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B.RAMAN Against great odds, the Baloch freedom-fighters, who started their second war of independence in 2005, have managed to keep up their valiant struggle for the independence of their homeland. 2.Despite repression and torture by the Pakistani Army, its Frontier Corps and the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the freedom-fighters, operating in different groups under different names, have managed to steadily weaken the hold of the Pakistani security forces and intelligence in their homeland and challenge the attempts of the Pakistani authorities to deprive the Balochs of their natural resources such as the Sui gas which were being diverted for the benefit of the Punjabis. 3. Despite repeated expressions of their interest in finding a political solution to the grievances of the Balochs ranging from greater and genuine autonomy to independence, the mainstream political parties of Pakistan such as the Pakistan People's Party of President Asif Ali Zardari and the two factions o

Why Turkey cannot go to war with Syria?     Having spent ten years in Turkey ( 1969-93 & 1992-98 ) and kept a watch on Turkey since 1967 , I have been dismayed by the events in and around Turkey in the last decade , some engineered by the Turks themselves ,  others beyond their control like the US led 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq , which fortuitously it did not join , thanks to strong peoples opposition and a non-committal Military .The military, a well organized and disciplined force and till now secular and stake holder in the country having helped Kemal Ataturk create it out of the ashes of the ruins of the defeated Ottoman empire after WWI , when the victorious and rapacious Europeans led by the British wanted to reduce the present state to one fourth of its current territory .   The autonomous military establishment has been fiddled with and weakened perhaps even as a war machine in the wake of arrest of many serving and retired sen

Top 5 Things Only Spies Used To Do (But Everyone Does Now) There has been a good bit of recent evidence that the gap between what spies do and what we all do is narrowing -- and the spies are clearly worried about it. GEN David Petraeus, Director of the CIA, started the most recent round of hand-wringing back in March when he  gave a speech  at the In-Q-Tel CEO Summit: "First, given the digital transparency I just mentioned, we have to rethink our notions of identity and secrecy...We must, for example, figure out how to protect the identity of our officers who increasingly have a digital footprint from birth, given that proud parents document the arrival and growth of their future CIA officer in all forms of social media that the world can access for decades to come." Richard Fadden, the Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), added his own thoughts  in a speech only recently made public : "In today'

Crack the whip : Pakistan needs an Indian put-down Puffed up by the US apology, Pakistan needs an Indian put-down, writes N.V.Subramanian. 6 July 2012: The failure of Indo-Pak talks should not come as a surprise especially after the US apology for killing Pakistani soldiers on the Afghan-Pakistan border. The United States needs Pakistan more than it likes and this indispensability will continue to fuel Pakistani belligerence against India. The best way out for India, therefore, is to seclude the US from Indian engagement of Pakistan, keep the South Asia element minimal in Indo-US relations' building, and generally approach strategic issues from wholly Indian perspectives and needs. In a break from the Vietnam era, the United States has no stomach for long wars. That era was characterized by overall continuity between administrations in respect of displaying will to fight foreign wars. This continuity certainly magnified violence and tragedies and scarred affected por

Shadow-boxing in the south China sea

Nayan Chanda | Jul 6, 2012, 10.18PM IST Barely weeks after US defence secretary Leon Panetta's flag-waving visit to the region, the long-running South China Sea dispute is making waves. Following a stand-off with US ally, the Philippines, China has dispatched "combat-ready" surveillance vessels to the area and Manila raised the possibility of US spy planes overflying the contested waters to watch Chinese moves. This flurry of activities seems designed to extend respective physical control and change the reality on the ground. Possession, after all, is nine-tenths of the law. The contest over the South China Sea islands surfaced as soon as the Vietnam War ended. Hanoi asserted its claim to the Paracel island, which erstwhile ally China had grabbed from the Thieu regime in the waning days of the war. The conflict since has slowly expanded, with claims

Bahrain: The Opposition Radicalizes

If you talk to Sunni Muslims about the plight of Shias , poor and downtrodden in most Sunni states , the Sunnis have as much time as Brahmin led high castes have for the grievances of Dalits .I had done a long piece as a retort to the typical Sunni manifest destiny attitude of One Pakistani author , Wahabi, salafi and Taleban loving Ayesha Siddiqa who had lambasted poor Saeed Naqvi on Shia Zardari's visit to Ajmer Sharif. It was copied by a few Pak blogs including Pushtun sites  Criminal and corrupt west is deafeningly quiet at the ill treatment and abuse of Shias , a massive majority in Bahrain , next door to Saudi Arabia , or the plight of Shias who sit on rich oil resources in  Saudi areas adjoining Shia south Iraq. Kuwait has a big Shia population.thus needling Iran can have fatal blow back with martyrdom Shias weapon by tradition history and not a newly one of the Sunnis first faishonned to counter Soviets and now against  US led West . Read latest on Shia majority Bahrain

BALOCHISTAN: Jumma Marri in The Bonn conference…

The Bonn conference… by   Jumma Marri   on Saturday, July 7, 2012 at 5:49pm · My German visit to The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum… The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum is a congress with international reach. It draws media representatives from around the world and people from the fields of politics, culture, business, development and science. Baloch voice foundations an NGO formed by my friend Munir Mengal an active Baloch political activist and I were invited by this great forum to visit and take part in this great gathering. There were more than 2000 participants from most countries of the world fortunately Balochistan was represented by me and Munir Mengal. The conference started from 25th till 28th June had 50 different topics of discussions ranging between politics to social life and education, we had the opportunity to attend some of them. During breaks we had meetings with different people both from journalist to political figure