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Fai's Kashmir lobby was front for Pakistani intelligence: US

Washington, March 31, 2012, (IANS) Kashmiri separatist Ghulam Nabi Fai, who has been sentenced to two years in prison for concealing his links to Pakistan's spy agency, operated his lobbying outfit as a "front for Pakistani intelligence" for 20 years. Fai, 62, was sentenced to two years in jail followed by three years of supervised release for conspiracy and tax violations while acting as an unregistered lobbyist for Pakistan by a US District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington DC, Friday. Fai, who pleaded guilty in December, headed the Kashmiri American Council (KAC), which was described as a non-governmental organization financed by Americans with the goal of increasing knowledge about Kashmir. According to court documents, the group actually got money from officials in the government of Pakistan, including members of the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (IS


An Open Letter To The PM Dear Mr.Prime Minister, The Government needs to be complimented for maintaining its cool and dignity in the face of some of the recent ill-advised actions and public comments of Gen.V.K.Singh, the outgoing Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), who will be retiring on May 31,2012. Any hasty action against him or slanging match with him will lower the dignity of the office of the COAS.National interest demands that this dignity of this high office must be maintained in the eyes of the officers and jawans of the Army as well as the public. An Army marches and fights on its pride in itself, in its officers and in its chief and this pride should not be damaged. 2. Whatever be his ill-advised actions and comments, Gen.Singh enjoys a high reputation for his personal integrity and his professionalism.These positive qualities of his have to be recognised and respected. In the Government’s feelings of hurt over his ill-advised actions and public comments, his re

Israel Faces A Dilemma Last week, the Iranian nuclear file continued to be in the spotlight and there appeared numerous stories in the Western press and media about the degree of the advancement of the nuclear program and the possibility of an attack by Israel against the Iranian nuclear installations. By: Sadegh Kharrazi Last week, the Iranian nuclear file continued to be in the spotlight and there appeared numerous stories in the Western press and media about the degree of the advancement of the nuclear program and the possibility of an attack by Israel against the Iranian nuclear installations. However, one story which attracted mostly the attention of those who are closely following Iran's nuclear developments was the revelation by Western officials that Iran has no nuclear bomb, has not decided to build one and is years away from having a deliverable nuclear warhead. Reuters reported on this subject last Fr

BEING DIFFERENT: Radio Interview

Rajive Malhotra Click the above heading to listen to part 1 and part 2 of my interviews with a prominent leadership consultant in the US. These interviews were for his weekly radio show meant for leaders in various walks of life who have an interest in spirituality in leadership. I found him to be very open, sincere and keen to understand the dharma traditions and how they relate, compare and contrast with those of the West. He wants to understand Indian thought's relevance to the modern world. After the first interview (of about an hour) he received strong positive feedback from his listeners, and approached me for a second one. There is a definite trend in the US to integrate spiritual principles into leadership training, and his interest in the interview was to introduce dharma traditions for that purpose. Click to listen

Balochistan independence movement

Subject: ROVER’S DIARY: Balochistan independence movement — II —Babar Ayaz ROVER’S DIARY: Balochistan independence movement — II —Babar Ayaz Not every government in Islamabad in the past believed that natural resources were provincial assets and not that of the federation. It was this unresolved provincial autonomy issue that haunted Pakistan from its inception To understand this issue it is time to refresh our memory about the history of mismanaging Balochistan by Pakistan’s ruling elite. Many years back I had called on Nawab Akbar Bugti at his Quetta residence. He was a bitter man, although his son Salim was a senior minister in the Balochistan government. During the discussion on harnessing Balochistan’s oil and gas resources, he said that no fresh exploration should be allowed in the province. Knowing the reasons for his reaction, I suggested that the Balochistan government or the people liv

BALOCHISTAN: A joint statement welcoming the US intervention

March 25, 2012 Baloch welcome US intervention at 19th Session of Human Rights Council of the United Nation’s in Geneva, to support Baloch concerns over deteriorating human rights situation in Balochistan. On 14th of March 2012 at the 19th Session of Human Rights Council in Geneva Mr Mehran Baluch and Ms Nina Petek of World Environment and Resource Council made and read their interventions on appalling human rights situation in Balochistan. Shortly after Ms Nina Petek’s intervention, exposing the systematic discrimination of Baloch people and unjust exploitation of resources by Pakistan, the representative of Pakistan as usual was on point of order to stop the intervention on the grounds of two principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity. The US representative at the 19th Session of Human Rights Council in Geneva immediately stood on point of order to support Baloch people’s concern on appalling violation of human rights in Balochistan. He intervened by asking the P

