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Jehadi takeover can prompt Indo-US attack on Pakistan: book

New Delhi, Aug 8, 2012, (IANS): A jehadi takeover of Pakistan with its nuclear arsenal can spark an Indo-American military assault on that country, which could lead to Pakistan's reabsorption into India, says a new book. "If the (Pakistan) army were to disintegrate in the face of a jehadist takeover, all the existing (nuke) safeguards would presumably melt away," says the book "The Unravelling - Pakistan in the Age of Jihad". Author John R. Schmidt served as political counsellor at the US embassy in Islamabad in the years leading up to 9/11. "If there are concerns today that terrorists might be able to seize a warhead and either use it for nuclear blackmail or seek to detonate it somewhere in the US, imagine the level of concern that would exist if jehadists were actually running the show in Islamabad," it said. The book (Pan Macmillan) says that in such circumstanc


B.RAMAN Fresh clashes between Arakanese Buddhists and RohingyaMuslims were reported on August 6,2012, from the Kyauktaw township in the Rakhine State of Myanmar bordering Bangladesh. The violence was triggered off by claims of the alleged recovery of some guns from a boat belonging to some Rohingyas by Arakanese Buddhists belonging to the village YwarNyar. 2. The Buddhists undertook searches for guns suspected to have been smuggled in by the Rohingyas following an incident in which some Rohingyas were accused by the Buddhists of burning down a Buddhist-owned rice factory in the TaungPauk village. 3. The violence led to the burning down of houses belonging to both the communities in ApaukWa, Shwe Haling, Gut Pi Taung and YwarNyar villages. Earlier,the situation in the Kyauktaw area started getting serious on August 2, 2012, the full moon day of Buddhist Lent, when a group of Rohingyas allegedly destroyed an Arakanese Buddhist-owned bus station. 4.The 88 Generation Stude

"India Negative", blog launched

This blog exposes corruption in Politics, Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Armed forces and other issues related to Abuse of power and Black money. We request readers to report us with visuals, audios, stories, profiles of corrupt individuals to expose ugly face of India that is impeding our progress. Tag corrupt individuals from Gulli to Delhi by preparing dossiers and put them on public domain. If police can prepare profiles on anti-social elements, why not we the citizens expose corrupt officials? Click to visit the blog

Too Many Hollow Promises

After all the wrangling, the government draft of the Lokpal Bill is still very much a ‘jokepal’ By - Arvind Kejriwal In government schools in the villages, teachers rarely turn up. They collect their monthly salaries and pay a part of it to Basic Shiksha Adhikari for marking false attendance. Medicines are diverted to the black market before they reach government hospitals. Poor people are turned away when they go to hospitals. There is endless corruption in the work done by various panchayats. Rations meant for people living in extreme poverty are diverted to the black market. This is the reality of the aam admi’s life. Yet, none of this corruption is covered under the government’s draft of the Lokpal Bill. If the Bill does not serve the common man, what options does he have when faced with such corruption? We repeatedly posed this question to the government representatives in our joint drafting committee meetings. According to them, the existing systems would continue

Indian History – Blind At Birth?

Unchallenged rule by Mughals and the British Raj over India, lasted for about 350 years. Cholas ruled longer than that. Why is Modern Indian history so besotted with Mughals and British Raj. Research recently revealed that the Rijksmuseum’s monumental bronze statue of Shiva was cast in solid bronze. The thousand year-old temple statue was X-rayed, along with the lorry transporting it, in the most powerful X-ray tunnel for containers of the Rotterdam customs authority. It is the first research of its kind on a museological masterpiece. At 153 cm x 114.5 cm, the Rijksmuseum’s Shiva is the largest known bronze statue from the Chola Dynasty (9th to 12th century) kept in a museological collection outside of India. Given its weight (300 kg), the statue has always been suspected of not being hollow, as has been common practice in Europe since the Greek Antiquity. As part of an earlier investigation, an X-ray was taken

Financial Markets, Politics and the New Reality

August 7, 2012 | 0902 GMT Stratfor By George Friedman Louis M. Bacon is the head of Moore Capital Management, one of the largest and most influential hedge funds in the world. Last week, he announced that he was returning one quarter of his largest fund, about $2 billion, to his investors. The reason he gave to The New York Times was that he had found it difficult to invest given the impossibility of predicting the European situation. He was quoted as saying, "The political involvement is so extreme -- we have not seen this since the postwar era. What they are doing is trying to thwart natural market outcomes. It is amazing how important the decision-making of one person, Angela Merkel, has become to world markets." The purpose of hedge funds is to make money, and what Bacon essentially said was that it is impossible to make money when there is heavy political involvement, because political involvement introduces unpredictability in the market. Therefore, prudent investm


Francois Gautier · Like Sonia Gandhi, I am a Westerner and a brought-up catholic. My father, a very good man, was a staunch Christian; my uncle, whom I doted upon, was the vicar of the Montmartre Church, one of the most picturesque landmarks of Paris. Like Sonia Gandhi, I have lived in India for more than 40 years, and I have had the good fortune to be married to an Indian. But the comparison stops there. I did land in India with a certain amount of prejudices, clichés and false ideas, that most Westerners pick-up here and there (Tintin, Kipling, the City of Joy, Slumdog Millionaire, today) and I did think in the enthusiasm of my youth to become a missionary to bring back Indian ‘pagans’ to the ‘true God’. But the moment I stepped in India I felt that not only I had nothing much that I could give to India, but rather, that it was India which was bestowing me. In fact, in 40 years, India has given me so much, professionally, spiritually, sentimentally. Most Westerners, who come here,


B.RAMAN ( To be read in continuation of my article titled “The Outsiders” at Mr.TomasOjea Quintana, a UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, completed on August 4,2012, a six-day visit to Myanmar to study allegations of violations of the human rights of its ethnic minorities and Rohingya Muslims by the military regime that was in power for nearly five decades.He has called for the establishment of a Truth Commission to investigate these allegations. 2. The Myanmar Government reportedly allowed him to visit the Rakhine State ( previously called the Arakan State) on the Bangladesh border for a day.The Rakhine State was recently the scene of violent clashes between its local Buddhist population and the Rohingya Muslims, in which about 80 persons were killed. A large number of people belonging to both communities have been driven out of their homes and are living in refugee camps. 3.The Myanmar Army and civilian political leaders, inc