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An Eye For Head, Neck & Shoulder

POLITICS: PRANAB MUKHERJEE An Eye For Head, Neck & Shoulder Pranab, the presidentship and why the question is still fraught in many ways Saba Naqvi in OUTLOOK, May 21, 2012 JITENDER GUPTA India Inc is said to prefer Montek over Pranab Possibly Pranabda? The Congress can make Pranab their presidential candidate Failing this, they can mollify him with a deputy prime ministership If Pranab accepts the deputy PM post, Montek Singh Ahluwalia can be brought in as finance minister to appease sullen corporates *** P resident Pranab Mukherjee or Deputy Prime Minister Mukherjee? Outlook has learnt from well-placed sources that the Congress leadership will offer the Union finance minister the title of deputy PM. The idea is to persuade him to accept this high rank and deflect him from his current path of exaltation in pursuit of the goal of becoming the next president of India. Yet, a deputy prime ministership by itself is not

BALOCHISTAN: The fourth annual Oslo freedom forum

The fourth annual Oslo freedom forum has come to the close on 9 th may. The Khan of Kalat Mir suleman Ahmedzai and Mehrab Sarjov were invited as guests to the Oslo freedom forum. The Oslo freedom forum is a rare occasion where human rights activists, Medias, the opposition leaders, ex-president, ambassadors',   inventors and men with ideas meet and discuss and exchange ideas.  Among the different discussions from human trafficking, slavery, ethnic genocide, suppression of women in the name of culture were states control and censorship. The khan and his team among many discussions have points out to dignitaries and media representative that Pakistani and Iranian media have demonized and twisted the truth about the Baluch nation. The khan of kalat expressed opinion that the organiser committee to invite more Baluch from different walks of life to participate and the Baluch voices should be heard. The khan of Kalat p


B.RAMAN The R&AW has been the target of considerable criticism in sections of our media over what they have perceived as its serious blunder in disseminating a HUMINT report regarding plans of the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET), the Pakistani terrorist organisation, to carry out major acts of catastrophic terrorism in Gujarat and Mumbai. There has even been a campaign of ridicule against the organisation which has been sought to be projected as nincompoop. 2. "The Hindu" of May 11,2012, has carried an eight-column report on Page 15 under the title "R&AW Left With Egg on Its Face As Terror Plot Unravels" contributed jointly by Praveen Swami, who enjoys a tremendous reputation in media circles of New Delhi, and his colleague Muhammad Ali. 3. To quote from the first para of the report: " The Research & Analysis Wing, India's external intelligence service, is facing allegations of incompetence after three Lashkar-e-Toiba operativ

Doubts fly as US envoy to Pakistan quits

Asia Times   By Amir Mir ISLAMABAD - United States ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter's alleged meeting with one of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's most wanted men - Jamaat-ul-Daawa (JuD) amirProfessor Hafiz Mohammad Saeed - seems to be the principal reason for his premature exit from Islamabad, after having served just over 18 months since his appointment in October 2010. Munter, a career diplomat, abruptly quit his job last week, hardly 24 hours after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared Saeed responsible for the 26/11 Mumbai carnage and announced that the US was prepared to work with India to bring the JuD amir to justice. The November 2008 attacks were 11 coordinated shooting and bombing incidents across Mumbai by terrorists who allegedly came from Pakistan. The three-day rampage cost 166 lives, including six Americans, with at least 308 people injured. Munter's decision to quit the ambassadorship prematurely has      been confirmed by Mark Str

Find out what China's mining investors will be looking for in 2012-13

Mailcode: AC625FOP With economic indicators in Q1 showing more  positive figures than many expected, China's economy looks set for a  "soft" landing.  With growth looking to stay comfortably above  8% in 2012 and urbanisation continuing apace, China's metals and mining  companies are scouring the globe for natural resources to help fuel this rapid  economic development.   Find out what China's mining investors are buying, how they select  an investment target and how the global mining community can benefit, by  joining over 600 mining and investment professionals at the Mines and Money Beijing 2012 Conference and Exhibition at the China World Summit Wing, Beijing on 19-21 June 2012.    Download the latest congress brochure here or alternatively register  now at the Mines and Money Beijing website.   Get to know the key players in China's  outbound investment deal flow   Bringing clarity to  the often confusing and secretive outbound investment market, sp


