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B.RAMAN The continuing unrest among Tibetan students in the Qinghai province over the introduction of Mandarin as the medium of instruction shows no signs of subsiding, though it has not taken a violent form and the number of those involved in different protest demonstrations is less than 10,000. As a precautionary measure, to prevent any outbreak of violence, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, which is responsible for internal security, has moved police reinforcements from the adjoining provinces to the Qinghai province. 2. There were reports of two demonstrations on October 22. About 1000 Tibetan students took out an early morning procession in the Gepasumdo (in Chinese, Tongde) county of the Qinghai province. There was also a peaceful demonstration by about 400 Tibetan students studying in the National Minorities' University in Beijing. 3.The Uighur students in Chinese-controlled Xinjiang have not joined the demonstrations so far even though the order introducing

NDC Seminar-‘ROLE OF FORCE IN STRATEGIC AFFAIRS’ Decline and Fall of the West !

FOUNDATION FOR INDO-TURKIC STUDIES Tel/Fax ; 43034706 Amb (Rtd) K Gajendra Singh Emails; A-44 ,IFS Apartments Mayur Vihar –Phase 1, Delhi 91, India . 22 October, 2010 I had made an observation for comments by the presiding deity led by Sir Lawrence Freedman (involved with Chilcot Enquiry that I have written about as the usual British whitewash) in the session before lunch, on 21 October. I had compared the current decades to end 16 century East West confrontation when the Eastern power the Ottomans


According to well-informed Pakistani police sources, this was because the NATO helicopter, which bombed a position in the Kurram Agency, had unwittingly gone very close to the area where the prized assets of the ISI are sheltered. Fears that the US intelligence might have come to know of the presence of these elements in the Kurram area created panic in the GHQ of the Army. It decided to retaliate by stopping the flow of logistics in order to prevent any more strikes by the NATO copters in the area. B.RAMAN ( To be read in continuation of my article of September 18,2010 titled “ HAQQANI NETWORK IN PARACHINAR” at http://www.southasiaanalysis. org/%5Cpapers41%5Cpaper4047. html ) “The US, while targeting the Haqqanis , is pursuing the ‘hammer and anvil approach’. Alongside the spike in the drone attacks, US Special Forces have launched an intense operation against the group in eastern Afghanistan, killing a number of its ‘commanders’. The Haqqani network has been the focus of U