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Saturday, April 11, 2009 B.RAMAN The arrests earlier this week by the British Police of 11 Pakistanis,who had reportedly come to the UK on student visas, during aninvestigation into a suspected plot for multiple terrorist attacks onsoft targets draw attention once again to possible threats fromlegitimate visitors to the UK . Residents of Pakistani origin in theUK ---characterised as home-made jihadis--- had played the lead rolein the terrorist strikes of July, 2005, in London and in the thwartedconspiracy discovered by the British Police in August,2006, to blow upa number of US-bound flights. The perpetrators or the intendedperpetrators had independently, on their own, decided to organise theattacks and those involved in the July,2005, attacks had then gone toPakistan for being trained in the fabrication of explosives fromcommonly available materials and using them in improvised explosivedevices (IEDs). 2. Threats from legitimate visitors to the UK---as distinguished frompermanent

Balochistan : Statement of Asian Human Rights Commission

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AHRC-STM-087-2009 April 11, 2009 A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission PAKISTAN: Fingers point at state intelligence agencies in the killings of three Baloch nationalist leaders. Three Baloch nationalist leaders were killed after their abduction by plain clothes persons in mysterious vehicles that bore no registration plates. They were taken from the chambers of a prominent lawyer and their deaths have raised several questions on the role of state spy agencies, particularly about military intelligence (MI). All three murdered persons, Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, Sher Mohammad Baloch and Lala Muneer Jan Baloch, were earlier kidnapped by the military intelligence agencies during 2006 and 2007 and each of them were disappeared for several months. After their release it was found that they were kept in the different military torture cells and severely tortured. They all were interrogated by the military officers about the Balochistan Liberation Army (B

U.S. still lacks clear Afghan strategy

19:15 | 10/ 04/ 2009 MOSCOW. (Pyotr Goncharov, for RIA Novosti) - U.S. President Barack Obama has asked Congress to allocate another $83.4 billion for military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Although this sum does not exceed the annual budget of a small country, it will probably be followed by other allocations under the new U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. Washington will have to finance its new Afghan war strategy at a time when its European allies are behaving passively. On April 3-4, 2009, Strasbourg in France, and Kehl and Baden-Baden in Germany hosted a NATO summit to mark the 60th anniversary of the alliance's establishment. NATO leaders were not very enthusiastic about President Obama's new strategy for Afghanistan. Although French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he was delighted with President Obama's new Afghan war strategy, he does little more than make optimistic statements. This time, President Sarkozy told the U.S. leader that Paris would send


By Dr. Subhash Kapila Introductory Observations The United States new Af-Pak Strategic Blueprint has lumped together Afghanistan and Pakistan as a single hyphenated geo-strategic and geopolitical identity in the region as the central focus of its renewed bid to restore stability. The dangers of strategically joining at the hip both Afghanistan and Pakistan together may be a wise tactical masterstroke but is strategically unwise. Afghanistan and Pakistan are two separate and distinct geo-strategic and geopolitical entities. A comparative analysis of Afghanistan and Pakistan which this Paper attempts to analyze, would indicate that the geo-strategic and geopolitical significance of Afghanistan far outweighs that of Pakistan, both in regional terms and in the global power games. In passing, it could also be asserted that despite its landlocked location, Afghanistan far outweighs Pakistan in geo-economic terms too both in terms of substantial deposits of oil and natural gas (ass

Commie Karat doesn’t know how to count

http://cpmindia. blogspot. com/2009/ 04/karat- doesnt-know- how-to-count. html The drift and decline of the Left T V R Shenoy | April 09, 2009 | 20:53 IST Prakash Karat told an election rally in Agartala on April 5 that it was 'thousand per cent confirmed' that the Third Front would form the government in Delhi after the Lok Sabha polls. 'Thousand per cent'? For India's sake I hope the general secretary of the Communist Party of India-Marxist is just as good a soothsayer as he is a mathematician. India could fool around -- a little bit anyway -- with Third Front ministries back in the days when the global economy was booming; the dinosaur economics of the Left will lead only to drift and decline. But drift and decline seem to be in the DNA of the Left. Look at the records, and you can see how the Communists have been losing ground. Jawaharlal Nehru's Congress sprawled over the benches when the first Lok Sabha met in 1952, occupying 361 of the 489 seats. T

