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Uranium from Canberra : Australia warms up to India

by Rahul Mishra WITHIN a fortnight since Canberra took the landmark decision on yellowcake supply to New Delhi, Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith paid a three-day visit to India. Smith, Foreign Minister under the Rudd government, and a long-time India supporter on the uranium issue, arrived in New Delhi earlier this month. The Julia Gillard government’s most frequent flyer to India, Smith is the first minister to have visited India since the decision was taken. He has been to India thrice before and is considered one of the key role players in shaping Australia’s renewed policy stand regarding nuclear matters on India. Earlier, citing domestic political and policy reasons, the ruling Australian Labor Party (ALP) had forced the Rudd government to reverse the John Howard-led Conservative government’s 2007 decision to supply uranium. However, after mulling over the decision for years and considering India’s case as sui- generic (unique), Prime Minister Gillard made a powerful c

Ban on Bhagavad Gita in Russia: Experience in Turkey in 1970s Ban on Bhagavad Gita in Russia And Ban on Gita ,Upanishads & Geetanjali in Turkey in 1970s ! From the Ambassador’s Journal The current controversy about the ban on Shrimad Bhagavad Gita in the city of Tomsk, Siberia (Russia) by the prosecutor who branded it as 'extremist' literature and its reversal by a Judge on 28 December, brought to my mind a similar ban in Turkey in 1970s. The case against the ban by Hindus in Russia in the city court has been going on since June. The Indian government intervened diplomatically with the embassy in Moscow taking up the matter with the Russian government and Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna speaking to Russian Ambassador Alexander Kadakin in New Delhi on 27 December. During the author’s posting at Ankara, Turkey ( in 1969-73) one day the media suddenly splashed the news that the government of Turkey had banned Gita, Upanishads, a few oth

US finalizes deal to sell F-15s to Saudi Arabia

By JULIE PACE | AP – 2 hrs 39 mins ago HONOLULU (AP) — The sale of $30 billion worth of F-15SA fighter jets to Saudi Arabia has been finalized, the Obama administration said Thursday, boosting the military strength of a key U.S. ally in the Middle East to help counter Iran. Under the agreement, the U.S. will send Saudi Arabia 84 new fighter jets and upgrades for 70 more. Production of the aircraft, which will be manufactured by Boeing Co., will support 50,000 jobs and have a $3.5 billion annual economic impact in the U.S., the White House said. The sale is part of a larger U.S. effort to realign its defense policies in the Persian Gulf to keep Iran in check. The announcement came as U.S. officials weighed a fresh threat from Tehran, which warned this week it could disrupt traffic through the Strait of Hormuz, a vital Persian Gulf oil transport route, if Washington levies new sanctions targeting Iran's crude exports. Administration officials said the timing of Thursday's a

Epic Ram Jethmalani's Speech in Rajya Sabha on 29 Dec 2011 on Lokpal Bill

Balochistan: Hidden treasure wallowing in neglect

Sonya Fatah Dec 26, 2011, 05.42AM IST It may not be the first place on your 2012 travel agenda but if you're an intrepid traveller and you enjoy nature's bounty, Pakistan really should be on your list. Once you arrive you'll quickly realize that this is a land of untapped treasures, much of it in the wild, rugged beauty department. Where tourist footfalls have stamped and stomped about wrecking heavy environmental and cultural losses in other places, the Taliban in unknown collusion with our tourism ministry have done us one roundabout service - they've kept our best-kept secrets well and properly hidden, and reasonably untouched. There is terrain enough to suit all needs: sea, mountain, desert, plateau. You have heard of the pleasures of the north - the Karakoram range, K-2 , the breathtaking vista of the Hunza and Kaghan Valleys, Chitral and Kalash . But not

Iran’s Maritime Geostrategy in an Unbalanced World If Iran turns into a naval power, its neighbors are estimated to maintain balance via multilateral unions against Iran. Diako Hosseini. More than 120 years after the publication of the renowned book “The Influence of Sea Power upon History 1660-1783” by Alfred Thayer Mahan, the incredible power of the Navy still shapes global politics. Further, it makes up the main geo-strategic theme of the world’s great powers as well as the up and coming ones. In line with this conventional mode of thinking, powerful countries are somewhat obliged to be armed with modern a naval force that puts them in a superior position in relation to other countries. A newfound enthusiasm for communications and financial globalization may have temporarily relegated the significance of naval power, yet the compression of time and place has reminded some of a Navy’s importance. Navy supporters po

