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What may have Made NATO Forces Enter Pakistan?

By Divya Kumar Soti According to various reports originating from Waziristan, NATO forces accompanied by Afghan Army have for the first time ‘overtly’ entered Pakistani territory in search of Taliban and Al-Qaida terrorists. According to eye-witness sources, four military helicopters carrying American and Afghan soldiers landed in Angoor Adda area of South Waziristan. This area is in proximity to Pak-Afghan border. These soldiers carried out house to house searches and killed about 12 suspected militants. About ten civilians also lost there lives in crossfire. Most of these civilians are women and children belonging to family of a local resident Taj Mohammed. According to some reports these operations were carried out in search of some ‘high value’ Al-Qaeda target. However, Governor of NWFP, Ahmed Ghani termed this incident as an open attack on ‘sovereignty of Pakistan’. Defense Ministry confirmed the incident but said that involvement of ‘foreign forces’ is being inquired into.


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NEW BRETTON WOODS:Russia's Role in a Recovery

This article appears in the September 5, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. August 20, 2008 A fraudulent representation of the Franklin Roosevelt Bretton Woods system was recently launched at Modena, Italy, by a pair of seasoned turncoats, Jonathan Tennenbaum and Paolo Raimondi. The targets of their fully intended fraud included both important Russian scientists and notable Italian political figures. That pair of hoaxsters, who had gone over to the proverbial "other side" during recent years, represented a small, London-oriented circle of hoaxsters which have put themselves out for sale in search of hire and fame to be supplied by British Euro-oligarchical intelligence circles. The method by which that pair of hoaxsters perpetrated their fraud on the Russian and other guests, was passing themselves off, flagrantly, by representing themselves as being currently associated with me. A significant number of participants in that Modena e