Yemen's Political Impasse

9 Apr 2009 With prospects for democratic reform unclear, Yemen is struggling to cope with myriad political, security and socio-economic challenges, Dr Dominic Moran writes for ISN Security Watch. By Dominic Moran for ISN Security Watch The recent decision to delay parliamentary elections by two years raises questions concerning the prospects for Yemeni political reform as the government struggles to address pressing economic and security crises. Despite lengthy negotiations, the opposition Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) coalition and President Ali Abdullah Saleh's General People's Congress (GPC) were unable to find common ground on the holding of scheduled parliamentary elections this year. The primary cause of the delay of the poll, initially scheduled for 27 April, was a failure to agree on the reform of electoral procedures and institutions, with the JMP's focus firmly on the GPC-controlled Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendums. Under the GPC-JMP dea

Rahul Gandhi’s phoney love for the poor

Source: OFFSTUMPED Rahul Gandhi has been making a big deal of his Poverty Tourism in election speech after speech while glossing over his own indifference to real suffering by the poor in the face of tyranny of the State. The reality is Rahul Gandhi’s love of the poor is as phoney as his MPhil in Development Economics . To refresh everyone’s memory, November 2007 was the most infamous month in the History of India when the CPI-Mafioso State Government allowed its cadre to wage War on the People of Nandigram. November 2007 was also the month when Rahul Gandhi made his debut speech at the AICC after being annointed General Secretary of the Congress. While the poor and largely Muslim populace of Nandigram suffered immensely between November 7th and November 22nd 2007, the mother and son duo of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi disgraced themselves with their conspiracy of silence on Nandigram in speeches delivered at the AICC session in New Delhi on 17th November 2007. The reality for these

Quotes of the day: Samskrita Bharathi Chennai

Source: Lakshminarasimhan Krishnamurthi , email : Samskrita Bharathi Chennai ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ कृतस्य करणं नास्ति मृतस्य मरणं तथा। गतस्य शोचना नास्ति ह्येतद् वेदविदां मतम्॥ What has been completed shall not be done again; what is already dead cannot die again; what is lost shall not be repented for; such is the view of those learned in the Vedas. अप्रियं पुरुषं चापि परद्रोहं परस्त्रियम्। अधर्ममनृतं चैव दूरात् प्राज्ञो विवर्जयेत्॥ A wise man should keep far away from an unpleasant person, from injuring others, from other women, from unrighteous conduct and from untruth. अप्रियवचनाङ्गारैर्दग्धोऽपि न विप्रियं वदत्यार्य:। किं दह्यमानमगरु स्वभावसुरभिं परित्यजति॥ A man of culture does not speak unpleasantly though burnt by the heat of displeasing talk. Does the fragrant aloe wood abandon its natural fragrance when being burnt? कुपितोऽपि गुणायैव गुणवान् भवति ध्रुवम्। स्वभावमधुरं क्षीरं क्वथितं हि रसोत्तरम्॥ A man posse

Killing of Baloch Leaders by ISI : Baloch Diaspora Press Release

Kiling of Ghulam Mohammad Baloch : OTHER PRESS RELEASES 09/04/2009 PRESS RELEASE Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Chapter of the Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC) strongly condemns the brutal murder of three prominent Baloch politicians by Pakistani intelligence agencies. The mutilated bodies of Mr Ghulam Mohammed, President of Baloch National Movement (BNM), his deputy Lala Munir and Mr Sher Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General of Balochistan Republican Party, were found on a mountain river bed in Pidrak near Turbat on late Wednesday afternoon. Ghulam Mohammed, who is also the President of Baloch National Front and was former chairman of Baloch Students Organisation, and Sher were previously kidnapped from an open and public political gathering in Karachi by intelligence agencies and went missing for more than a year during Musharraf’s dictatorship. They were traced in a remote Balochistan police custody held on some dubious charges like stealing a cow. When brought to Turbat a


