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B.RAMAN (To be read in continuation of my paper of 14-8-08 titled "Taliban Fights Fiercely to Protect Zawahiri", which is available at ) At least 64 persons, most of them civilian workers in a cluster of arms production factories located in the heavily-protected cantonment area of Wah, about 30 kms from Islamabad, were reported to have been killed on the afternoon of August 21,2008, when two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside different gates of the factories during shift change. The ease with which they penetrated into this high security area would indicate either that they had accomplices in the security staff or that they were workers of one of the factories, who had no difficulty in entering the complex. If suicide bombers could penetrate into such a high-security area with so much ease, it should be equally easy for other terrorists to penetrate one day into Pakistan's nuclear establishme

Sonia supporting SIMI-- is it not an criminal offense?

"It is not hard to see why Sonia has been soft on SIMI and other Islamist organizations. She is scared that they could turn their guns on her and her family. It has nothing to do with vote bank politics. It raises a question though. If you or I were to extend support to a SIMI like organization, would we not be held culpable? Can this point not be made with regard to Sonia?" N.S. Rajaram, Eminent Scholar

SIMI’s ‘secular’ admirers

http://www.newindpr s.asp?page= m&Title=Main+Article& Thursday August 21 2008 00:39 IST S Gurumurthy Afew publicly known facts expose the state of the Indian debate on- Islamist terror. The Ahmedabad serial blasts of July 26 killed over 50 people and injured over 200. The serial blasts in Bangalore, a day before, did not yield the same rich harvest of blood. After the blasts, day after day, the Gujarat police kept uncovering and defusing dozens of live bombs in Surat that fortunately did not explode. Even as the recovery of such bombs was being telecast live on all channels, on August 5, a court in Delhi annulled the ban on the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), faulting the UPA government for providing “no fresh evidence” to continue the ban. How did the “seculars” react to the court lifting the ban on SIMI? Mulayam Singh and Lalu Yadav said that the ban was wrong in the first place! Congress party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said the order was “no

NJ Court judgement transcript: Sonia Gandhi will have to come to NJ

http://dharma1. blogspot. com/2008/ 08/nj-court- transcript- sonia-gandhi- will.html It is wonderful to see what the New Jersey Court said. It provides enough justification to have a Commission of Inquiry to investigate Sonia Gandhi (aka Antonia Maino). A remarkable part of the judgement is that Indian Overseas Congress clearly recognized as wholly-owned subsidiary of Sonia's party Indian National Congress Party (of which Antronia Maino is the Chairwoman). I am sure the Indian justice system -- taking the path of justice shown by the New Jersey Court -- will take up the issues further to unravel and punish for the illegalities perpetrated by this Chairwoman. Kalyanaraman Excerpts from the NJ Court transcript: Sonia Gandhi will have to come to NJ. http://www.scribd. com/doc/4913884/ njjudgement Full transcript. Marc Haefner is the attorney for the defendants. Andrew Miller is the attorney for the plaintiff Indian National Overseas Congress Inc. Mr. Haefner: I qu

India: Arrests, Revelations and Implications

August 20, 2008 Source: Stratfor By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart On Aug. 17, an Indian court in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, remanded nine suspects to police custody for 14 days. The nine were accused by the police criminal branch in Ahmedabad of involvement in a string of 17 explosions that rocked Ahmedabad on July 26, leaving more than 50 people dead. Among those arrested was Mufti Abu Bashir, who Indian authorities claim masterminded the attacks and who reportedly admitted his involvement during interrogation. On Aug. 19, police in Rajasthan announced that they have detained 13 people in connection with the May 13 attacks in which seven improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were used to strike soft targets in Jaipur that killed 68. Both the Ahmedabad and Jaipur attacks, as well as attacks involving eight IEDs that occurred July 25 in Bangalore, have been claimed by an organization calling itself the Indian Mujahideen. In a series of e-mails sent to the Indian press, the organization st

