a virtual war on the Bangladesh chapter of the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HUJI-B). The note said that the “forces have been kept alert” to track the movements of these elements to different parts of the country” and intelligence agencies were vigilant to foil any HUJI (B) conspiracy against the country. Almost immediately after the Bangladesh government’s declaration, the US revealed that US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice had upgraded HUJI (B)’s terrorist status under which the organization’s assets in the US and in US controlled territories would be frozen, and anyone associated with it would not be entitled to a US visa. Ms. Rice also applauded Bangladesh’s efforts to fight terrorism and emphasized commitment to assist Dhaka in this task. The US State Department had designated HUJI (Pak) and HUJI (B) as level-II terrorist organizations in 2002 and 2

The Pre-Olympics Great Game

SOurce: South Asia Analysis Group By B. Raman "The Chinese were also worried that if the saffron revolution succeeded in Myanmar, it could next spread to Tibet........ Sections of Burmese political exiles have been advocating that the US should also use the Beijing Olympics for keeping up pressure on China to make the Junta change its policies. Non-governmental elements in the US and West Europe have already been linking the human rights issue in Darfur in the Sudan and Tibet to the Olympics. They want that the issue of Chinese support to the Myanmar Junta should also be linked. They feel that while a call for the boycott of the Olympics by the participating Western countries would not work, a call for the boycott of the Olympics by the Western media in protest against Chinese policies in respect of Darfur, Tibet and Myanmar might. They want that even if the Western media is disinclined to boycott the Olympics, it could at least down-grade the coverage of the Olympics. These My

The chinese secret service : From Mao to the Olympic Games

A year before the Olympic Games, investigative reporter Roger Faligot was in Beijing in order to finalize the research of his book on the Chinese intelligence service from Mao Zedong’s era until today. Not only did he monitor their activities over the last twenty years since he published a first book on the Chinese in 1987, but he also studied Chinese, Japanese, Russian, US and European files, Shanghai and Hong Kong colonial police archives, and interviewed Chinese specialists and defectors as well as counter-spies who oppose them in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, in Australia, Europe and North America. The chinese secret service From mao to the Olympic Games Outline of the Chapters Chapter 1 . The Battle for Shanghai This chapter reveals the facets of early CCP (Chinese Communist Party) intelligence operations. How young Mao narrowly escaped arrest from French detectives at the launching of the CCP in Shanghai in 1921. How future Prime minister and Foreign secretary Zhou Enlai

CSOSG, Breeding Ground for French Homeland Security

Source : IntelligenceOnLine France’s Agence Nationale pour la Recherche (ANR) has just launched a third French domestic security research and technologies program under the acronym SCOSG. Backed by the French armaments board Delegation Generale pour l’Armement (DGA) and the Direction Generale de la Police Nationale, the 2008 version of the Concepts, Systemes et Outils pour la Securite Globale (CSOSG) program, launched at the end of January, works along the same research lines as the 2007 version (see graph below) and enjoys the same budget of roughly EUR 11 million for a dozen projects. However, it will make more room for small and medium sized companies and universities to prepare them for future European calls for bids. Launched in 2006 by an inter-ministerial think tank concerning security research and technologies at the Secretariat General de la Defense Nationale (SGDN) the annual CSOSG program aims to lay the groundwork for a French industrial and university research community wo

Mariane Pearl discusses her book A Mighty Heart

Feb 27th, 2008 Montalvo Arts Center - Saratoga, CA Mariane Pearl discusses her book A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Daniel Pearl. Determined not to be broken by her husband's brutal murder by a militant Islamic fundamentalist group in Pakistan, award-winning international journalist, Mariane Pearl wrote A Mighty Heart: The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Daniel Pearl to introduce the world to the man as he was when alive - Montalvo Arts Center Mariane van Neyenhoff Pearl is a French freelance journalis, reporter, and columnist for Glamour magazine. She is the widow of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in early 2002. Pearl was born in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, France being of Dutch-Jewish, Afro-Latino-Cuban and Chinese Cuban ancestry and raised in Paris, Van Neyenhoff met Daniel Pearl while he was on assignment in Paris. They married in August 1999, lived for a time in


Source : South Asia Analysis Group By Dr. Subhash Kapila Introductory Observations China’s escalating military power has been in global focus for more than a decade now ever since China resorted to double-digit percentage increases in its annual defense spending. This month China’s escalating military power again shot into focus with China’s military budget announcement of a 17.8% increase in defense spending and the release of the United States Pentagon Annual Report to the US Congress: “The Military Power of the Peoples Republic of China.” Every year with the release of these two documents both the United States and China go through an annual ritual where the United States highlights China’s increasing defense spending and military build-up is highlighted and China vehemently denounces it as a gross exaggeration of its military power. Further, China retorts that its military build-up is ‘defensive’ in nature and that China has no aggressive intentions and that it is engaged

Check to Ukraine and checkmate to Nabucco

14:21 | 13/ 03/ 2008 MOSCOW. (Igor Tomberg for RIA Novosti) - A new deal between Gazprom and its Central Asian suppliers evokes images of a "gas-OPEC." On February 11, Gazprom, Kazmunaigaz, Uzbekneftegaz and Turkmengaz officially declared that starting in 2009 Gazprom will pay European prices for Central Asian gas. The price formula has not yet been found, and it is therefore too early to talk about the details of the agreement. Gazprom officials maintain that this formula will be a subject of the talks. The price is expected to be somewhere between $200 and $230 for a thousand cubic meters, depending on the location of its transfer to Gazprom. The price is based on current European prices (in Slovakia and Romania the relevant figure is about $330). In the new-year forecasters were predicting that European consumer prices would reach $360 for a thousand cubic meters by 2009. That figure has now been drastically revised upwards, with analysts expecting prices to hi

The American landing force will stay out of sight

22:43 | 12/ 03/ 2008 MOSCOW. (RIA Novosti military observer Ilya Kramnik) - The recent beefing up of the US Navy in the Mediterranean has caused concern in Russia and some Mediterranean countries. Experts believe the appearance of US warships off the coast of Syria and Lebanon presages a US military operation in the region. The recent deployment of the US Navy guided missile destroyer DDG 67 Cole off the Lebanese coast, reportedly sent "to support the ruling coalition" in Lebanon, caused an uproar among the opposition. Lebanese MP Hasan Fadlallah, representing the radical Islamic group Hezbollah, accused the United States of aggression against Lebanon. How justified are these fears? In early March the destroyer USS Cole was replaced by a similar, but upgraded new destroyer DDG 71 Ross and the cruiser USS Philippine Sea. All these ships are fitted out with the AEGIS system and various missiles, including Tomahawk cruise missiles and Standard SM-2 anti-aircraft miss