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By Imtiaz Baloch

Pakistan is the country that gives national security experts around the world nightmares. Pakistan is a country with an unstable and irrational history- Pakistan is a country that harbors Al-Qaida and its radical Islamic cells- Pakistan is a country with a notorious intelligence service which pampers Taliban- Pakistan is a country whose army's very anthem is to become the mercenary of the Islamic world right from the River Neil to Kashagar(Uyghur) China. It’s a country whose notorious nuclear missiles are named after the Islamic invaders who came from Central Asia to invade India. And if you want to put some more spice into this, it's a country with a nuclear arsenal.

The security of this nuclear arsenal from Islamic extremist is one nightmare, the using of these nuclear bombs on the nonbelievers and non Muslims is another suffocation and walmartizing and retailing of these nuclear arsenals to the rogue counties like Iran, North Korea and Libya is an imminent material danger to the world peace.

Abdul Qadir Khan, the father of the Pakistani Islamic nuclear bomb and a close friend to Ahmadi Nejhad and the notorious ISI, while running Pakistan’s nuclear programme, became a millionaire by selling atomic secrets to Libya, Iran and North Korea. He also used a network of companies in America and Britain to obtain components for a nuclear programme. As per Time magazine, in the early 2000, Qadir Khan caused an alert among western intelligence agencies when his aides met Osama Bin Laden. Sources confirmed that Saudi Arabia, that harbor ideological premises to the radical Islam, has financed this Nuclear bomb and is the only country that make frequent visit to Pakistan hidden nuclear sites.

Beside all of the above Islamic adventures of Pakistan Army, these atomic blasts had left permanent scar on Baloch history. It was Twelve years ago on May 28, 1998 when peace in the Pakistani occupied Balochistan was brutally shattered with a nuclear blast. The Islamic fundamentalists and their uniformed brethren, the Pakistani army, rejoiced the testing of the first Islamic bomb. The foreign minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran sent his greetings to the Pakistani government of the time while the world leaders were shocked and pleaded for sanctions against Pakistan.

This event was followed by further tests in the Chagai district of Balochistan devastating all life form including the livelihood of the nomadic Baloch tribesmen who were forced by the army to leave their ancestral lands to roam the deserts with their herds and tents. The physical and psychological effects on the people of Chagi Balochistan where these atomic test occurred are limitless, both in scope and time. After the nuclear blast, at miles, several people were burnt; people bled, people blinded, their burnt dead bodies were confiscated by the local Army Chief and declared that they died in heat, but very next day people found several burnt dead bodies of camel, as if camel dies in heat too.

In the last twelve years, Balochistan has become Pakistan’s front-line testing ground for advance nuclear warhead carrying missile technology borrowed from China and North Korea. The WMDs being developed in Pakistan today are part of the Chinese hegemonic design of expansionism in the region to control the energy centers, which include the Deep Sea Port Development of Gwadar in Balochistan, the gateway to oil and gas reserves in Central Asia and the Middle East. The local inhabitants of Balochistan are being forcefully displaced and slaughtered through a brutal military operation so that their resources and land stays in the hands of the Pakistan Army for exploitation and military adventures.

Islamic Republic of Iran's threat to world peace is far more than a mere rhetoric. Islamic Republic of Iran’s continuous effort to possess the capability to enrich uranium to the level needed for military purposes and Pakistani Army’s secret help in passing the Nuclear Technology is an imminent fact. This time it will be Islamic Republic of Iran to test its nuclear capability, and the venue will be Iranian Occupied Balochistan. The world will just accept this Nuclear Iran as a brutal reality as they did with Pakistan.

Today the temperatures had plunged by about 2 degrees Fahrenheit (1.25 degrees Celsius) over a large area in Chagi District, the faces of inhabitants have turned pale, women giving birth to blind children, people are dying of unknown diseases, the whole area had been contaminated. No independent study had been conducted to calculate the disastrous consequences of this catastrophe caused by this Islamic Bomb. This is the day when rest of Pakistan is on street rejoicing the Atomic Bomb but eyes of every Baloch is full of tears and Baloch mourns today.

By Imtiaz Baloch
Spokesperson of Baloch Human Rights Council of Canada


VSK said…
A surgical attack to confiscate the nuclear arsenal of pakistan is one solution..
That could only be achieved by first establishing military bases in the interior of pakistan similar to kuwait and Iraq.. The U.S military in afghanistan is slowly pushing into pakistan territory with drone attacks. If the nuclear weapons of Pakistan fall into wrong hands or if there is a dirty bomb blast or in the worst case a nuclear explosion done by extremist powers, then it categorically indicates that pakistan and Iran have no control over proliferation and security of their weapons which will inevitably lead other concerned countries try to attack pakistan and dismantle the nuclear arsenal.
Countries which see a significant threat to their national security from Pakistan's or Iran's arsenal might see that there is greater good in dismantling the nuclear weapons . Rather than face a nuclear threat it is, as a matter of fact, more easy to face bombardment from human rights lobbies when at war to secure world peace than risk ourselves with nuclear weapons.
Anonymous said…
it is true that countries perfrom nuclear tests to show there strenght but this so called pakistani bomb blast was not just a test conducted at chagai but an announcement for giving baloch a long term of drougt,cancers like that of blood and and thyroid which mostly reported at cenar hospital at quetta,any large number of birth far as iran and korean programmes are consurned it is clear who sold them.on this platform i request from international community that please dont wait because it is time to stop the crazy attitude towards getting nuclear power by making strong sanctions if possible take those weapons under strong arms,SO IN FUTURE THER SHOULD BE NO CHAGI(BALOCHISTAN) READY TO BE BURNED
VSK said…
just mere sanctions will only delay international aid , bilateral trade with other countries, transactions of crude oil bypassing the american dollar, etc....
but that will not stop countries from procuring weapons grade fuel, or atomic bombs which are actually welcomed by the goverments of every country.
there is a fallacy in the foreign policy of many countries that possession of nuclear weapons will give them a "DETTERENT " stance in foreign policy.
So countries will do whatever it takes to procure nuclear weapons.
The big mistake of American policy is intimidating countries about procuring nuclear weapons which , in fact, drives carzy it's proclaimed rogue states or enemies to produce and develop nuclear weapons and also ballistic capability to deliver them.
So environmental issues , human rights and health problems are deemed to be very low when compared to national interests and power equations of those countries and infact 'every country'.
Unless those countries which try to procure nuclear weapons have a huge and unbearable deficit in bilateral trade with other countries , will they actually then refrain from nuclear programmes.
They should given the sense of security that they will not face any territorial and ideological threat at any time in international summits which will encourage them to join the Non-Aligned movement and NPT. And that sense of security can only be inproved by bilateral trade rather than sanctions.
If the above policy does not give any favourable results then "imminent action" should be undertaken that will discourage other countries from aggresive N-policy rather than a peaceful one inorder to meet the growing electricity demand.

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