Space espionage: a high priority

12:38 | 20/ 08/ 2008 MOSCOW. (RIA Novosti political commentator Andrei Kislyakov) - Replacements are expected to take place soon in the "space spy community". Yet another American GPS (Global Positioning System) Navstar satellite will be launched into the low earth orbit in autumn. It might seem an ordinary event, had it not been for this satellite being equipped with a platform for intelligence equipment. A purely navigational GPS has turned into an advanced intelligence system, appropriate for a variety of special tasks. Military experts expect the world's major powers to spend as much as $30.6 billion for intelligence satellite programs in the next decade. By that time, around one hundred military satellites of various types will be orbiting earth. Intelligence satellite constellations, including imagery intelligence (optic and electronic, and radar intelligence), electronic surveillance, military communications, and space navigation satellites are packed w

Biased letter sent to UN against Hindus by Angana Chatterji :Challenge to discuss in a Public Forum

Biased letter sent to UN against Hindus by Dr. Chatterji; Challenge to discuss in a Public Forum anywhere about the issues raised Dear Friends: One should perform his deeds for the benefit of mankind with an unbiased approach because bias gives birth to evil, which creates thousands of obstacles in our path." Rig Veda I am writing this letter to inform that Dr. Angana Chatterji's letter to United Nations is totally biased, outrageous, irrational and blind to the history. If she wants to be rational, objective, logical as an academician, she should look at the history of India since the advent of Islam on the face of this earth. Does she know how Hindus were massacred, how Hindu Temples were destroyed, how Hindu women were raped, how many were forced to conversion, how Sanatana dharma was almost wiped out in all the present 55 Muslim countries, how Pakistani infiltrators have destabilized Jammu and Kashmir, how the government is appeasing the minorities with reservations ba


B.RAMAN Use what you can procure easily without attracting suspicion. Avoid fancy things that will attract attention to you. 2. That is the instruction imparted by Al Qaeda and other Pakistan-based terrorist organisations to their trainees. Even before Al Qaeda started imparting this instruction, Palestinian terrorists had been following this on their own. 3.Till the early 1980s, Palestinian and ideological terrorist groups had a fascination for sophisticated explosives such as the RDX and other military-grade explosives and SEMTEX, an explosive made by a factory in the then Communist Czechoslovakia, which had a very weak vapour density, thereby making it difficult for dogs to detect its presence. 4. The action taken by the security agencies of the world to make it difficult for the terrorists to get them made the terrorists turn to nitrogenous fertilisers, which were easy to procure without creating suspicion. The first major instance of the use of fertilisers was the unsucc

Infom@gic on Cutting Edge of Info Analysis Technology

Source: IntelligenceOnline Figuring among the French technology clusters winning the best marks from the Boston Consulting Group (its report was published on June 18), Cap Digital is going to be fleshed out. Its leading project, Infom@gic, develops information analysis applications Coordinated by Thales Land & Joint Systems, 25 big corporations, SMIs and laboratories in the Paris region involved in the Infom@gic project are putting the final touches to their prototypes of multimedia and information analysis research software (see graph below). Among the projects developed by Infom@gic figure the Risk Detection demonstrator which focuses on anticipating political and economic crises and is designed for governments and corporate war rooms; Call Surf, which exploits the contents of millions of telephone conservations emanating from call centers, interests the marketing department of big corporat

Baloch leader Urged the US Government and world leaders to support Balochistan's case at ICJ

August 15, 2008 WASHINGTON DC: Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of Baloch Society of North America urged the US Government and world leaders to support the Balochistan's case against the Pakistan's illegal occupation of Balochistan and exploitation of its resources. Speaking at the National Press club in Washington, DC, he said, Balochistan was never a part of Pakistan, but was forcefully annexed in to Pakistan in 1948 by Pakistani army. Since then the Baloch people are up in arms against the Pakistani illegal occupation and exploitation of their natural resources. Here is the full text of his speech: Respected Journalists, Ladies and Gentlemen: It is a honor for me to be here with you all this afternoon. Thank you for your time and attention and thanks for being here with us to listen the story of Balochistan which is rarely mentioned in the western media, except Dan Rather , who did an excellent reportage on Balochistan. For those who don't know, Balochistan i