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When Putin meets Netanyahu

By M K Bhadrakumar    Asia Times 21 June , 2012 The two-day state visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to Israel next week will raise eyebrows. Plainly put, it comes a little too early in his presidency - he took over the office as recently as May 7 - but underscores the Russian leader's sense of priority regarding Russia-Israel relations.  Its timing comes at a juncture when the two countries are apparently far apart with regard to critical issues of regional security in the Middle East - Syria and Iran - and it seems improbable that the hiatus could be bridged easily anytime soon. Yet, Putin is returning to Israel for a second visit after a gap of seven years, and he is after all a transactional, results-oriented politician. for more gajendra singh 5:40 PM (17 hours ago) to GAJENDRA, gajendra, bcc: me   Will P

Swiss Bank accounts of Nara Chandrababu Naidu

QUESTION: TV9 channel and Telugu Desam PR officials are focussing on alleged Mauritus Bank accounts and are completely silent on  European bank accounts. The point of argument is, whether  TV9  is hand in glove with TDP PR wing  and trying to suppressing this angle, alleged Banks in Mauritus didn't existed during the period that Mr.Kola is referring. That could be correct, however the bank accounts held in top Swiss banks need to be verified ., just restricting to one country doesn't make one to come out clean. When Chandrababu existed from power, there were many allegations against him.  Deutsche Bank AG, Singapore (A/C No. 2248634590-4985, in the name of C. Naidu Nara). Credit Suisse Bank, Berne (A/c No. 0204049121100),  Uni-on Bank of Switzerland (A/c No. 00991534218169),  Natwest Bank, Paddin-gton, London (A/c No. 4928-364100832),  Barclay's Bank in Singapore (A/c No. 00851327000124).  ____________________________________________________ Kola resurfaces, with lis


B.RAMAN The use of the Drone (unmanned aircraft) strikes to kill Al Qaeda suspects in the Wazirisan area of Pakistan and in Yemen started under former President George Bush. These strikes are carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).Mr.Bush carefully maintained the deniability of any role that he might be playing from the White House in ordering these strikes. 2. Under the CIA's charter as revised in the 1970s, the CIA cannot undertake any operation to kill an individual without a written directive from the President.Keeping this view, the Bush Administration kept the circumstances surrounding the Drone strikes vague and unclear. 3. After coming to office, President Barack Obama has ordered a dramatic escalation of Drone strikes in the Waziristan area as well as in Yemen to neutralise identified suspects of Al Qaeda. These strikes have killed many important operatives of Al Qaeda. At the same time, they have also killed many innocent Pakistanis adding to anti-US

Government’s Plan to Steal Your Money

Simon Black Senior Editor of Sovereign Man  There are consequences to being flat broke. There are consequences to investing any level of confidence in a financial system underpinned by debt and the creation of paper currency . There are consequences for ignoring reality and pretending that everything is normal. This is one of them: European officials have flat-out admitted that they were discussing rolling out a series of harsh capital controls across the continent, including bank withdrawal limits and closing down Europe's borderless Schengen area.  Some of these measures have already been implemented sporadically; customers of Italian bank BNI, for example, were all frozen out of their accounts starting May 31st, upon the recommendation and approval of Italy's bank regulator. No ATM withdrawals, no bill payments, nothing. Just locked out overnight.  In Greece, the government has taken to simply pulling funds directly out of its citizens' bank accounts ; anyone sus

EZ Cash Withdrawal

  Joel Bowman Reckoning today from Stavanger, Norway... You were the last high, hi-i-i-i-igh,  Hi-i-i-i-igh, hi-i-i-i-igh. — The Dandy Warhols, "You Were The Last High"  Do you hear that, Fellow Reckoner? The gears are beginning to grind. Growth is slowing. Manufacturing is slowing. China, Europe, the US...slowing, slowing, slowing... Look what's coming across the wires. Here's Reuters: Business activity across the euro zone shrank for a fifth straight month in June and Chinese manufacturing contracted, while weaker overseas demand slowed US factory growth, surveys showed on Thursday. The data darkened the outlook for the world economy, adding to fears that Europe's debt crisis and slower growth in the United States and Asia would cause downturns around the globe. But wait...didn't Bernanke yesterday commit to extending his Operation Twist program, under which the Fed swaps short-term bonds for longer-term ones to artificially suppress long-term

Security Weekly: Are Syria's Rebels Getting Foreign Support?

  Stratfor By Scott Stewart A video recently posted to the Internet depicting an improvised explosive device (IED) attack in Syria has garnered a great deal of attention. A Syrian militant group called the Hawks Brigade of the Levant claimed the attack, which targeted a Syrian government armored troop bus as it traveled along a road near a rebel stronghold in the Idlib governorate. According to the group, the attack depicted in the video employed a type of IED called an explosively formed penetrator (EFP). Though the video was shot from a fairly long distance away, it does appear that the IED punched a substantial and focused hole through the armored bus -- precisely the type of effect that would be expected if an EFP were employed against such a target. EFPs are a logical tool for militants to use against superior government forces that are heavily dependent upon armor. EFPs pose a significant threat to armored vehicles, which the Syrian military has utilized extensively, and quite

