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Myanmar - “The Best Unopened Market in the World”

The Daily Reckoning Presents Chris Mayer Archibald Colquhoun returned from a trip to Myanmar (Burma) enthusiastic about the opportunities in the country. He wrote a book about it all: Burma and the Burmans: Or, "The Best Unopened Market in the World." Colquhoun writes exuberantly about the oil resources of the country, as well as its jade, gold, copper and coal. There are dense forested hills of teak, unspoiled fisheries and fertile valleys. Nor did he forget the potential for reopening old trade routes connecting China and India. The thing is, he wrote about all this in 1885. But Colquhoun was right. By the 1920s, Burma was a regional hub and relatively rich. But after those prewar peaks, Myanmar suffered through a long period of decline and isolation, nurtured by an oppressive government. Today, Myanmar is again in the news as it reforms and opens up to the world outside. It is a market of 60 million people poised to join the global economy. It is a large country, bigge


( Written at the request of Editor, ) B.RAMAN The Intelligence Bureau (IB), which is presently celebrating its 125 th anniversary, and the Research & Analysis Wing ( R&AW), the external intelligence agency which came into being in September 1968, will be having new chiefs for a period of two years from  January 1,2013. 2. The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh, is reported to have chosen ShriAsif Ibrahim, an IPS officer of the Madhya Pradesh cadre, to head the IB and ShriAlok Joshi, an IPS officer of the Haryana cadre, to head the R&AW. 3.Both are highly experienced and competent officers who will do credit to the two organisations. While the experience of ShriAsif Ibrahim has been in his State and the IB, that of Shri Joshi has been in his State as well as in the IB and the R&AW. 4. The two officers will be heading their respective organisations at a time when they will be impl

U.S. Double Standard Towards The Kurds

November 23, 2012  By Joseph Puder  The London based pan-Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported on October 29, 2012 that the Obama administration has rejected the notion of an independent Kurdish state. An article by Shirzad Shikhani in the paper headlined: "Kurdish Autonomous Region No-Go – US notes that 'A Kurdish leader, speaking on the condition of anonymity, revealed that the US administration has informed Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani that the US and Turkey will not support any efforts, on his part, to announce an independent Kurdish state'."  This raises the curious question as to why the Obama administration supports Palestinian statehood but finds a Kurdish independent state objectionable. The Obama administration's reasoning according to Shikhani is that Washington supports "dialogue with Baghdad, and recommended that he (Barzani) – along with Iraqi p