   An evening with Medea Benjamin (co-founder of Global Exchange & CODEPINK: Women for Peace) & Rafia Zakaria (Pakistani journalist & human rights activist)     Heartland Café | 7000 N. Glenwood ~ right off the Morse red line stop Monday May 14th * gather at 7:00 PM program at 8:00 PM         Medea Benjamin is cofounder of Global Exchange & CODEPINK: Women for Peace. Described as "one of America's most committed -- and most effective -- fighters for human rights" by Newsday, and called "one of the high profile leaders of the peace movement" by the Los Angeles Times, Medea has distinguished herself as an eloquent and energetic figure in the progressive movement. In 2005 she was one of 1,000 exemplary women from 140 countries nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the millions of women who do the essential work of peace worldwide.   Rafia Zakaria is a lawyer, journalist and human rights activist from Pakistan. She serves on the


  BY    KANWAL SIBAL   Peace with Pakistan is a desirable goal, but peace should be equally desired by both sides and both should contribute to it in equal measure. The burden of making peace should not fall on India while Pakistan retains the freedom to disrupt it at will.   Normalization of India-Pakistan relations should not be predicated on demands by Pakistan and concessions by India. Historically, Pakistan is not a victim of India's war-mongering; it is India that has suffered Pakistani military aggression and jihadi terrorism. Pakistan is more obliged to convince India of its peaceful intentions rather than the reverse.   CLAIMS   The notion that India as the bigger and stronger country has to be generous with Pakistan is egregious. If this principle should dictate the conduct of international relations then China should be generous towards India on issues that divide us- which it decidedly is not- and the US, as the world&

Support Judge Sanjay Kumar

Dear Friends in the South Asian American Community:   I want to seek your help for Judge Sanjay Kumar. Judge Kumar is the only South Asian American on the bench in Los Angeles County. He is running for reelection and is being attacked by his "unqualified" (Bar Association determination) opponent for his ethnicity and ethnic sounding name. It is a cheap shot, but a tactic that has worked in the recent past. Judge Kumar is an amazing jurist and one that is highly regarded by all that come in to contact with him. In addition to his tremendous professional qualifications, I am compelled by his courage of conviction. He was advised to anglicize his name in order to fend off xenophobic attacks and innuendos from his opponent during the campaign, but he refused standing tall honoring his heritage and identity as well as his young children.   Please let me know if you can share this email with attachments amongst your personal and professional networks in support of Judge Kumar and

Pakistani State Brutality Condemned at the Toronto Protest Gathering

  Pakistani State Brutality Condemned at the Toronto Protest Gathering Authorities should be charged with Crimes against Humanity   Toronto, May 6, 2012 – Baloch Human Rights Council (Canada) and the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons jointly staged a peaceful protest condemning the brutal police/paramilitary operation in Lyari, Karachi resulting in the death of scores of innocent civilians including an eight-year old child crushed to death by an armoured personnel carrier of the security forces. The siege of Lyari by the police force that lasted eight days was an ordeal of worst form of human rights abuses witnessed by the 1.7 million inhabitants in its entire history including the periods of military dictatorships of the past.   Members of the Baloch, Sindhi, and Kashmiri communities took part in the peaceful protest in large numbers to express their anguish and solidarity with the people of Lyari. Mr. Khushk, President of

BALOCHISTAN: Letter to President Asif Ali Zardari

BALOCH HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL                       8 September, 2008 President Asif Ali Zardari Islamic Republic of Pakistan Islamabad.   Dear Sir, On behalf of the Baloch Human Rights Council, we extend our warmest congratulations to you on your election to the highest office in the country which we believe has ushered in a new era of democratisation, peace and reconciliation. There is no doubt that your election has dealt a severe blow at the dark forces of terror and dictatorship and has inspired a new hope in the oppressed peoples in the country, especially, the utterly brutalized people of Balochistan who have lost all hope in the state institutions of Pakistan. Islamabad's tyrannical policies have totally alienated Balochistan which has been deliberately turned into a huge laboratory of the worst kinds of human rights violations. Consequently the people of Balochistan rightly feel that their province has been turned into an oc