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BHUTAN: Maoists Getting More Active

BHUTAN: Maoists Getting More Active- Update No. 75 Dr. S.Chandrasekharan. In a major ambush of a vehicle carrying forest guards, in Sarpang, four were killed and two injured. The forest guards were returning to their camp at Phibsoo when an IED device blew up the tractor on which they were travelling. The occupants were also fired at. The militants also took away two SLR rifles with 40 rounds and a Motorola hand set. Spent bullets of AK 47 were recovered from the scene of the incident. The United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan has claimed responsibility for the attack. According to the Bhutanese authorities, this front is one of the two militant arms of the Bhutan Communist Party ( Maoist) with the other being the Cobra Force. With the third country settlement in place, those radical elements who wish to be repatriated to Bhutan appear to be joining the ranks of the recently formed Bhutan Communist Party (Maoist) now based in Nepal. In a recent border meeting between the Police Of


B.RAMAN Thirteen persons at an immigration facilitation centre at Binghamton, about 230 kms from New York, were killed on April 3,2009, when a gunman wielding hand-held weapons entered the premises and opened fire indiscriminately before killing himself. 2.The CNN reported as follows in its website: "A senior law enforcement source with detailed knowledge of the investigation identified the suspect as Jiverly Wong, who is believed to be in his early 40s.Authorities executed a search warrant at Wong's home in Johnson City, near Binghamton, and spoke to the suspect's mother, the source said. Earlier in the day, Binghamton police Chief Joseph Zikuski said the gunman entered the American Civic Association building. At 10:31 a.m., authorities received a 911 call from the receptionist, who said she'd been shot in the stomach, Zikuski said. She told police that a man with a handgun also shot and killed another receptionist before proceeding to a nearby classroom, where

Can Pakistan Be Governed?

The NewYork Times April 5, 2009 By JAMES TRAUB TO ENTER the office where Asif Ali Zardari, the president of Pakistan, conducts his business, you head down a long corridor toward two wax statues of exceptionally tall soldiers, each in a long, white tunic with a glittering column of buttons. On closer inspection, these turn out to be actual humans who have been trained in the arts of immobility. The office they guard, though large, is not especially opulent or stupefying by the standards of such places. President Zardari met me just inside the doorway, then seated himself facing a widescreen TV displaying an image of fish swimming in a deep blue sea. His party spokesman, Farhatullah Babar, and his presidential spokesman, Farahnaz Ispahani, sat facing him, almost as rigid as the soldiers. Zardari is famous for straying off message and saying odd things or jumbling facts and figures. He is also famous for blaming his aides when things go wrong — and things have been going wrong quite a

Rahul Gandhi's election affidavit : Misrepresentation

Source: OFFSTUMPED April 4th, 2009 - 6:27 pm According to the documents filed, Rahul Gandhi is an M.Phil in development economics from Trinity College, University of Cambridge, 1995. He has done his Bachelor in Arts from Rollins College, Florida, in 1994. Dr. Swamy on Rahul Gandhi's education & citizenship Raul Vinci Chronicles - Cambridge Contradicts Rahul Gandhi Affidavit Read More Manish Tiwari accentuates Rahul Gandhi’s ignorance READ MORE Sultanpur (Uttar Pradesh), April 4 (IANS) The total worth of Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi is around Rs.2.25 crore (Rs.22.5 million/$450,000), and the young scion of the Nehru-Gandhi family does not own a vehicle, according to an affidavit filed by him Saturday. Rahul Gandhi, 38, who is seeking re-election from Amethi, filed his nomination papers for the Lok Sabha seat Saturday afternoon. The affidavit filed as part of the documents says his assets total around Rs.2.25 crore. The Congress general secretary

INDIA: Despite EC order, few affidavits posted online Source: LIVE MINT Samanth Subramanian New Delhi: Despite an Election Commission notice urging chief electoral officers to scan and upload candidates’ affidavits on their websites “not later than 24 hours” after they have been received, most states have yet to comply with this stipulation. This lapse is significant because at the end of last week, a study by a non-profit institute found that 63 of the candidates who had filed their candidature had criminal records, and the first phase of the elections is to kick off on 16 April. Also See Election Scan (Graphic) These affidavits function as summaries of candidates’ criminal records as well as disclosures of their assets and are intended to give voters information they need before they enter the polling booths. Of the 15 states voting (at least partially) in the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections, only three states— Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Kerala—ha

