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BALOCHISTAN: Killing of women and children against Baloch Ethos

Dr. Dr.Jumma Marri, President Baloch Unity Killing of women and children is totally unacceptable Baloch unity conference must be called urgently. I strongly condemn this heinous state crime against our Baloch people especially against women and children and send my condolence to Brahamdagh Bugti, Bakhtiar Khan Domki and the entire Baloch nation. Such killings must not be just condemned but there must be consequences for enemy to deter them from such crimes in future; we have to carefully plan out responses for such crimes. I call for a Baloch national unity conference and call Baloch nation to unite and struggle as one. Unfortunately we still remain divided on petty issue and cannot see the harm which we are inflicting on ourselves by remaining divided. I strongly urge for Baloch unity conference to chalk out a strategy to counter the atrocities being perpetrated against Baloch. These killing are a strong signal from the state that even if the men go to mountains a