Cold Handshakes: Iranian Intelligence Minister visits Saudi Arabia

IRANIAN DIPLOMACY IRD: The Iranian Minister of Intelligence Heydar Moslehi’s visit to Saudi Arabia has raised debates inside the Iranian diplomatic circles. The chain of events that began with the outbreak of Arab revolutions in the Middle East and Northern Africa and continued with US’ allegation of Iran’s attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington have made Moslehi’s visit to Riyadh a subject of intense speculation by the regional media and Western newspapers, and provoked criticism among certain Conservative mouthpieces inside Iran which called the visit hasty. IRD reviews the matter in an interview with Ali Akbar Asadi, Middle East affairs analyst: IRD: What was the main goal of Moslehi’s visit to Riyadh considering the security relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia? AA: There is not that much security exchange between the two countries; what we have now is only a security pact sealed at the time of Mohammad Khatami, the former president. Seemingly the visi

Disposable friends : China & India

America is baiting China, and India could get sucked into it, warns Ramtanu Maitra. Washington, 28 December 2011: On 20 December, a trilateral dialogue between India, Japan and the United States took place in Washington. "These discussions," said a joint statement, "mark the beginning of a series of consultations among our three governments, who share common values and interests across the Asia-Pacific and the globe." Japan's foreign minister, Koichiro Gemba, was in Washington then. Together with US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, he "affirmed that Japan and the United States are deepening [our] strategic relationship with India". "Strategic relationship" is a loosely conceived phrase. The Americans notoriously use it to further their interests above those of others. The US media said the trilateral dialogue took place "amid heightened tensions between China and the S


B.RAMAN At least eight persons----seven Uighurs and a senior police officer of the Chinese-controlled Xinjiang province --- were reported to have been killed on the night of December 28,2011, in Hotan'sPishan county. Pishan county lies on the southern edge of the Taklamakan desert near the border with Pakistan. 2.According to available details from reliable Uighur sources, a police party tried to stop a group of Uighur youth who were about to enter Pakistan near village Mukula.One of the Uighur youth allegedly stabbed AdilAbduveli, the leader of the police party. The remaining members of the Police party allegedly shot dead seven of the Uighur youth who were trying to cross over into Pakistan. 3. The police have alleged that the Uighurs who were killed were terrorists who tried to take hostage two police officers. This led to an exchange of fire during which, according to the Police, the Uighurs were killed. Uighur sources have denied this version. 4.Earlier


B.RAMAN December 29,2011, will go down in the history of Indian democracy as marking the acme of insincerity, ineptitude and infamy. 2. The Government of Dr.Manmohan Singh and the Congress Party headed by Mrs.Sonia Gandhiconducted themselves in a manner that confirmed the suspicions of many ---particularly in the younger generation that is the future of this country---- that they have been insincere in their professions of wanting to rid this country of the evil of corruption by setting up an anti-corruption architecture that will fight this evil with determination and competence. 3. The Lokpal Bill introduced by the Government gave the impression of a leadershipat long last conscious of the depth of public anger against corruption at the political and bureaucratic levels and determined tomeet the demands and expectations of the civil society for meaningful and firm action to fight it. 4.But the shockingly casual manner in which the Government steered the passag

Balochistan’s long wait

I.A Rehman | Opinion SINCE several political parties have stepped up their campaign for the general election the Balochistan crisis has started figuring in their rhetoric. It is, however, doubtful if the central cause of the Balochistan people’s alienation from the state is being addressed. The latest flurry of statements, and that is all that has been done to comfort the Baloch, began when Sardar Ataullah Mengal called a spade a spade in his conversation with Mian Nawaz Sharif and also while speaking to the media afterwards. He said the Baloch youth did not want a Pakistan in which they received mutilated corpses of their brethren. It was for them to decide their future because “they are being systematically eliminated and forced to seek refuge in the mountains”. According to him the Balochistan people had been pushed to the point of no return. Much of what Mengal told Nawaz Sharif has been said by nearly all of Balochistan’s political leaders and quite a few human rights organis

Ex US diplomat backs creation of independent Balochistan to end decade-old violence

By ANI | ANI – 15 hours ago Washington, Dec 27(ANI): Former US diplomat Chris Mason has backed Pakistan province, Balochistan's claim for independence pointing out that its people have been victims of persecution and neglect for decades. He said the Pakistan army has killed thousands of hapless unarmed Baloch civilians over the years and added that an independent Balochistan would free the region from the shackles of corruption, tyranny and ignorance at the hands of the country. Mason said though the United Nations and United States would likely oppose the re-drawing of Pakistan's boundaries, it has proved a viable solution to end violence if one were to look at examples from history. He cited recent examples including North and South Sudan, Kosovo, Eritrea, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, East Timor and Bangladesh to substantiate his stance. Mason argued that a sovereign Balochistan would create a territorial buffer between Iran and Pa