Russia Sparks Energy Paranoia

Apr 2009 The Kremlin The current paranoia over Russian expansion threatens to turn into outright hysteria as news emerges that a Russian company has acquired one-fifth of a Hungarian refinery, Jeremy Druker writes for ISN Security Watch. By Jeremy Druker in Prague for ISN Security Watch At first glance, the announcement earlier this week that a Russian company had bought a fifth of a Hungarian refining company might seem to warrant a brief news item on the business pages. In reality, Surgutneftegaz's surprising €1.4 billion (US$1.87 billion) purchase of 21 percent of MOL has alarmed officials across Europe worried about Russian expansion into the EU's security sector. The deal has also sparked worries - bordering on outright panic - among newspaper columnists in Central Europe. The issue of energy dependency on Russia has been high on the agenda of European officials for years, but hit home in January during the Russian-Ukraine gas dispute. Many continue to view

Banker Julius Meinl arrested in Vienna over fraud By Boris Groendahl and Alexandra Schwarz Posted 02 April 2009 @ 09:16 am EST Julius Meinl-- Cappuccino Something got me started You know that I will love you Lately since we parted I truly know that I need you Id give it all up for you Yes I would Totally broken hearted Guilty of what I did to you Lately since we parted I truly know that I need you Id give it all up for you Yes I would Youve got to help me help me help me Banker Julius Meinl V, head of an Austrian coffee-roasting dynasty and chairman of Meinl Bank, was arrested late on Wednesday on suspicion of defrauding investors through secretive share buybacks. The arrest follows 18 months of investigations by prosecutors and financial watchdog FMA, and mainly relates to Meinl's role in the fall of Meinl European Land, a listed real estate firm started by Meinl Bank, Vienna prosecutors said. Among other crimes,

India Elections 2009 - Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi

Source: OFFSTUMPED India Elections 2009 - Open Letter to Rahul Gandhi Dear Rahul Gandhi I am writing to you because Times of India has this report from PTI that you will always take care of me. Now that you have promised to the whole nation that you will take care of me, I thought it was important for you to know me close and personal for you dont seem to know very much. Let me begin with your assurance that the UPA Government was a Government of the “poor people” and “aam admi”. Did you know that back in 2004 you said the same thing that the UPA Government would be a government for the “poor people” ? Well even if you didnt I am happy that you kept your promise. Because of your promise State Governments across the country took good care of us poor people. They took such good care of us poor people that between 2004 and 2008 #1 The proportion of BPL population fell to 26% from 28% at the national level #2 poverty decreased across all states barring Uttarakhand #3 poverty has declin

Pakistan planting rumour against RAW

by Capt.Johannan A rumour is being planted in Pakistan press that Indian RAW is interested in eliminating CJ of Pakistan Iftiqhar Choudhry and has infiltrated special teams to do the job. Rehman Malik has planted some SOURCE REPORTS during SriLankan cricket team attack on similar lines. CJ Iftiqhar has become a thorn in the flesh of Army and civilian politicians and bureaucracy.He was hated by Army and Musharaff and now Zardari. Some pro Army Taliban elements may be instructed to eliminate him so that INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY IS KILLED in its infancy while blame can be put on Indian RAW.

US to develop "space situational awareness" for "spherical battlespace "

by Capt. Ben Sakrisson Air University Public Affairs 4/2/2009 - COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AFNS) -- The world is no longer flat and information is no longer static. Neither can military operations confine focus to one area of a conflict while remaining oblivious to interconnections with the larger picture. It is time the view of the battlefield is turned upside-down. This is the message of the commander of Air Force Space Command. Speaking before a crowded conference hall here March 31 at the 25th National Space Symposium, Gen. C. Robert Kehler laid out his vision of the redefined theater of operations -- the spherical area of operations. "I am going to define that as an area starting at the geostationary distances from the earth and extending down," General Kehler said. "I think for far too long we have looked at our conception of future battlespace by standing on the ground and looking up. I think that might be the wrong way to look." While the concept of al