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Asia’s Race in Africa: What it holds for India?

Guest Column: By Dr. B.R. .Deepak As India and China establish themselves as the two poles of world economic growth, they have started to influence the growth patterns in many countries, and the African continent is no exception. Interestingly, there are strong possibilities that Africa will emerge as yet another pole of world economic growth given the size of its huge market and natural resources. This has also lead the Asian giants to scramble for markets in the African continent, billionairefinancier George Soros has even pronounced these countries as "Africa's new colonialists" who he said were "exploiting the world's poorest continent in the same way as its old European masters." This may be an exaggeration, however, the Asian race in Africa is for real, and has been reflected in the so called India-Africa and China-Africa summits. This also demonstrates that India and China would like to forge partnership with Africa and handle this partnership with ut


By Kandaswamy Subramanian The bizarre sexual assault on a chamber maid in a New York hotel by Dominique Strauss Kahn (DSK), formerly Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF), on 15th May, 2011 shocked public opinion across the globe. He has been charged by the New York police for seven offences and the punishment may run to 25 years, if finally convicted. However, it is surprising that the assaults made on the IMF by European countries to capture top posts have not met with similar shock. Indeed the BRICS have also been making feeble attempts; but the assaults by European countries are brazen. The European countries were the earliest to commence the assaults and they seemed to imagine they had a natural right to get the post. They fell back on post-war history, tradition and the current euro mess in support of their claim. Emerging economies, especially those in the G-20 and its sub-group called BRICS, lean on declarations issued after G-20 Summits on the reform of the IMF.

Declaration of Rejection to US Sanctions Against Venezuela's PDVSA By FRIENDS OF VENEZUELA , May 25th 2011 In response to the US State Department's decision to impose unilateral sanctions against Venezuela's PDVSA this week, individuals and/or organizations within the United States are being asked to add their names to the following 'Declaration of Rejection' (available in both English and Spanish). Calling the sanctions against PDVSA "a grave and dangerous move by Washington to justify further aggression against the Venezuelan people", the authors of the Declaration encourage all citizens/residents of the US (and their organizations) to "sign the petition" by emailing their name (and/or name of organization) to [ ]. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~~English Version~~~ We Reject United States Sanctions Against Venezuela On Tuesday, May 24, 2011, the United States Department of State unilateral

The Three Paths to Open Innovation To build your capabilities and cast a wider net for ideas, you must figure out which of the three types of innovation strategies you already have — and design your R&D approach accordingly. by Barry Jaruzelski and Richard Holman Finding and developing good ideas is what corporate innovation strategy is all about. That’s why the concept referred to as open innovation has dominated so many discussions about research and development during the past decade. The logic is unassailable: Every company and every line of business within a company can benefit from looking outside its organizational boundaries for innovative business ideas, for collaboration in developing those ideas, and for validation of those ideas in the real world of consumers. It is nearly impossible to be consistently smarter than the rest of the world; tapping into new sources of business ideas can be a powerful exercise for overcoming this challenge. Moreover, th

UK: Combating cyber attacks

May 4, 2011 By Tristan Kelly - This article has been first published in the May 2011 issue of Defence Focus - the magazine for everyone in Defence.) After last year's SDSR, the UK Ministry of Defence's (MOD) contribution to cyber security is progressing apace. As part of last year's Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) the Prime Minister announced that our ability to detect and defend against cyber attacks would be crucial to our national security, so important in fact that it was elevated to a 'Tier 1' threat alongside issues such as terrorism and international military crises. Since then, work to embed the culture of operating in cyberspace across the defence community has been taking place in earnest with the Defence Cyber Security Programme being set up to drive the necessary changes. Now, under the leadership of Major General Jonathan Shaw, Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Global Issues), work on the programme is moving ahead quickly

COMMENT: On Managing Afghanistan Backing Northern Alliance II is the only viable option for India when US troops withdraw

An optimistic scenario that some American analysts like former Ambassador of India Robert Blackwill support and advocate. They argue that a de facto division of Afghnaistan will lead to the creation of a Pshtun entity straddling both sides of the disputed Durand Line, which no Pashtun worth his salt recognizes as an international border. G Parthasarathy

'US authorities shouldn't have arrested Krittika'

May 28, 2011 09:39 IST report/us-authorities- shouldnt-have-arrested- krittika/20110528.htm Indian Consul General in New York has said the United States State Department is wrong in its reading of the Vienna [ Images ] Convention on Consular Relations and asserted that diplomatic immunity is extended to family members of consular officers. Prabhu Dayal was speaking in the backdrop of the controversy raging about whether Krittika Biswas, the daughter of the Vice Counsel General in New York, had diplomatic immunity that protected her against arrest. "The rulebook is here," Dayal told PTI. "They should not have arrested her." Biswas, 18, who claims she was wrongfully arrested on suspicion of sending obscene emails to her teacher, is suing the New York City government for $ 1.5 million. Earlier this week, Mark Toner, US State Department deputy spokesperson, said immunity enjoyed by consular officials does not extend to Biswas. "A

Book release -- Rastram by S. Kalyanaraman.

Book release -- Rastram by S. Kalyanaraman. A call to create United Indian Ocean States as a supra nation, celebrating Hindu heritage. Indian Ocean Community will be a counterpoise to European Community to promote welfare of over 2 billion people. Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book stores. Image gallery: 3ssv3af ebook: http://search. Kalyanaraman/e/2940012613240 UIOS will link the lives and heritage of over 2 billion people along the Indian Ocean Rim and over 2 millennia of Indo-Iranian heritage. I hope the leaders of Indian Ocean Community recollect the civilizational bonds which have united the cultural heritage of 59 nations along the Indian Ocean Rim for millennia. https://sites. indianoceancommunity1/ Yes, we can form the United Indian Ocean States (UIOS) by the civilizational bonds to attain the welfare of 2 billion people. T