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Be warned : The West is out to get India, says N.V.Subramanian

Be warned The West is out to get India, says N.V.Subramanian. 13 August 2010: Apparently four unconnected issues have come to occupy controversial centrestage this week. These are the H1-B visa fee hike matter, the "superbug" charge against India, gaining access to Blackberry messages for security reasons, and lastly the Walter Anderson escape scandal. But these are not unconnected. They collectively show India a way to overthrow its shackled past and to make its own future. If India chooses to remain uninstructed after this, it does so at its own peril. The Walter Anderson issue takes India back more than twenty-five years, to the final decade of the Cold War, when the US could exert considerable pressure on this country, as it did then, and still does, although moderated by its own precipitate decline. Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister then. The Ronald Reagan administration leaned on him to get Walter Ande


B.RAMAN Coinciding with the63rd anniversary of Pakistan's Independence Day, Baloch freedom-fighters have stepped up their freedom struggle in different parts of Balochistan, including Quetta, the provincial capital. There has been a number of incidents of attacks on the police and para-military forces, rocket-firings and targeted killings of Punjabis living in the province. Incidents have also been reported from Gwadar, where the Chinese have constructed a major port. 2. On August 13, 2010, the day before Pakistan's Independence Day, seven persons---- three Punjabi policemen, a Pashtun soldier of the Frontier Corps and three Punjabi civilians---- were killed. The three Punjabi policemen died when the freedom-fighters attacked their check-post in the Chaki Shawani area of Saryab and took away the arms and ammunition kept there. A Pashtun Subedar of the Frontier Corps was killed when the freedom-fighters atrtacked an FC checkpost near the Rakshan river in the Panjgur area


SATURDAY, AUGUST 14, 2010 B.RAMAN ( Written for the Independence Day issue of “India Abroad”, a weekly of the US published by ) As India celebrates its 63rd Independence Day, the focus will be on all the great things we have achieved. Let us also highlight what we have not achieved. Our failure to force our political class to bring about a greater transparency in governance, administration and national security management should top the list. We, the citizens of India, have been kept in the dark by all political parties that had ruled the country since 1947 about one wrong-doing after another.We hardly know the truth about so many things that went wrong during our 63 years of freedom. We do not know 48 years after the humiliating performance of the Indian Army at the hands of the Chinese Army as to why the Indian Army fared badly. Was it due to intelligence failure? Was it due to deficiencies in military command and control? Was it the result of poor political handling?

Drought, Fire and Grain in Russia

August 10, 2010 | 0856 GMT "This report is republished with permission of STRATFOR " Three interlocking crises are striking Russia simultaneously: the highest recorded temperatures Russia has seen in 130 years of recordkeeping; the most widespread drought in more than three decades; and massive wildfires that have stretched across seven regions, including Moscow. RELATED LINKS The Global Food Crisis Special Series: Russia’s Expanding Influence The crises threaten the wheat harvest in Russia, which is one of the world’s largest wheat exporters. Russia is no stranger to having drought affect its wheat crop, a commodity of critical importance to Moscow’s domestic tranquility and foreign policy. Despite the severity of the heat, drought, and wildfires, Moscow’s wheat output will cover Russia’s domestic needs. Russia will also use the situation to merge its neighbors into a grain cartel. A History of Drought and Wildfire Flooding peat bogs appears to be bringing the fires under co

Afghan Problem and How Not to Solve it

By: Dr.Dipak Basu Aug-04-2010 Views expressed here are author"s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom. (The author is a Professor in International Economics in Nagasaki University, Japan) The problem of Afghanistan cannot be solved unless we try to explain the recent history of that country in a realistic way. The Western failure to stabilize Afghanistan is due to its mistake to put forward a false propaganda as history. British Empire preceded the most recent American Empire in Iraq and Afghanistan, in which the Britain is now a junior partner. Problem of Afghanistan is due to paranoid hostility of the Anglo-Americans against the Russian. The great game of 19th century between the Czarist Russia and the British is now being played with different actors but the ambitions of the parties are the same. British are against the Russian for at least 150 years. British invaded Cza

