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The "NEW" War That Could Rocket Oil Past $220 Before 2011

1,354 Years in the Making : The "NEW" War That Could Rocket Oil Past $220 Before 2011 by Byron King , Editor What could be eight times bigger than the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan — and lethal enough to at least DOUBLE the price of gas and oil next year? Brace yourself for the "new" and bloody war nobody saw coming... by bunkering down against soaring energy costs, thanks to a "safe haven" financial plan that could pay you gains up to 668% ... Nobody in the Pentagon will talk openly about it. Nobody in the White House knows what to do. But make no mistake... What I'm about to show you could be the deadliest surprise threat to your money and livelihood of the coming year. I say "new" because as you'll see there's not much new about it at all — the pressure's been building behind this for the last 1,354 years! Yet for the first time in history, that pressure ha

Can Fossilised Ideology Derail Bangladesh’s Development?

by Bhaskar Roy On November 30, the main opposition party, the BNP, enforced a country-wide strike to protest the ruling Awami League (AL) led government’s mis-governance. Its main alliance partner, the Jamaat-e-Islami (JEI), joined the strike but only partially. They withdrew after a few hours. The top six leaders of the JEI are already in police custody charged with various crimes ranging from promoting terrorism to war crimes during the 1971 Bangladesh war of liberation from Pakistan. Among the issues raised by the BNP was the recent eviction of its chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia from her Dhaka cantonment under directions from the highest court in the country. The other important allegation was that the AL government was indulging in anti-national activities by drawing up several economic agreements with India including allowing India transit facilities and use of Bangladesh’s sea ports. It is interesting, however, that the next day Khaleda Zia vented her spleen in an internal meet