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COMMENT on World Sanskrit Book Fair by a visitor

Young lads taking part in the World Sanskrit Book fair organised by Samskrita Bharati, a non-profit NGO, to mark its 30th anniversary at National College ground, Basavanagudi in Bangalore on January 7, 2011. VISIT for complete pics ' Namaskaarams to all! I visited the just concluded World Sanskrit Book Fair at Bangalore and went around the fair on all the four days. It was amazing to find that many samskrita enthusiasts, and especially, youngsters of all colours and bearings! I experienced some problems which I am sure almost many would vouchsafe. Hopefully, the concerned authorities will look into it and try to minimize it if not wipe it altogether : 1. The area for the Book stalls was undoubtedly small considering the huge turn outs on all the four days. Perhaps the organizers wouldn't have expected such a large attendance. 2. The book stalls where the publishers had displayed their books were congested. A larger stall size will be an eye-catcher. 3. The passag

The Middle East: Selected Key Issues and Options for the 112th Congress

Although the US maintains strong relations with several key Arab and non-Arab states such as Israel, Egypt and Turkey, other state and non-state actors, such as Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, are aligned against US interests. The US and its regional and international allies continue to work to limit the influence of these actors while advocating for economic and political reform to address ongoing socioeconomic challenges and to promote democracy and a greater respect for human rights in the region. Download: English (PDF · 20 pages · 221 KB) Author: Casey L Addis, Christopher M Blanchard, Kenneth Katzman, Jeremy M Sharp, Jim Zanotti Series: US Congressional Research Service Reports Publisher: Congressional Research Service (CRS), Washington DC, United States

Stealth plane

Harsh V. Pant : Fri Jan 21 2011, 02:07 hrs As Chinese President Hu Jintao visits Washington, the pace of China’s rise is causing consternation across the globe. This is particularly true in the military realm where recent events have underscored growing tensions in Sino-US ties. There was a surprise waiting for US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates in Beijing last week — China welcomed him with its first stealth plane, the J-20. It was the classic Chinese way of showing off its military muscle. Gates was there to restore high-level military contacts with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) following Beijing’s decision to cut these ties last year when the US announced a $6.4 billion arms sale to Taiwan. China’s largely secretive military modernisation programme is producing results faster than expected, and is gearing up to challenge US military prowess in the Pacific. It is refitting a Soviet-era Ukrainian aircraft carrier for

Kashmir Hindus: Forsaken, forgotten for 21 years

January 19, 2011 14:58 IST The Kashmiri Hindu community despite homelessness and horrendous ethnic cleansing has survived and will survive. It is the tenacity to weather any storm and belief in its values and morals that has kept the Kashmiri Hindu alive, says Lalit Koul. January 19 is an insignificant day for most of the people around the world. It comes and goes and nobody notices. But for the last 21 years, for one community, it is the day that brings back frightening and dreadful memories. It is the day when 21 years ago final nail in the coffin of forsaken community of Kashmiri Hindus was hammered. It was the day when Islamic terrorists and their sympathisers gave 24 hours eviction notice to Kashmiri Hindus. It was the day when the threats of Raliv, Galiv Ya Chaliv (Convert, die or escape) replaced the sounds of evening Azaan (prayers) from majority of mosques in the valley of Kashmir. It was the day when so-called secularism died in Kashmir. It was the fateful day when humans


B.RAMAN It is hoped that good sense will prevail on the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and they will give up their plans to hold their own flag-hoisting function in the Lal Chowk of Srinagar on the Republic Day on January 26. 2. They, like any other Indian, have a right to hold a flag-hoisting function anywhere in the country where Indian citizens are allowed to hoist the national flag without disturbing public peace. Under certain circumstances, this right, however legitimate, cannot be exercised. For example, when there is a curfew at the place where the flag is proposed to be hoisted. 3.One can understand the BJP's determination to go to Lal Chowk to hoist the flag if the local Government or the Government of India or the nationalist political parties of the State refrain from observing the Republic Day by hoisting the national flag. 4. That is not going to be so. The Governments----the State as well as the Central--- the various national institutions such as


B.RAMAN Annexed below is an interesting article on the Chinese Stealth aircraft J-20 tested by the Chinese on January 11 before the meeting of Robert Gates, the visiting US Defence Secretary, with President Hu Jintao at Beijing. This article has been written by Rear Admiral Yang Yi, of the People's Liberation Army (Navy) who is a research fellow at the Institute for Strategic Studies, National Defense University of China. This article written by him on January 13 was carried by the party-controlled "People's Daily" online on January 21. (21-1-11) ANNEXURE Stealth jet just part of China's peaceful military modernization The successful test flight of the J-20 stealth fighter in Chengdu is an important achievement for China's national defense industry as well as a landmark in the process of China's military modernization. However, we have no reasons to be complacent and arrogant. It should be noted a considerable gap still exists between China and the d

