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Vishwa Bandhu Gupta exposes Sonia Gandhi Black Money

The Downside of Debt

  Bill Bonner Cristina  Fernandez de Kirchner, president of Argentina, will never be remembered as a great economist. Nor will she win any awards for 'accuracy in government reporting.' Au contraire, under her leadership, the numbers used by government economists in Argentina have parted company with the facts completely. They are not even on speaking terms. Still, Ms. Fernandez deserves credit. At least she is honest about it.  The Argentine president visited the US in the autumn of 2012. She was invited to speak at Harvard and Georgetown universities. Students took advantage of the opportunity to ask her some questions, notably about the funny numbers Argentina uses to report its inflation. Her bureaucrats put the consumer price index — the rate at which prices increase — at less than 10%. Independent analysts and housewives know it is a lie. Prices are rising at about 25% per year.  At a press conference, Cristina turned the tables on her accusers: "Really, do you t


  B.RAMAN The 18 th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is all set to meet at Beijing from November 8, 2012. Hu Jintao will be handing over as the General Secretary of the Party to Xi Jinping at the Congress and a new Standing Committee of the Politbureau, a new Politbureau and a new Central Committee will be elected at the Congress. They will be in office till the 19 th Congress  in 2017. Normally, a new Central Military Commission (CMC) of the Party should also be elected at the Congress. 2. Normally, the members of the new party organs are chosen through consensus by the outgoing Central Committee and formally elected by the new Congress.The outgoing party organs, which assumed office  at the 17 th Congress in 2007, are presently meeting in Beijing to reach a consensus on the composition of the new party organs to be formally elected next week and to approve the report on the work done by the outgoing organs for submission to the 18 th Con

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan: India’s Defence Vision

With Agni, Brahmos missiles, Arjun MBT, Tejas LCA and the induction of a stealth fighter in ten years, Indian defence posture will have a profile that will intimidate any aggressor – adequately. A Puff Of Dust Walk The Talk … Trouble In The  Barrio Parity & Proportion You Talkin’ To Me The Big Whale F-22 Raptor – Running or Hiding? Models From Russia AESA, Waisa, Kaisa By 2025 What about China Hat Tip Short, Little Man With A Big Dream Related Articles India successfully test fires BrahMos cruise missile  ( BrahMos gains sub-strategic super weapon capability  ( India test-fires BrahMos supersonic cruise missile  ( India successfully test-fires BrahMos cruise missile  ( Indian navy successfully test-fires Brahmos supersonic cruise missile  ( Indian BrahMos using Russian GPS system  ( India still r