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Turbulence Rocks Islamic Republic

M. Mahtab Alam Rizvi January 8, 2010 Fierce clashes between opposition protestors and Iranian security forces on the occasion of Ashura—the Shiite sacred day commemorating the seventh-century martyrdom of Imam Hussein, has accentuated the domestic political instability in the Islamic Republic. It appears that despite the absence of the right to protest, the dissidents chose the day of Ashura to take to the streets against the authorities. The challenge to the authorities of the 30-year old Islamic Republic has hardly ever been greater in the almost daily protests seen on the streets of Tehran now. In fact, the recent clashes were the most violent since the aftermath of the disputed presidential election in June 2009. The December 27, 2009, clash left at least eight people dead including one nephew of the election runner-up and opposition leader, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, though, the exact number of deaths in the violence remains unclear. Hundreds of opposition figures have been arrested in

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The Future of Global Oil Supply: Understanding the Building Blocks by Peter Jackson, Senior Director, IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates Context: Predicting Supply in a Complex World Fears about "running out" of oil are recurrent. At their strongest, they coincide with periods of high prices and tight supply-demand balance. The latest such period of "peak oil" concerns became very evident from 2004, when strong oil demand ran up against capacity constraints. In contrast, IHS CERA’s reference case for global liquid productive capacity shows growth through 2030 to around 115 million barrels per day (mbd) and finds no evidence of a peak in supply appearing before that time. Hydrocarbon liquids—crude oil, condensate, extra heavy oil, and natural gas liquids—are a finite resource; but based on recent trends in exploration and appraisal activity, there should be more than an adequate inventory of physical resources availabl

South America's Power Puzzle

Tackling the Andean Security Dilemma With transnational security threats, a political-ideological rift and opposed geopolitical projects and international alliances, the Andean states have a long way to go toward the establishment of functional regional security architecture. Ultimately, it is up to regional leaders to put the pieces of the South American puzzle in place. By Markus Schultze-Kraft As demonstrated by the recent stand-off between Venezuela and Colombia over the new defense cooperation agreement (DCA) between Bogotá and Washington, the Andean security dilemma is becoming more pronounced. The region urgently needs to find workable solutions to serious security problems that affect Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela alike. Progress in this respect is becoming ever more elusive, however, as political polarization and deep antagonisms are tearing the Andes apart. Outside actors, in particular the United States, Brazil and the European Union, are either not do

Venezuela’s Chavez Announces Currency Devaluation, Two-Tiered Exchange Rate

Published on January 9th 2010, by Kiraz Janicke - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during his address to the nation, Friday (YKVE Mundial) Caracas, January 8, 2009 ( – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced a devaluation of the official exchange rate of the bolivar currency and the creation of a second rate denominated the “oil bolivar” for non-essential imports, in a nationally televised address on Friday. The bolivar would be devalued from 2.15 per dollar to 2.6 per dollar, Chavez said, while the “oil bolivar” will be pegged at 4.3 per dollar. The measure represents a 17 percent and 50 percent devaluation respectively. The Venezuelan government moved to regulate foreign currency exchange in 2003 after a two month long bosses lockout in the oil industry aimed at ousting the democratically elected Chavez from power caused an estimated $20 billion damage to the economy. The latest devaluation is the first since an 11 percent devaluation

Obama's Yemeni odyssey targets China

By M K Bhadrakumar A year ago, Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh made the startling revelation that his country's security forces apprehended a group of Islamists linked to the Israeli intelligence forces. "A terrorist cell was apprehended and will be referred to the courts for its links with the Israeli intelligence services," he promised. Saleh added, "You will hear about the trial proceedings." Nothing was ever heard and the trail went cold. Welcome to the magical land of Yemen, where in the womb of time the Arabian Nights were played out. Combine Yemen with the mystique of Islam, Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and the Israeli intelligence and you get a heady mix. The head of the US Central Command, General David Petraeus, dropped in at the capital, Sana'a, on Saturday and vowed to Saleh carry out joint attacks against militants in the region. Another Afghanistan? Many accounts say that Obama,

Baloch Unity condemn kiling of Baloch in Karachi by MQM

We strongly condemns this heinous crime and cold blood murder of Baloch in Karachi and directly blame gangster of MQM for these killings we also blame Zardari’s PPP for sharing the blame since they are in collation against Baloch people, those who killed innocent Baloch will not find peace and mercy at hands of Baloch youth and those responsible cannot and will not be able to hide from Baloch revenge they must be dug out from their din and will have to answer the crimes they committed. Baloch unity urges Baloch parties and organizations to hold demonstrations against this barbarism against peace loving Baloch and forge unity among their ranks in front of multiple threats faced by Baloch nation today. -- BALOCH UNITY 8 Baloch killed in Karachi firing The Baloch Hal KARACHI: At least eight persons, a woman among them, were killed and more than twelve others injured in firing incident that took place between the workers of Peoples’ Aman Committee and Muttahida Qaumi Movement in Liyar

Number of organizational layers between Market Intelligence Manager and the CEO

SOURCE : Global Intelligence Alliance Despite the recession, companies invest in keeping and developing their MI activities Despite the tough times, companies are still investing in keeping their MI operations and even developing them further. The survey data doesn’t suggest any significant changes to MI headcount in the target organizations, and while MI budgets have been reduced, the shift has not been as pronounced as one might have expected. MI professionals undoubtedly feel the increased pressure caused by the growing workload and reduced budgets, but the situation can also be viewed in a positive light; Many MI departments have never enjoyed as high levels of attention from top management as during the current recession. Almost all the surveyed companies expect the investment in MI to increase rather than decrease over the next 2 years Now that companies are seeing how vital it is to respond to true business needs with accurate Market Intelligence, there’s also underlying pre