Madrasas in Pakistan churning out fanatics

Pakistan, August 09: The Taliban in Afghanistan was born in the late 1980s. And, the credit for its creation goes to Pakistan's covert military intelligence.To train the Army of Islam, the commissioners of Pakistan army selected 100 of the then existing madrasas,almost all Deobandi,in Pakistan.The training was executed by serving and retired army officers.The most important and the most active of these madrasas chosen were the Hamiya Uloom-e-Islami in the Binori mosque,Karachi and the Jamiya Ashrafiya in Lahore.These Islamic warriors,since then have spread their jihad to the Asian continent and later even took it to the United States. Bred in Pakistan madrasas,the fanatics are known by different names Harkat-ul-Ansar, Lashkar-e-Toiba, Al Qaeda, Markaz Dawa Al Irshad and Al Badr.

Post-War Fatigue

Comment by Oksana Antonenko Special to Russia Profile Discourse on the War with Georgia Rarely Refers to the Price Russia Is Now Paying for Its Assertive Unilateralism in the South Caucasus For Russia, the August 2008 war with Georgia is now firmly incorporated into its heroic history, at least rhetorically. Russian forces responded to Georgia’s attack against the Russian peacekeepers and its citizens residing in South Ossetia. Russia recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia to prevent any future conflict, which could be triggered by Georgia’s use of military force in either of the regions. And last but not least, Russia has demonstrated its “red lines” in the NATO enlargement process, by forcing the alliance to shelve its plans for Georgia’s membership in the foreseeable future. Moreover, Russia’s demonstration of force sent a signal to other post-Soviet states about the perils of

The Big Lie: Venezuela and Labor

Aug 9th 2010 , by Daniel Kovalik The biggest obstacle to the attempt first by the Bush Administration, and now by the Obama Administration, to achieve passage of the long-stalled Free Trade Agreement with Colombia is that country’s long-standing shameful reality as “the most dangerous country in the world for trade unionists,” to use the words of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the largest union confederation in the world, representing 176 million workers in 156 countries and territories. Since 1986, over 2800 unionists have been assassinated in Colombia. The clear and ever-present danger to organized labor in Colombia is the most salient and undeniable fact about the U.S.’s favorite nation in the region. Incredibly, it appears that adherents of the FTA may have commenced an effort to smear Venezuela with the same “danger to labor” brush in order to advance the prospects of the Colombia agreement by using bare statistics without elaboration or explanation to suggest

Samskrit Saptaha Celebrations in Hederabad, 2010 from 18/08/2010 to 24/08/2010

Dear Samskrit Enthusiast, namaste. Attached is the Invitation for the Samskrit Week Celebrations in Hyderabad, in Telugu script. For those of you who are not familiar with Telugu script, I have translated the contents into English and attached that file as well. You will notice that our team has designed a nice set of cultural and informational programmes in this connection. We request you to join in with family and friends on all days of the week. Please share this information with those who might be interested in Samskrit in your neighbourhood or workplace. Where possible, please make effort to display this on notice boards. For details, you can call me on 98661 40406, or Samskrita Bharati office on 040-2475 0111 or 2475 0333. If you are interested in having the hard copy invitation, please write to us along with your complete postal address. If you are connected with any academic or cultural institution, our Samskrita Saptaha Samchalana Samiti encourages you to celebrate Samskri

Russia Burns, China Drowns: US To Blame? By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers Russian research scientist Dr. Andrey Areshev writing for the Kremlin’s independent think tank Strategic Culture Foundation warns that the catastrophic fires raging throughout the Motherland may have been caused by American weather weapons and states that “the incidence of the current anomalously high temperatures exclusively in Russia and some adjacent territories invites alternative explanations.” According to Dr. Areshev, the warnings of the United States using these most devastating of weapons were first noted by Russia in a book written by former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski about America's dual role as disseminator of the technetronic revolution and principal preserver of the International status quo titled “ Between Two Ages ” (1976) wherein he broached “the theme of weather control, which he regarded as a form of broader social regulation” . To th