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Balochistan in turmoil

Balochistan, March 21: A rapidly deteriorating security situation has led to continuous protests by the people in Pakistan's largest and resource-rich Balochistan province. The federal law & enforcement agencies, who the residents claim are responsible for the state of affirms, have failed to either restore peace or get them justice. Thousands of Baloch people have been missing for years. Their bullet-ridden bodies, most bearing torture marks are often recovered across the province. The victims' relatives and Baloch groups blame the `kill and dump' incidents on Pakistani security forces, particularly the Frontier Corps and the Intelligence agencies. The province was recently rocked by the abduction of two judges and 4 lawyers in separate incidents. The Supreme Court Bar Association President and human rights activist Asma Jahangir expressed concern over deteriorating law and order situation in Balochsitan and said the region's fire would engulf the entire country


B.RAMAN (From my Tweeter site (ramthink) ) VOW 1:We will start thinking positively of each other. VOW 2:We will stop demonising each other. VOW 3:We will take care not to hurt feelings of each other VOW 4: Whoever wins, we will respect the defeated. VOW 5: We will keep these vows even after the semi-finals, 2.Tweets sent by me on the morning of March 25,2011, to a Pakistani woman journalist @Mehmal: I was sorry to hear of abusive tweets received by you from some people.U R not alone. I receive dozens of them every day. @Mehmal: Abuses not from Pakistanis, but from fellow-Indians. My articles R carried by many intl web sites.I glance thro the comments. @Mehmal: The abuses showered on me R mostly from fellow-Indians, rarely from Pakistanis. @Mehmal: I have written hundreds of articles criticising Pakistan, LET, Tablighi Jamaat, JEM. JEI etc I receive E-mails from their supporters. @Mehmal: They criticise my writings, but do not abuse me personally. No P


Professional diplomats will find little that is new or startling in the Wikileaks cables. For them the quality and content of reporting in the leaked cables is quite standard fare. Transmitting to Headquarters information gleaned from contacts, assessing its worth, engaging officials, politicians and others in the host countries, conveying to them the stand of home governments on bilateral, regional and international issues, both in the interest of clarity and search for convergence, calibrating firmness with interlocutors on issues in accordance with national stakes involved, and reporting on relevant local developments, is the ordinary business of diplomacy. The range of reporting depends on the extent of interest that a country has in another, which then dictates the size of its Embassy. Global powers follow more closely developments in countries they consider important, deploying requisite human and financial resources for the purpose. Their local contacts are more extensive,

Reeking of hypocrisy

March 25, 2011 2:56:42 AM SUNANDA K DATTA-RAY Having backed and armed the murderous Pol Pot regime and other tyrannical dictatorships in the past, the US has no right to ‘intervene' in Libya. Wars of intervention, ostensibly to rescue innocent sufferers from brutal rulers, bristle with so many paradoxes and reek of such hypocrisy that I cannot help but hope that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, dictator though he is, gives the Western allies a bloody nose. Libya is very different from Cambodia which seemed like an open and shut case for the intervention that Mr Brajesh Mishra so stoutly defended at the United Nations. Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge killed an estimated two million people. It reduced the country to grinding poverty. Yet — and in sharp contrast to the Western response to Libya — the US and the Association of South-East Asian Nations preferred this murderous regime to the opposition United Front for National Salvat

The New Knowledge Worker

In complex mobile environments, today’s information worker is adapting at a fast pace; technology and process have to keep up Information Management Newsletters, March 15, 2011 Dwight deVera Individuals and groups make thousands of decisions a day that ultimately determine the financial performance of their organizations. According to the 2010 McKinsey Global survey, “Economic Conditions Snapshot,” knowledge workers have driven more than 70 percent of the economic growth in the U.S. over the past three decades, and 85 percent of the new jobs created in the past decade required complex knowledge skills. Additionally, companies incorporating decisio