Hitler’s Blackberry

The Daily Reckoning Presents Dan Denning Poor old Ben Bernanke has a deflation phobia. He sees it everywhere the way the kid in The Sixth Sense saw dead people. And Bernanke is equally terrified of falling stock prices (and their effect on consumer confidence). Falling stock prices are what some people call deflation, or asset price deflation. Bernanke, the governor of the US Federal Reserve, believes the Fed made the Depression a Great Depression by raising interest rates too soon during the US recovery. He won’t make that mistake again! He will simply not allow stocks to fall. The Fed chairman’s recent speech to the National Association for Business Economics lit a fire under US stock prices. All the US indexes charged ahead. And even gold got off the mat to close higher. Stocks are addicted to lower interest rates and yesterday they got a nice satisfying hit. Bernanke is on the record for saying he’ll keep US rates low until 2014. Yesterday he repeated his willingness to keep ra

BALOCHISTAN: 'Govt of Pakistan is the fountainhead of radical Islam'

March 28, 2012 02:51 IST The government of Pakistan has been providing weapons and resources to radical Muslim elements, who use them against Americans, says US Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who declares he was once Pakistan's best friend. Aziz Haniffa reports US Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, acknowledged that he was once Pakistan's best friend in Congress and an acerbic critic of India [ Images ], but in a cathartic confession at the National Press Club on Tuesday accused the government of Pakistan as being the fountainhead of radical Islam. Rohrabacher, who was meeting with journalists to explain the bill he introduced in Congress calling for the independence of Baluchistan from Pakistan, said, "I was Pakistan's best friend in Congress when I was elected back in 1988." "I

Who is Lt-Gen Tejinder Singh? Indian security and state for sale .

Indian security and state for sale . Who is Lt-Gen Tejinder Singh? MADHAV NALAPAT NEW DELHI | 6 March 2012 Those involved in the making of purchases for security agencies under the Home Ministry or the PMO say that retired Lt-General Tejinder Singh,who has been explicitly accused by the Army of having floated reports that Chief of Army Staff General V K Singh spied on Defense Minister A K Antony, is not an unknown figure within the world of suppliers of equipment. One source said that Tejinder Singh "operates in tandem with a Major Hooda (retd) and his son, both of whom are well known to Karthik Chidambaram,the influential son of Home Minister P Chidambaram". The younger Hooda, a presumed relative of the Haryana Chief Minister, is alleged to be "active in promoting the products of certain agencies, including foreign entities". These sources claim that Tejinder Singh was very close t

Russia-China: Change of course?

22 march 2012 The final text of Russia’s Strategy-2020, published last week, contains a small but surprising sentence that has not been given the attention it deserves. From the foreign trade and foreign policy section: “The main risks for Russia, linked with the emergence of new centers of power, are rooted in the growth of China’s economic potential and international status.” The authors believe that the impending conversion of the yuan into a “world currency for settlements, and later into an investment and reserve currency…may undermine the stability of the international currency system, and limit opportunities for the use of the Russian ruble in international transactions.” “The highly competitive Chinese processing industry… will continue to squeeze out Russian counterparts from the Russian market and prevent the trade and investment expansion of Russian companies abroad,” the authors conclude. They bel

China or India? A contest of models

Gautam Adhikari | Mar 24, 2012, 12.00AM IST China's political model is superior to the western liberal democratic one, Chinese intellectuals have begun to argue openly. Eric X Li of Shanghai, for instance, wrote in The New York Times (February 16) that America's competition with China is between two giants that have fundamentally different political outlooks. America sees democratic governance as "an end in itself", while China sees its current model "as a means to achieving larger national ends". To us Indians living next door to China, that difference has relevance. Indians see yet another fundamental contest between giants - between two billion-strong nations, each striving for prosperity and the eradication of poverty - using two very different models of governance. China's model today, visibly the more impressive, resembles not s


Kunwal Sibal Mail Today Many arguments can be made against our decision to vote against Sri Lanka in the Human Rights Council in Geneva, a decision highly questionable from the foreign policy point of view. Domestic compulsions seem to have outweighed foreign policy considerations in this case. India and the West have been at odds on how best to address the issue of human rights internationally. India shares the view that the West uses the issue to embarrass, destabilise or topple politically uncongenial governments. During the Cold War the Soviet Union was succesfully destabilized through the human rights basket of the Helsinki Accords. Cuba has been a favourite target year after year. After the Cold War ended many countries have come under the West’s scanner on human rights issues, ranging from Libya, Iraq and erstwhile Yugoslavia to Iran, China and Russia. Belarus is under pressure on this count and so is Syria. India, until recently, has been under stress too. HYPOCRISY


