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DPRK to invite int'l observers to satellite launch

Updated: 2012-03-18 11:46 (Xinhua) BEIJING - With international concerns growing over the planned satellite launch of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Pyongyang has decided to invite foreign experts to observe the launch. The European Union (EU) on Saturday expressed its worries and called on the country to refrain from the launch plan, which would see the DPRK launch an "earth observation" satellite in April to mark the 100th birthday of late leader Kim Il Sung. "This launch would be contrary to DPRK's international obligations, in particular under UN Security Council resolution 1874," the spokesperson of EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement. "It would also undermine ongoing diplomatic efforts to create an environment conducive for the resumption of the Six-Party Talks on the nuclear issue," the statement added. Ashton calls on the DPR

Russia May Let NATO Use Airfield as Afghan Hub By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN Published: March 14, 2012 NYT MOSCOW — The Kremlin expressed willingness on Wednesday to allow NATO to use an airfield in the heart of European Russia, in a city best known as Lenin’s birthplace, as a transit center for moving troops and “nonlethal” cargo into Afghanistan. The decision, which requires formal approval by the Russian government, would provide a much-needed logistics hub at a time when overland supply routes through Pakistan have been closed off. But it would also increase American and NATO dependence on Russia amid serious foreign policy disagreements between Washington and Moscow, particularly over Syria. Use of the airfield, on the banks of the Volga River in Ulyanovsk, stands to increase Russia’s leverage at a time when the White House is thinking about speeding up its withdrawal from Afghanistan — a move Russia opposes. Russia’

Enormous “Oil Kitchen” Discovered in Energy’s Last Great Frontier... * Drilling set to begin by the end of 2012. Dear reader, I’m writing today with some urgent news on a massive oil find off the coast of South West Africa. If the idea sounds familiar, it’s because I first covered the story of this discovery nearly two years back. In fact, you may reading a similar presentation to this one. I explained how a tiny Canadian company had discovered a whopping billion-barrel oil find. But recently, more news has come to light, as even more oil has been found in the same exact region. This is the kind of opportunity that can change your life… Where you could turn a $10,000 stake into $179,500 starting as early as today. I’ll show you proof on these numbers in a moment. For now, know this… Time Magazine reports that this whole area is “an oil and gas bonanza just waiting to be tapped…” Put simply, it could