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Posted on | January 19, 2012 | 3 Comments A writer and journalist friend residing in Lahore called from Dubai to inform that he had escaped the country temporarily to avoid kidnapping by the ISI goons and final evaporation. He was haunted for writing against the army after Osama bin Laden’s assassination by the US Marines at Abbotabad. He had raised questions about the incredibility of official claims that the ISI and army had no knowledge of Osama hideout near an army training camp in Abbotabad. He had also exposed that Osama; an ailing person had escaped from Afghanistan soon after US attack and destruction of his Tora Bora hideout. His followers tried to settle him near Peshawar, Quetta and in North Waziristan for better treatment of his kidney failure and heart complications. Finally, through a trusted person the land near Abbotabad was purchased and the house was constructed within two years. As the Pakhtun sardars of the area are known to build big

Gen VK Singh; Age Controversy

This chart, below , has been doing the rounds .On one of the celebrity/trivia obsessed channels , a former lady diplomat spoke about the dates without any correct back ground of various dates and facts .Another ,a Sikh, who comes often, has little idea of facts or figures and is repeated for plugging in gvt line ( which keeps them employed after retirement on petty missions) . It is being alleged that the line of succession was decided by Gen JJ Singh for Gen Bikram Singh to succeed . Incidentally Adm Vishnu Bhagvat was also removed to fit in a Sikh Naval officer . fl1607/16070170.htm I spent a year , 1976 at NDC , hosted Gen Vaidya in 1983 and two NDC delegations in Ankara and have maintained contact with NDC and officers . I have some idea about groupism , favouritsm ,eccentricism etc in our defense forces . The cancer of political malaise has entered the defense services too .Look at Gen Kapoor and others .What a disgrace . This group is too powerfu

TAIWAN: 'At a time of swift growth, China isn't inclined to conflict'

Jan 20, 2012, 12.00AM IST Since their stormy separation in 1949, Taiwan has resisted China's stated goal of taking over the small island state. Former member of Taiwan's National Assembly, professor Tang Shaocheng spoke with Rudroneel Ghosh about China's dramatic rise, Taiwan's recent presidential elections and why the new regime's policy of engagement seems to work: How do Taiwanese view mainland China's rise? Taiwanese view China with very mixed feelings. On the one hand, people fear China's rise could harm the status quo between the two sides, namely no unification, no indepen-dence and no use of force. Due to a lack of mutual trust, confidence-building measures are necessary to improve the situation. On the other hand, some Taiwanese judge the rise of China in a more positive way. They cite Beijing's ins


BY DR. ADITYANJEE December 2011 was the epochal month during which the Chinese neo-imperialistic ambitions were un-peeled very predictably like the layers of an onion. It started with a Chinese military delegation, headed by the Chinese Defense Minister General Liang Guanglie quietly visiting the Seychelles on December 1st 2011. He signed a bilateral agreement to set up a Chinese naval base in the Seychelles for counter-piracy operations. This was followed by Hu Jintao's December 6th pronouncement; while addressing the PLA Navy (PLAN) he said that PLAN should make "extended preparations for warfare in order to make greater contributions to safeguard national security". The statement was immediately denounced by the US that demanded more transparency on Chinese intentions. Chinese claimed misinterpretation of the original statement. Apparently, there is no equivalent word for tran