B.RAMAN The second Nuclear Security Summit currently being held in Seoul, South Korea, would make a fresh evaluation , inter alia, of the security of nuclear materials in the possession of many countries. 2. Threats to nuclear security arise from two factors--- accidents in nuclear establishments arising from natural or man-made causes and illegal acquisitions of nuclear materials and technology by State as well as non-State actors. 3. While there is a laid down and frequently tested drill for coping with nuclear accidents, preventive and protective measures to prevent the illegal acquisition of nuclear materials and know-how by State and non-State actors have not been satisfactory. 4.While Pakistan and North Korea are two instances of State actors illegally acquiring nuclear capability, Iran is threatening to join their ranks as a result of past complicity of Pakistan and North Korea. 5. Fears of non-State actors clandestinely acquiring nuclear materials and technology acquired


B.RAMAN The disclosure made by Gen.V.K.Singh, the Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), in an interview to “The Hindu” ( March 26,2012) that he had refused an offer of a bribe of Rs.14 crores in connection with a commercial transaction relating to the purchase of vehicles for the Army some months ago and that he had reported it to ShriA.K.Antony, the Defence Minister,if correct, raises serious questions regarding the way corruption allegations are handled in the Government of India. Subsequent reports have alleged that the bribe was offered by a senior retired officer of the Army. 2. As per the normal procedures, the COAS should have immediately taken the following action: ( a ). Report the matter to the Minister. ( b ). Address a formal Demi-official letter to the Minister in confirmation of what he had reported orally and requesting for an enquiry. ( c ).Call from his office the file relating to this transaction and record a note that he (the COAS) was offered a bribe by a retired Army of

West and Arab Clients Losing Geopolitical Battle in Syria

“New Phase in Syria Crisis: Dealmaking toward an Exit” The 3rd Millennium crusaders US, UK ,France and other NATO members along with their ‘democracy lover’ Arab clients in Gulf Cooperation Council, Riyadh and Qatar with an Islamists ruled Ankara have been halted at Homs in Syria with stiff military ,political and strategic resistance internationally by Moscow and Beijing in UNSC and elsewhere. The delicate task of defusing the violent conflict situation and then working out some solution to save face has been entrusted to Kofi Annan; former secretary general of UNO, not Washington’s favorite .Kofi had described US led 2003 invasion of Iraq against the UN Charter and hence illegal .So an agreement on Annan is a significant trend in itself. In the Arab- Israeli conflict in the Middle East, it has been said that you cannot begin a war against Israel without Egypt (now in the throes of a revolution) and cannot have peace without Syrian participation .The conflict in Syria has many dimensi

Baloch Society: 'Pakistan and Iran Must Drawdown Now'

Dr. Wahid Baloch WASHINGTON DC - March 27. 2012- The Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), a leading Baloch body based in Washington DC, reiterated its call for Baloch independence and demanded that Pakistan and Iran immediately remove occupying forces from Baloch soil without further bloodshed. Balochistan, once an independent state, was annexed by Pakistan on March 27, 1948 after the Khan of Kalat, Mir Ahmed Yar Khan, signed the so-called document of accession imposed upon him by Mohammad Ali Jinnah. However, this move violated the will and wishes of the Baloch people given the fact the Baloch upper and lower houses unanimously voted to remain independent. Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of BSO-NA issued the following statement: “The Baloch Nation rejects the fraudulent merger and illegal occupation of Balochistan and demands the restoration of Baloch sovereignty over Baloch land, coasts and resources. The Baloch people are suffering enormously under this illegal occupa

Hundreds of thousands attend JSQM ‘Freedom March’

Demonstrators denounce Pakistan Resolution of 1940 and chant slogans in favour of ‘Sindhu Desh’\03\24\story_24-3-2012_pg12_5 By Asghar Azad KARACHI: Hundreds of thousands of leaders, activists and supporters of the Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) brought out the ‘Freedom March’ from Numaish Chowrangi to Tibet Centre here on Friday, denouncing the Pakistan Resolution of 1940 and chanting slogans in favour of ‘Sindhu Desh’. Dozens of processions arrived late Friday night outsidethe residence of JSQM Chairman Bashir Khan Qureshi in Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi. Welcome camps were set up in various areas of the city to guide processions and participants coming from other parts of Sindh. The camps were set up at Tool Plaza, Supper Highway, Kathore Bridge, Sasui Tool Palza, Razaq Abad, Bhens Colony, Malir Halt, Natha Khan, Drigh Road, Karsaaz, Hassan Square, Nipa Chowrangi, Sohrab Goth, Safoora Chowrangi, Johar Chowarngi and Nursery. The m