Baloch not ready to surrender before a barber: Ataullah Mengal

South Asian News Agency (SANA) ⋅ December 26, 2011 KARAHCI, (SANA): Prominent Baloch leader and former chief minister Balochistan Sardar Attaullah Mengal has said that the Baloch youth climbed on mountains for fighting and not for surrendering arms before a barber like Interior Minister Rehman Malik. He said that Rehman Malik is always saying that the government would hold talks whit those who would surrender arms before the government, adding that the Baloch people cannot surrender arms and honor before a barber. In an interview with a private TV channel, he said that the president can be removed by a person which is powerful then the president, adding that army and ISI are powerful than president. He said that the prime minister is used to deal with his followers and he become the prime minister and dealing with the country, adding that the prime minister cannot save president in memo case and the president had been to Dubai with the consultation of army and returned to

Pakistan a safe haven for terrorists

RQ-170 L: Does Iran lacks the technical capacity to exploit and duplicate?

"Iran lacks the technical capacity to exploit and duplicate the advanced technologies in the RQ-170 on its own" Anonymous Post - That is a complete load of rubbish. I could take 4 of my programmer / science buddies and disect that in its entirity in less than ayear. To suggest that a nation of 70 Million people, with a multibillion dollar budget cant analyse a piece of technology such as this shows how disconnected most westerners are with the reality of the outside world. Creating technology from scratch is expensive and difficult. Replicating a device in your possession is trivially easy. What is most stealth technology? Kevlar / Epoxy frames with metallic oxide ceramic coating. Carbon fibre sections. This is old technology well in the public domain. A scape of paint gives its oxide composition. Download the hard drive and you have the entire OS in ASM. It must be the diet of hollywood drivel that makes so many people believe the US government has some super secret ul


B.RAMAN   From today, the nation will be witnessing two non-violent battles against corruption----- the legal battle in the Parliament in New Delhi and the moral battle in Mumbai.   2. The objective of the legal battle will be to give legal shape to the anti-corruption infrastructure through the Lokpal Bill introduced by the Government for debate and approval with changes, if and where necessary, by the elected members of the LokSabha  representing the will and the expectations of the voters of this country who chose to elect them in their wisdom in the elections held in 2009.   3. The objective of the moral battle,  led by Anna Hazare for nearly a year now, will be to impart strength to the legal battle and to ensure that the legal battle gives birth to an anti-corruption infrastructure befitting the nation and the need of the hour to slay the demon of corruption which has stood in the way of the nation  moving forward towards its goal of taking its due  place in the comit

Do or die — 4 options for unified state pillars to sack the generals

The Terrorland Special Report PILLARS OF THE STATE: President Zardari, PM Gilani,  Speaker National Assembly Dr Fehmida and Chief Justice  of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry. BRAVO! Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani finally took the courage and warned the gang of three rogue generals of the Pakistan Army who are allegedly involved in political activism. Mr. Gilani said in the House that the elected Parliament would not accept "a state within the state" indicating towards the military establishment. He also exposed the military-dominated Osama bin Laden Commission's hidden efforts to protect the real culprits who provided a safe heaven to the Al Qaeda leader, and allowed him to operate from Pakistani - a house near the Kakul Military Academy in Abbotabad. Pakistani people believe that the political activism of three serving generals of the Pakistan Army – Army Chief Gen. Ishfaq Parvez Kayani,Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt-Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha and Inter-Servi


  B.RAMAN   To be read in continuation of my earlier article of August 28,2011, on the Anti-Corruption Crusade at   )    In 1941, during the Second World War, the British set up an organisation called  the Special Police Establishment (SPE)  to investigate cases of bribery and corruption in  the War & Supply Deptt.  Even after the  War, the need for a Central Government agency to investigate cases of bribery and corruption by Central Government employees was felt. It was decided by the Government of India  to continue the SPE and give it a legal cover under the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act which came  into force in 1946. The CBI's powers to investigate  cases of bribery and corruption are derived from this Act.  This Act was amended by the Central Vigilance Commission Act, 2003   2. The Act of 1946 transferred the superintendence of the SPE to the Home Dep