Indian Railways: Abuse of PAN No for Tatkal bookings, Do not quote

Do not quote PAN for Tatkal bookings. Indian Railways display PAN as identity proof for Tatkal bookings. The Railways have collect PAN for Tatkal bookings and display the PAN + name, sex and age of passengers on reservation charts pasted on railway compartments. This is a boon for benami transactions. It is mandatory for traders like jewellers to collect tax (TCS) from customers on purchase of jewellery worth Rs 5 lakh & bullion worth Rs 2 lakh. While complying with TCS rules for collection, payment and uploading of TCS information (e-filing of TDS returns) jewellers have to furnish PAN of customers. For certain customers it is not convenient to provide PAN. To accommodate high net worth customers, traders have a easy source of benami PAN numbers, name, sex and age from reserved railway compartments. A traveller recently noticed a chap copying PAN particulars along with name, age and sex pasted on reserved compartments, and when confronted with the help of railway police, he admi

Getting Ready for More QE

  Bill Bonner Are you ready for this, dear reader...? Well hold onto your hat because here comes another round of printing...! Société Générale economist Michala Marcussen says it's coming. Today! Here's Bloomberg  on the case: A third round of quantitative easing is coming this Wednesday, top Société Générale economist Michala Marcussen says.  Marcussen writes that if anything, the boost will help "only at the margins." "We have long held the view that each new round of QE comes with diminishing returns," she says. "We nonetheless see the impact as positive — if nothing else giving the reassurance of a pilot in the plane." On how the Federal Reserve will announce and implement QE3: With economic data signalling stall speed growth for the US, we expect the Fed to lower its current 2012 growth outlook from 2.7%, narrowing the gap to our own forecast of 1.8%. This — and the risks from the euro area debt crisis — will

Why Pakistan interferes in Afghanistan

in PERSPECTIVE by Nitin Pai — June 19, 2012 at 6:18 pm | 0 comments A strong, independent Afghanistan is perceived as an existential threat to Pakistan Just why is Pakistan interested in installing a friendly regime in Afghanistan? Books and articles written over the last couple of decades, will offer arguments such as the need for strategic depth to counter India; the need to prevent an Indian encirclement of Pakistan; and, even more grandly, the creation of an Islamic centre of power that stretches from the shores of the Arabian Sea to the Caucasus Mountains. Going by the statements of members of the Pakistani establishment and some of its commentators, these do appear to explain why Pakistan seeks to dominate Afghanistan. Yet, to a large extent, the ambition and the paranoia that motivates these objectives are in the realm of fantasy . Some important people in Pakistan do believe in these fantas


B.RAMAN MakhdoomShahabuddin,  who was Minister for Textiles in the outgoing Cabinet headed by Prime Minister YousefRazaGilani, has reportedly  been nominated by President Asif Ali Zardari to be the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. Barring unlikely surprises, he is expected to be elected to the vacant post by the National Assembly on June 22,2012. 2.On the instructions of Mr.Zardari, the Pakistan People's Party members and legislators have conducted themselves with dignified anger and restraint in the wake of the controversial ruling of a three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry disqualifying Mr.Gilani from holding office because of his earlier conviction for contempt of court. The  conviction was triggered off by  his failure to carry out the directive of the court to write to the Swiss Government for re-opening investigation into a case in which allegations of money-laundering had been made against Mr.Zardari and the late Benazir Bhutto. 3. The PPP

Corporate espionage via social media rampant in India Inc.: Survey

Thursday, June 14, 2012 Over 35 per cent of companies operating in various sectors across India are engaged in corporate espionage to gain advantage over their competitors and are even spying on their employees via social networking websites, according to a just concluded survey undertaken by apex industry body ASSOCHAM. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) carried out a covert survey during January-May and interacted with about 1,500 CEOs and EDs diverse sectors like – auto, biotech, BFSI(banking, financial services and insurance), consumer packaged goods, education, FMCG, healthcare, information technology (IT), infrastructure, manufacturing and telecom at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi-NCR and Mumbai to ascertain the measures taken by India Inc to safeguard their data, plans, clients' details, products and other confidential and trade related secrets. Besides, ASSOCHAM representatives

US: The Great Correction Continues Correcting

  Bill Bonner Reckoning today from Baltimore, Maryland... Overpaid b**tards! You gotta love this Great Correction. It's gotten so much bad press. And so many people trying to stop it. But it just keeps going...doing its work. From Barry Ritholtz... — There have been an average of 1.6 million nationwide foreclosure starts per year for the past five years. — Foreclosure starts nationwide increased on an annual basis after 27 consecutive months of year-over-year declines. — Bank repossessions are still down 18% year over year. Voluntary foreclosure freezes and increasing pre-foreclosure sales are the primary factors. ...2.8 million Americans are 12 months or more behind on their mortgages. This truly amazing data point represents a very sad fact of the housing market. Once a homeowner falls that far behind in their mortgage, the odds are that they will never catch up. (Mortgage mods are likely to fail at an exceedingly high rate as well). Nearly all of these 2.8 million homes

India: the US doormat into Asia?

Kautilya observes:                   "One shall make an alliance with a king who is stronger than one's neighbouring enemy; in the absence of such a king, one should ingratiate oneself with one's neighbouring enemy, either by supplying money or army or by ceding a part of one's territory and keeping oneself aloof; for there can be no greater evil to kings than alliance with a king of considerable power, unless one is actually attacked by one's enemy." The author has written since retirement in 1996 from Ankara that US would like to use India as it used Iarq against Iran in 1980s and West created and used Pakistan against India .Look at Iarq and Pakistan. There are so many Indians who promote US viewpoint ( daily on most TV Channels ) for so little , many brain washed , others bribed with little .  Why was mama Clinton so keen to meet with the Governor in Kolkata .Washington had a good thing going till recently .  India: the US doormat into Asia? By Vijay