Chinese Espionage and French Trade Secrets

January 20, 2011 | 0953 GMT Reprinting or republication of this report on websites is authorized by prominently displaying the following sentence, including the hyperlink to STRATFOR, at the beginning or end of the report Read more: Chinese Espionage and French Trade Secrets | STRATFOR By Sean Noonan Paris prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin on Jan. 14 began an inquiry into allegations of commercial espionage carried out against French carmaker Renault. The allegations first became public when Renault suspended three of its employees on Jan. 3 after an internal investigation that began in August 2010. Within days, citing an anonymous French government source, Reuters reported that French intelligence services were looking into the possibility that China played a role in the Renault espionage case. While the French government refused to officially confirm this accusation, speculation has run wild that Chinese state-sponsored spies were stealing electric-vehicle technology from Renault. The C

Hu-pla around Chinese President's visit centers on American debt

Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN, Jan 19, 2011, 11.53pm IST WASHINGTON: The Obama White House on Wednesday rolled out the red carpet for Chinese President Hu Jintao months after the US President met Tibetan leader Dalai Lama sans fanfare and photo-ops and showed him out through a side door past garbage bags. The contrasting receptions, recalled vividly by commentators, pretty much summed up the US approach and priorities at a time when China struts the world stage like an economic colossus with military ambitions to match. It would be a stretch to say China owns the US, but it is no great secret that President Hu is being courted, coddled and occasionally criticized because of Beijing's stranglehold on the US economy . A 21-gun salute rang out and the marching band played on the South Lawns of the White House at the ceremonial welcome reminiscent of the one President Obama gave Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in November 2009. But the tone of the speeches was different. There was non


B.RAMAN ( Collated from news agency reports ) CHINESE CARROTS FOR OBAMA ( From Chinese media) The apparent highlight was the announcement of a raft of successful trade deals worth billions of dollars. "We will be announcing that $45 billion of US export deals have been concluded, supporting 235,000 US jobs," AFP quoted a senior US official as saying, adding that the total includes a massive $19 billion contract for 200 Boeing aircraft. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), US and Chinese energy companies announced a variety of partnerships at a conference organized by the Brookings Institution, a Washington think-tank. Alcoa and China Power Investment Corp said they would collaborate on a broad range of aluminum and energy projects, both inside and outside China, totaling $7.5 billion in investments, the newspaper reported. Klaus Kleinfeld, Alcoa's CEO, told the WSJ that the Hu-Obama summit had brought the deal home. "Had the date not been set for the s

Paying for India's Defense Policies

By SUSHANT K. SINGH A policy of technology transfer and a cap on foreign investment actually leaves India's defense industry more reliant on foreigners. Last week, India's defense ministry awarded initial operating clearance to the air force's indigenous light combat aircraft, a multirole fighter called Tejas. To the outside observer, this seems to show that the Indian military is on the march, utilizing the greater resources that India's expanding economy has laid at its disposal. View Full Image Associated Press The light combat aircraft India tested this month. The defense industry is not ready for take-off. The reality is quite different. Indigenous material comprises only about 30% of military equipment, and a lot of it takes decades to become effective; the Indian air force first conceived Tejas, for instance, in 1969. That means a good chunk of the Indian

Hu Jintao’s US Visit and Asia-Pacific Region

By Bhaskar Roy http://www.southasiaanalysis. org/%5Cpapers43%5Cpaper4283. html As Chinese President Hu Jintao lands in the USA on January 19 he would have at the back of his mind the leadership transition that would take place in his country in late 2012. It can be said that the elevation of Xi Jinping to replace him as the CCP General Secretary and the President of China has been written in stone. So is the case of Li Keqing as Premier in 2013 to replace Wen Jiabao. But what indication would Hu give to his American interlocutors about the timing of Xi Jinping’s elevation to the Chairmanship of the increasingly powerful Central Military Commission (CMC), a post that he currently holds. In the last minute preparations for Hu Jintao’s visit, the two sides signalled two very different directions on interests. The Chinese sent Foreign Minister Yang Jiaqi (Jan 3-7), and the US sent Defence Secretary Robert Gates to the respective countries. Economic, trade, and currency (under val