How India blinked on U.S. inspections of PM's jet

Siddharth Varadarajan Wary of political fallout, New Delhi asked Washington to stay quiet on shifting goalposts NEW DELHI: Three years after issuing a Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) on Boeing aircraft that India was buying for use by the Prime Minister and other VVIPs, the United States unilaterally foisted an amendment mandating intrusive annual end-use inspections of them by American personnel. When the Cabinet Committee on Security approved the purchase plans in September 2005, it was on the basis of an LOA that did not require physical inspection of the highly sensitive aircraft. But in May 2008, the U.S. handed over to the Indian side a number of changes to the LOA, including a requirement for annual Enhanced End-use Monitoring inspections of the Large Aircraft Infrared Counter-Measures (LAIRCM) the planes come equipped with. The LAIRCM is a self-protection suite that allows the pilot to take counter-measure


B.RAMAN FACT 1: In July ,2008 , there were allegations of vote-buying levelled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and other opposition parties to influence voting after a motion of no-confidence in the Government of Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh. The no-confidence motion was triggered off by opposition challenges to the Indo-US civil nuclear co-operation agreement. The no-confidence motion failed. The allegations were investigated by a Committee constituted by the Lok Sabha and the Committee concluded that there was insufficient evidence to come to any definitive conclusions. On December 16 ,2008,the then Speaker of the Lok Sabha Somnath Chatterjee stated as follows in the Lok Sabha:"The finding of the Committee is that material on record does not conclusively prove that the money contained in the bag which was eventually displayed in the House was actually sent by the persons who were alleged to have sent it for the purpose of winning over Shri Ashok

Baloch unity wake-up call

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools By Dr Jumma Khan Marri We all speak and write for Baloch unity hardly understanding its meaning and purpose that is the reason the long awaited unity looks unachievable dream “where as everybody wants heaven yet nobody is ready to die” education is one of the main pillar for understanding the need and propose of that unity fearing that the Govt of Pakistan started its cruel inhuman act of elimination of our educated youth today, Baloch people are deprived from the candle of enlightenment and are kept in darkness of ignorance, illiteracy and backwardness. I beg my elders leaders tribal notables let us unite and try to understand the meaning and purpose of unity, in English or any other languages the word unity means oneness, or togetherness. Why we need the oneness and togetherness now and today? Because we have no other options left today other then unity, disunity is our death, take


B.RAMAN Is Rahul Gandhi fit to lead India and enable it to take its rightful place as an Asian power on par with China? 2. It is very difficult to give a comprehensive answer to this question because there is very little known about him and the Congress (I) has seen to it that his personality and stature do not become the subject of public scrutiny. Without any scrutiny and without any enumeration of his positive and negative qualities and track record as a political personality, his followers in the party want to impose him on the country as the next Prime Minister in the unlikely eventuality of the Congress (I) returning to power in the next parliamentary elections whenever they are held. 3.I consciously called him a political personality and not a political leader because his ability to exercise leadership over the country has not so far been tested . Even in his own party, in which he has been holding office as the General Secretary for some time now, he has not set the J


B.RAMAN “The rebels' strategy is to push west but this has got off to a halting start, and without further concerted air strikes it is difficult to see how this rag-tag army will ever achieve its aim of unseating Col Gaddafi.” ---Ian Pannell, the BBC correspondent in East Libya, in a dispatch of March 21 ,2011 ------------------------------ ----------------- Increasing confusion over basic aspects of the Western-led military operations --- ostensibly with the authorisation of the UN Security Council (UNSC)---- in Libya doesn't bode well for the achievement of the principal objective of the operation as authorised by the UNSC, namely, the protection of civilians in the areas outside the control of Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan despot. 2. The No Fly Zone was authorised by the UNSC to protect the civilians from air strikes by the Libyan Air Force. States of the Arab League supported the proposal for a No Fly Zone under the impression that it meant patrolling by the

Present Scenario of wine industry in India

G.S.Karibasappa , P.G.Adsule , S.D.Sawant and K.Banerjee N.R.C. for grapes, Manjri Farm, Pune – 412 307. ABSTRACT This paper reviews the nascent Indian wine industry in terms of the area, production and marketing of wines in the country. Approximately 38 wineries are presently operating in the country with a total production of 6.2 million liters annually. Maharashtra is leading among the states with 36 wineries and 5.4 million liter production. Apart from this, 72,000 wine cases are imported mainly by ITDC, Sansula, Brindco, E & J Gallo and other private companies. At present 7,62,000 wine cases are sold every year, which includes 46,000 cases of sparkling wines. Which is in contrast to the much higher figures of other