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India again unleashes its soft power on US --- Maximum Country:

Maximum Country: India again unleashes its soft power on US Chidanand Rajghatta, TNN, Feb 26, 2011, 08.53pm IST WASHINGTON: Some of Washington DC's cognoscenti still remember Bundu Khan Langa. With his brilliant smile and colorful safa, the oversized Rajasthani turban, the young folk singer would send titters through the audience, exhorting them to "shiiitt down...shiiitt down," so he could start his performance. Once he began, the crowd on the grassy mall in front of the Capitol would end up spellbound, hushed by the soulful melodies that essayed from then 14-year old genius. It was an event that made Langas and Manganiars, the Rajasthani desert singers, famous, and unleashed the cultural strength and variety of India on the US and the world five years before the term "soft power" was coined by Harvard University's Joseph N

Is Baloch Blood cheeper than Libyan citizens? BSO-NA

Picture of Mr.Wahid Baloch with US Vice President Mr.Joe Biden Balochs are going through the same thing for several decades what Libyan are going through now, the Helicopter Gunship attacks, Extrajudicial killings, Torture, Kidnapping, Forced disappearance and public hanging in Pakistani and Iranian occupied Balochistan for last several decades in the hands of Pakistani Jihadi Military and Iranian Terrorist Revolutionary guards. But UN and its Security Council have closed their eyes to Balochs repeated demands for international intervention and action has been met with deaf ears. Is Baloch Blood cheaper than Libyan citizens? May we ask the UN Sec General and Security Council members? -- Wahid Baloch, President of Baloch Society of North America Security Council meets to consider Libya sanctions By ANITA SNOW, Associated Press Anita Snow, Associated Press – 23 mins ago UNITED NATIONS – The U.N. Security Council met urgently Saturday to consider new sanctions against Libya to ha

China - Risks and Opportunities

By Puru Saxena Hong Kong, China Opinion is currently divided on the world's second largest economy. On one hand of the spectrum, the bears believe that China is a train- wreck and that its economic growth is unsustainable. These sceptics love to highlight the property bubble in China and they never miss the opportunity to mention the fact that fixed asset investment accounts for a disproportionately large chunk of the Chinese economy. According to the bearish camp, China's economy is not real; rather, its breakneck economic growth is centrally planned by Beijing. Furthermore, the bears argue that China's vast foreign exchange reserves are meaningless and that they will be used up in dealing with the aftermath of the Chinese real estate bust. On the other side of the equation, the optimists believe that China is the next great nation in the world and its super power status is all but assured. These bulls point to China's foreign exchange reserves, low debt levels, h


B.RAMAN ( Based on a talk delivered by me at a seminar on the Indian Ocean at Bangalore on February 26,2010. It was jointly organized by the Asia Centre, Bangalore, and the Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi ) The main security threats to Indian interests in the Indian Ocean area arise from three factors---firstly, the gradual erosion of the Indian political influence in the area; secondly, the increase in the Chinese presence in the area; and thirdly, the uncontrolled activities of the Somali pirates. 2.Nowhere is the erosion of the Indian political influence more evident than in Sri Lanka where despite our assistance to the Government of Sri Lanka in its successful counter-insurgency operations against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) we have not been able to protect either the interests of the Sri Lankan Tamils or the lives and livelihood of Indian Tamil fishermen, who have been repeatedly at the mercy of the Sri Lankan Navy. 3. Our repeated pleas for findi

QUOTE OF THE DAY: What can you do?

"........ You can do a lot. You can support justice for all by speaking out loudly to your family, friends, community, politicians and religious leaders. You can support foundations that do good work. You can volunteer for humanitarian organizations. You can vote regressive politicians out of office. You can do many things to move the world toward greater harmony…" Book: "I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey" Click

Top-10 Most Innovative Research Firms

February 15th, 2011 · 6 Comments Next Gen Positioning - Many newer smaller firms including Anderson Analytics, Brain Juicer, Itracks, Peanut Labs and Vision Critical are competing with big boys for hearts and minds of research professionals Lenny Murphy posted an interesting sneak peak analysis of one question in the Greenbook Industry Trends study earlier today. Full disclosure, Anderson Analytics was one of about a dozen research entities that participated in the GRIT study this year (not in study design or hosting, but mainly to encourage response among clients and Next Gen Market Researchers). One survey question, “What Research firms, if any, do you think are most innovative?” concerned me a bit. However I was ensured IP address and other methods would be employed so gaming of responses would be difficult. Naturally there may also be some bias because of various sample sources included, but I think th

FICO Patents 100th Analytic Innovation FICO, a provider of analytics and decision management technology, has been awarded eight new patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, bringing its portfolio total to 100. The breakthroughs covered by these patents are behind FICO’s solutions in credit scoring, credit account management, credit fraud management, insurance fraud management and other areas. Since 1990, FICO’s commitment to research has increased the momentum of its analytics innovations. About one-quarter of the 100 patents were awarded to FICO in 2010 alone. FICO’s patents span predictive analytics, fraud management, insurance fraud management, business rules and credit technology. They have resulted in the development of a number of products recognized as the leaders in their respective categories, including the following: The FICO Score – launched in 1989 and continually updated based on FICO’s advances in predic

Tens of thousands of Bangladeshis trapped in Libya

It is feared that the unrests in Libya could turn into a civil war While nations around the world are trying to evacuate their citizens from Libya, thousands of Bangladeshi migrant workers are trapped in the troubled country. Several are said to have even been killed during an attack.,,6450207,00.html 37 Bangladeshis were killed in an attack in the area of Misurata, two Bangladeshi citizens Saiful Islam and Abdul Majid, told Deutsche Welle over the telephone. It was unclear who the attackers were. Misurata, 200 kilometers from the capital Tripoli, is a major industrial city. The Bangladeshi government has not confirmed the report. Unknown attackers Islam said that the attackers came at night to the factory in which around 800 Bangladeshi workers are taking cover and assaulted them. Islam, who is still taking cover in the factory, said in addition to the 37 killed, several were injured and have not received medical attention. Furthermore, they seem

I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey

Izzeldin Abuelaish MD, MPH Associate Professor Division Global Health Dalla Lana School of Public Health 155 College Street, Room 578 Toronto, ON M5T 3M7 416-978-3521 I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey Product Description "What can you do? You can do a lot. You can support justice for all by speaking out loudly to your family, friends, community, politicians and religious leaders. You can support foundations that do good work. You can volunteer for humanitarian organizations. You can vote regressive politicians out of office. You can do many things to move the world toward greater harmony… "I know that what I have lost, what was taken from me, will never come back. But as a physician and a Muslim of deep faith, I need to move forward to the light, motivated by the spirits of those I lost. I need to bring them justice… I will keep moving but I need you to join me in this long journey." -from I Shall No

Gaddafi son vows: We die in Libya as Tripoli battle rages

By DAVID WILLIAMS Last updated at 2:01 AM on 26th February 2011 Comments ( 0 ) Add to My Stories Defiant dictator issues rallying cry in desperate bid to cling to power Opponents say the capital will be taken if more army units swap sides The battle for Colonel Gaddafi’s last stronghold of Tripoli appeared to be under way last night, with claims that some suburbs in the Libyan capital had fallen to rebels. Triumphant but terrified residents said anti-Gaddafi protesters were in control of up to three areas in the sprawling city, despite another bloody crackdown by mercenaries and troops which left at least nine dead and dozens wounded. As night fell on Tripoli, Gaddafi appeared in the central Green Square to make an impassioned speech of defiance, telling 1,000 of his supporters waving pictures of him to fight back and ‘defend the nation’. Last stand: Libyan leader