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One-man bank

Clients trust him more than big banks. Flavian Kippel manages and runs all by himself one of the smallest banks in Switzerland, the Spar und Leihkasse in the village of Leuk, in the southwest. Since the start of the global financial crisis, when Lehman Brothers went bust, more and more clients have been entrusting him with their savings. (SF/swissinfo WATCH VIDEO

Five stages of appropriation of Indic traditions: Rajiv Malhotra

by AH Venkatesh Please go to this interesting link to read more the Rajiv Malhotra has termed it as the U-Turn Theory. According to this theory[16]: "Appropriation occurs in the following five stages: 1. Student/Disciple: In the first stage, the Westerner is loyal to the Indic traditions, and writes with the deepest respect. Many such scholars have genuinely tried and aspired to give up their Western identities and adopt Hinduism/Buddhism very sincerely. In many instances, India has helped the person to "find" himself/herself. A large number of scholars remain in this stage for life, while others move on to subsequent stages, not necessarily in the exact sequence below. 2. Neutral/New Age/Perennial Repackaging: In this stage, Indic traditions are repackaged as "original" discoveries by the scholar, or relocated by interpolating within obscure Greek, Christian or other "Western" texts, or assume

Balkanization of Pakistan on Ethnic, Linguistic lines is the solution -- Dr. Wahid Baloch

Dr. Wahid Baloch We have said it before many time and we are saying it here again to Obama Administration that as long as Pakistan exists it will not let Afghanistan to be a stable democratic country, because a stable democratic Afghanistan is a big threat to the existence of extremist Pakistan. So they will not let that happen at any cost. Pakistan will continue to train and arm Taliban and Al-Qaida and send them as suicide bombers to destabilize Afghanistan and India. A country based and created on an extremist Islamic Ideology will not feel safe and secure by being surrounded by Democratic Countries (Afghanistan and India). So, what is the Solution? Balkanization of Pakistan on Ethnic, Linguistic lines with Creation of an independent greaer Balochistan and establishment of permanent American military bases in Gwadar (Balochistan) to keep the entire region in Check (South Asia and Middle East). We Baloch are ready to help US to secure a Stable South Asia and Middle East

Turgut Ozal; Visionary and Builder of Modern Turkey 2011/09/turgut-ozal-visionary- and-builder-of.html “You know, I am also an engineer” he said to me , looking up from my bio-data , somewhat to my surprise. He was Turgut Ozal , president of the republic of Turkey , to whom I had just presented my letters of credence ( September ,1992) and along with foreign minister Hikmet Cetin ,I had just set down for the customary audience. This meeting lasted for nearly 50 minutes , with Hikmet Bay mostly a silent listener. When we emerged , a worried looking chief of protocol pacing up and down told me that normally such talks lasted 20 minutes or so. Curiously three of the most powerful and durable leaders since the 1960s coup until the unexpected triumph and takeover of Turkey in end 2002 by Riyadh financed Islamist Justice and Development party (AKP) under Recep Tayep Erdogan ,were all contemporaries at Istanbul’s Technical University and had known each other .The other two being; Sueleyman Demirel , the eldest

Sri Kamal Kumar Swami successfully completed USA Tour

Sri Kamal Kumar Swami successfully completed USA Tour: July – August 2011 . “ To be free from all egoistic motive, careful of truth in speech and action, void of self-will and self-assertion, watchful in all things, is the condition for being a flawless servant.” Sri Aurobindo Sri Kamal Kumar Swami was invited by Telugu Association of North America (TANA) at attend the 18 th Annual Conference and delivered a powerful lecture on the current position and plight of Hindu Temples, his involvement in bringing awareness to the masses about the state government’s total control of majority of Hindu Temples, and his efforts to stop the hemorrhage of Hindu Temple money, lands and jewelry. He visited many cities, gave numerous speeches, met thousands of people and made aware of the plight of Hindu Temples caused by the passage of Endowment Act in different states. His US tour was successfully conducted making people aware of the anti-Hindu forces that are conspiring to malign the Hi

Strengthening U.S.-India Cooperation

Interviewee: Robert D. Blackwill , Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for U.S. Foreign Policy Interviewer: Jayshree Bajoria , Senior Staff Writer strengthening-us-india- cooperation/p25909 September 16, 2011 A powerful and influential India is in U.S. national interests, and the two countries should collaborate more closely on all major global issues, says Robert D. Blackwill , co-chair of a new joint study report by the Council on Foreign Relations and Aspen Institute India. Blackwill, a former U.S. ambassador to India, stresses the need for coordination on Pakistan and Afghanistan. He singles out concerns over the safety of Pakistan's nuclear weapons and the importance of conditioning U.S. military aid to Pakistan on its cooperation against terrorist groups that target Indians and U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Blackwill also points to the report's recommendation that the United States maintain a combat presence in Afghanistan beyond the 2014 deadline

Top Swiss banker calls for entrepreneurial freedom

Vincenz appeals on bankers to show a greater sense of responsibility (Keystone) RELATED STORIES Taking the mickey out of Swiss politicians Cabinet insists on tougher banking rules Climate expert calls for more innovation by Jean-Michel Berthoud , The head of Switzerland’s third-largest bank urges politicians not to over-regulate the banking sector in the wake of the financial crisis. Pierin Vincenz, who hopes centre-right parties will do well in the October 23 parliamentary elections, calls for a pragmatic approach in implementing international standards on bank customer confidentiality. He says stability is key for to maintain the image of Swiss banks which has suffered over the past few years. “One thing that makes Switzerland very attractive is our political stability. Compared with other countries, Switzerland is in a very good position. I expect that this stability will be maintained, even if there are slight shifts,” he told He says his Raiffeisen