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Secopex : French freemasons have set up a lodge in memory of Pierre Marziali

French freemasons have set up a lodge in memory of Pierre Marziali, the boss of the private military company Secopex who died in Benghazi in May. ( Source: INTELLIGENCE ONLINE) ANALYSIS & BACKGROUND Rest in peace to the fallen and my heart goes out to the family and friends of Pierre. I had no idea that Secopex was operating in Libya, and this is pretty big news for a couple of reasons. The first is if this was an intentional targeting, the objective is pretty clear. By killing the CEO of a major PMC in country, this brings great attention to the fact that the west is now using it’s own version of ‘mercenaries’ or PSC’s in Libya to do their bidding. There was great outrage in the beginning of this conflict by the west/media that Ghaddafi would actually contract with private forces, and yet here is the west doing the same thing. It is a killing that reflects the hypocrisy. I guess this incid

US entering plea bargain with Headley suspicious: Pillai

November 25, 2011 21:47 IST On the eve of third anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai [ Images ] attacks, former home secretary G K Pillai on Friday accused the United States of entering into plea bargain with one of the key accused David Headley [ Images ] without taking India [ Images ] into confidence. Pillai questioned the motive behind the US entering into the plea bargain with Pakistani-American Headley, who did a recce of the 26/11 targets for the Lashkar-e-Tayiba [ Images ], which carried out the attack three years ago. "I think the very fact that a person who is so closely involved in 26/11 attacks, once arrested, the Americans went into a plea bargain without informing us. One of the conditions was he would not be extradited to India. So we would like to suspect the motive behind the plea bargain itself," he told the media in New Delhi [ Images

India's great fear? The Outsider!

November 25, 2011 11:25 IST The Indian middle class has largely moved away from its old, irrational fears of the West. Why, then, is the New Delhi Establishment still extremely sceptical of 'outsiders.' There is little political appetite in India for more open conversations with the world, says Rohit Pradhan. For a long time in post-Independent India, the political and intellectual discourse was dominated by the fear of 'outsiders' -- an euphemism for the economically and culturally powerful West. India may have been desperately poor with life a constant struggle for its teeming millions, but the omniscient foreign forces were always around to thwart her rise. Most memorably, perhaps, then prime minister Indira Gandhi [ Images ] detected the fiendishly clever 'foreign hand' in almost every unfortunate event which blighted this ancient land. Charges of being on the CIA's

SWJ Book Review: SEAL Target Geronimo

Small Wars Journal Book Review SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama bin Laden It is ironic that the most famous military operation of the Information Age – the SEAL Team Six raid on May 1st that killed Osama bin Laden – remains a mystery to some degree. Despite the instantaneous connectivity provided by cell phone cameras, communications satellites, and Twitter, the details of what happened on that cloudless night in Abbottabad, Pakistan, remain obscured by the fog of war. In part, this uncertainty is the result of the ham-handed nature by which the Obama administration released information on the raid, with some officials speaking to the media before all members of the assault team were debriefed; leading to subtle shifts in detail that created suspicions something was being covered up or hidden. In part, the uncertainty is purposeful. Members of “Tier One” special operations units –


B.RAMAN The 26/11 terrorist strikes led to five important decisions by the Government of India--- to decentralise the deployment of the National Security Guards (NSG) by setting up regional hubs, to set up the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to investigate terrorist incidents of a pan-Indian nature, to strengthen coastal security,to create a national intelligence grid to serve as a data-base accessible to all agencies---- at the central and State levels--- dealing with counter-terrorism, and to set up a National Counter-terrorism Centre (NCTC), to take co-ordinated follow-up action on all terrorism-related inputs flowing from the intelligence agencies and the police. 2. The NSG has already been decentralised and regional hubs have come into existence. This has been done because of the delayed deployment of the NSG during the 26/11 terrorist strikes. The then totally Delhi-based NSG was slow to move and equally slow to react and its ability to co-ordinate with the local police

Can India and Pakistan make Peace ! By Major (Retired)Agha .H. Amin, Pakistan Army. Utopians in India are jubilant that Pakistan has made peace with India. Nothing in reality can be farther from the truth. The recent sudden angelic desire on part of the Pakistani establishment to make peace with India has nothing to do with any major shift in Pakistan’s foreign policy written in the Pakistani military headquarters popularly known as the GHQ. The Pakistani apparent shift is merely a tactical response to extreme confrontation with the US over perceived US view that Pakistan is playing a double game in Afghanistan. This is similar to Musharraf’s flirtation with India from 2000 to 2007 which in reality was a gambit to prevent a two front war with Afghanistan occupied by the USA and a hostile India in the east. The real picture of true intentions of the Pakistani military will emerge when the US withdraws from Afghanistan. This will be

The United States and Other Nations Expand Sanctions Against Iran

November 23, 2011 Fulbright Briefing - International Trade The United States and Other Nations Expand Sanctions Against Iran On November 21, 2011 , the United States announced three measures designed to enhance sanctions on Iran. The President issued an Executive Order authorizing the Secretary of State to impose sanctions on foreign parties that provide goods, services, technology or support of certain value to Iran’s energy or petrochemical sectors; the Secretary of the Treasury designated Iran as a jurisdiction of “primary money laundering concern” under Section 311 of the U.S. Patriot Act; and Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control added Iranian entities and individuals involved in Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program to the Specially Designated Nationals List. In announcing these new measures the United States joined the United Kingdom , Canada and the European Union, each of which have implemented, or are planning to implement, additional sanctions on entities in,

Asia-Pacific strategic landscape

India must make use of opportunities by Harsh V. Pant THE rapidly changing strategic landscape of the Asia-Pacific has once again been in focus in recent days. Even as Europe struggles to come to terms with its economic decline, major powers in the Asia-Pacific are coming to terms with their region’s rapidly rising economic and political profile. US President Barack Obama was in Asia to underscore America’s commitment to regional stability at a time when he is wrapping up two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As the US Secretary of State has already underlined, “the future of politics will be decided in Asia, not Afghanistan or Iraq, and the United States will be right at the centre of the action.” At a time when talk of American decline and retrenchment from global commitments has become de riguer, the signals coming from Washington are that it has no intention of leaving the Asian strategic landscape. Nor will regional states allow A

COMMENT on "A South Asian Grand Bargain"

" This , coming from a former Foreign Minister- one can only say one is surprised. For Pakistan the "grand bargain"" will have to involve our handing over Jamu and Kashmir and acquiescing in 'low intensity" conficlt waged against India and Afghanistan. I think he has forgotten what happened during the Kargil conflict and the hijacking of IC 814! ! He only perhaps remembers what a noble person in his eyes that Jinnah was!! " G Parthasarathy