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B.RAMAN Slowly and steadily, the Army-propped civilian regime in Myanmar headed by President TheinSein and Aung San SuuKyi, the democracy icon, are coming to terms with each other to avoid a confrontation and to pave the way for a Government, which would enjoy her support from outside, if not association, and thereby enjoy a greater credibility in the eyes of the people. 2. The Government has not imposed any restrictions on her travels outside Yangon. Despite this, she has been avoiding any travels, in an attempt not to create any embarrassing law and order situation for the Government. The change ---whether in her tactics or attitude to the Government--- figured in a question posed to her during her weekly radio interview on November 8,2011.Her reply was interesting. 3.She said: “ I would like to clarify that it is not true that I have made trips around the country whenever I was released from house arrest. In 1995 and in 2000, when I was released for the second time, I never m

CHINA: A comment picked from TOI

Not much will be achieved by talking about Pakistan in China. The Chinese are cool-headed, low-on-emotion but at the same time organized and disciplined people. We have to put it across to them in the language that they will understand. If they try to encircle India, we should forcefully reciprocate by encircling them. Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Kazakhstan and Mongolia are all open candidates who would love support against the dragon. If they try to pamper Pakistan and use it as a lever for weakening India (which the West has been doing for a long time), then we should similarly encourage and develop military-economic relations with Vietnam & Taiwan. If they blabber about Kashmir, we should rake up Tibet all across the world. SIMULTANEOUSLY – and this is important, we should encourage the Chinese to understand that they are far better off breeding friendship and warmth with India, than creating bad blood. For that we sho

Of emperors and kings :China’s state-owned enterprises are on the march

Nov 12th 2011 | from the print edition WHEN China joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in December 2001, many people hoped that this would curb the power of its state-owned enterprises. Ten years on, they seem stronger than ever. President Hu Jintao can expect to hear about this at the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation summit this weekend. Hillary Clinton, America’s secretary of state, has warned stridently of the dangers of state capitalism. A Congressional report released on October 26th railed against the unfair advantages enjoyed by state-owned firms and lamented that China is giving them “a more prominent role”. Indeed it is. In a new book called “China’s Regulatory State”, Roselyn Hsueh of Temple University documents how, in sectors ranging from telecommunications to textiles, the government has quietly obstructed market forces. It steers cheap credit to local champions. It enforces rules selectively, to keep private-sector rivals in t

India doubles solar-power installation target as industry booms

November 10, 2011 Bloomberg: Natalie Obiko Pearson India expects to have 10 gigawatts of solar power capacity by 2017, more than double what it initially targeted, as the industry ramps up quicker than predicted. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy plans to award permits for as much as 10,000 megawatts of grid-connected solar plants by 2017, up from its initial target of 4,000 megawatts, Bharat Bhargava, a director at the ministry, said at conference in the southern city of Hyderabad. It’s also doubling its target for off-grid solar plants to 2,000 megawatts, he said. “Based on present trends, 10,000 megawatts is achievable,” Bhargava said. India’s total solar installations reached 125 megawatts as of the end of October, he said. That’s more than double the 50 megawatts that the country had in June. Asia’s third-largest energy consumer provides a bright spot for solar panel makers facing plunging margins and slowing growth. Developers of projects that generate electricity fro

T. Cherian, Consul General of India at Mazar-e-Sharief passes away

November 11, 2011 Consul General of India at Mazar-e-Sharief Shri T. Cherian expired yesterday, having succumbed to serious head injuries, due to a fall at his residence. He was quickly shifted to the ISAF (German) hospital at Mazar-e-Sharief and given necessary medical assistance, but could not be revived due to brain haemorrhage and severe internal bleeding. His mortal remains are being flown back to India toady The External Affairs Minister Sh. S M Krishna has condoled the untimely demise of Mr. Cherian, a devoted and competent officer who was serving his nation with dedication. He is survived by his wife and two children. New Delhi November 11, 2011

Manufacturing History – Euro Style After ravaging North and South Americas, Europe laid its hands on Inca, Maya gold which financed European conquests across the world. By 19th century, Europe had defeated most military leaderships in the world. Faced with new standards of barbarity , the newly enslaved and oppressed found new leaders to confront the West. In Haiti, the slaves freed themselves after defeating the French, Spanish and English armies that tried to re-enslave them. In India, wars and battles raged continuously – forcing the British to surrender their American colonies. Soon after the London Expo of 1851, the British had to face a bloody war in India where hundreds of thousands of Indian soldiers, waged war, led by a determined alliance of leaders . In the midst of this, ranging from the majestic Mayan achievements and of the Incas in Andes, to the spirit of the Haitians, to the ancient and continuous traditions in India, the Europea

Sack Sagarika Dan Rather , an internationally acclaimed journalist, was the first to break the assassination of John F Kennedy. He also covered Watergate and many wars. In 2004 he ran a report about military records of George W Bush using documents which later turned out to be forged. Rather did the morally right thing, he quit CBS in 2006. His only fault was that he hadn’t fact-checked the story and the documents, although there is still no concrete evidence that the documents were unreliable. That was probably a rare mistake from Rather in career spanning over five decades. What does it say about journalists in India who continue to not only hold on to their jobs but continue to sermonise the nation as if their character were soaked in the purest of waters? We first had Barkha Dutt , the Radiagate hero, stringing along a lobbyist and indulging in power-brokering who continues to moralise the nation. We now have Vir Sanghvi , ano

Killing of Three Hindus in Shikarpur: Fill the Besant Hall Road against Religious Intolerance

Killing of Three Hindus in Shikarpur: Fill the Besant Hall Road against Religious Intolerance Press Release Hyderabad: Paigham-e-Sindh Forum, Movement for Peace & Tolerance, Pakistan Peace Coalition and Woman Action Forum condemning the brutal murder of three innocent Hindus in Shikarpur has announced ‘Fill the Besant Hall Road against Religious Intolerance’ rally in front of early 20th centaury Theosophical Society’s interior Sindh’s centre Besant Hall in Hyderabad on Monday November 14, 12:00 PM. Representatives of the forums Punhal Sariyo (Sindh Harri Porihyat Council), Zulfiqar Shah (Institute for Social Movements (ISM), Jabbar Bhatti (Indus Institute for Education & Research), Amar Sindhu (Woman Action Forum), Zahida Detho (Pakistan Peace Council), Mohammad Ali Shah (Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum), Mustafa Baloch (Strengthening Participatory Organization), Suleman G Abro (Sindh Agriculture and Forestry Workers Coordination Organization), Shehnaz Shidi (South Asia Partners


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