Balochistan deaths spark strikes There are fears violence could spread over the weekend Political groups in Pakistan's Balochistan province have called a three-day general strike in protest at the killing of three ethnic leaders. One policeman died in riots on Thursday and more trouble is feared. The United Nations expressed "serious concern" over the killings and urged an immediate investigation. Supporters say the three men went missing after being detained by security forces. An army spokesman blamed "anti-state elements". Reports from the provincial capital, Quetta, suggest the strike is being widely observed, with shops and schools closed and little traffic on the streets. The BBC's Barbara Plett in Islamabad says the discovery of the bodies has torn the lid off a simmering conflict. Baloch nationalists have long campaigned for greater autonomy and control of local resources. An armed insurgency is demanding outright independence.

India Defies Slump, Powered by Growth in Poor Rural States By PETER WONACOTT DEV KULI VILLAGE, India -- This country's path out of the global economic turmoil may start here, among a community of outcastes who dine on rats. In Bihar, India's poorest and least literate major state, the Mushahar are the poorest and least literate. Most are farm laborers. About one in 10 can read. So impoverished is this group that they hunt field rats to supplement a deprived diet. Mushahar is Hindi for "rat eater." But the outlook for the state's two million Mushahar has brightened in the past year. Thanks to government aid programs, more Mushahar children are attending school. Increased state investment in roads and local factories has put their parents to work. Demand for laborers has pushed up wages for field work. Bouncing Up From the Bottom Rung View Slideshow Peter Wonacott/The Wall Street Journal The one-room primary school for Mushahar children at Bihar's Dev Kuli

Congress gimmicks

N.S. Rajaram It is obvious that Sonia has committed a major blunder by giving a ticket to Jagdish tytler and then announcing (through proxies) that the CBI has given him a 'clean chit'. The CBI is an investigating agency, it cannot pass judgments, which is the court's job. So, someone very ignorant has come up with the idea. And now, Manmohan Singh is stuck with the problem, made worse by the fact he is a Sikh himself. Tytler is finished to save Sonia. Another Sonia gimmick is Chidambaram' s announcement that Sonia is a target of LTTE terrorists, immediately denied by them. This is to get some sympathy, especially since the Congress-DMK coalition is in trouble in Tamil Nadu.

"Muslims are victims of vote bank politics"

"Muslims are victims of vote bank politics" (Interview with Lal Krishna Advani) Author: Publication: The Hindu Date: April 9, 2009 URL: http://www.hindu. com/2009/ 04/09/stories/ 2009040956041200 .htm We held the price line for six years and our contribution to building infrastructure cannot be ignored Lal Krishna Advani is the star campaigner of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the man who would be the Prime Minister should the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) come to power at the Centre. He is busy criss-crossing the country, having covered 45 Parliamentary constituencies since the first week of February. He spoke to VINAY KUMAR during his election campaign in Karnataka, on the way to filing his nomination in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, on a wide range of issues from the 2004 'India Shining' campaign to the BJP shedding its image of being a party of 'North India.' Q.: In 2004, your slogan was 'India Shining.' Is there one in 2009? A

RAHUL GANDHI: His M.Phil lies , what citizens say at Indian Express Blog

Anub: REDIFF IS FRAUD, CHEATED PUBLIC in 2004 REDIFF in 2004 published "Cambridge confirms Rahul's MPhil" --( Newsdesk | April 20, 2004 16:44 IST) . saying ( decided to check this and so got in touch by e-mail with the Old Records Office at Trinity College. The request was apparently forwarded to the press and publications office of Cambridge University, from where received an official reply today. It said: 'Rahul Gandhi was a student at the University of Cambridge as a member of Trinity College from 1994 to 1995, and was awarded an MPhil in Development Economics.' ) PRESS RELEASE of Janata Party The revelation in New Indian Express, Chennai today of the false claim of Mr.Rahul Gandhi made in his sworn affidavit that he holds a M Phil in Development Economics from Trinity College, Cambridge University calls from an immediate Notice for perjury to be sent to him by the Election Commission. Otherwise, I shall move the Courts for acti