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In Pakistan, Mixed Results From a Peshawar Attack

STRATFOR December 20, 2012 | 1103 GMT   By Ben West The Pakistani Taliban continue to undermine Pakistan's government and military establishment, and in doing so, they continue to raise questions over the security of the country's nuclear arsenal. On Dec. 15, 10 militants armed with suicide vests and grenades attacked Peshawar Air Force Base, the site of a third major operation by the Pakistani Taliban since May 2011. Tactically, the attack was relatively unsuccessful -- all the militants were killed, and the perimeter of the air base was not breached -- but the Pakistani Taliban nonetheless achieved their objective.  The attack began the night of Dec. 15 with a volley of three to five mortar shells. As the shells were fired, militants detonated a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device near the perimeter wall of the air base. Reports indicate that all five militants inside the vehicle were killed. The other five militants engaged security forces in a nearby residential are


B.RAMAN   The BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP) has reasons to be concerned over the results of the elections to the State Assemblies of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh announced on December 20,2012. 2.The elections were preceded by a sustained campaign based on allegations of corruption  against the Government of Dr.Manmohan Singh, and some Congress leaders of Himachal Pradesh They were also preceded by a steady increase in inflation and by the economy reaching a road-block.The campaign of Anna Hazare and the anti-corruption activists headed by ShriArvindKejriwal since August last year was mainly directed against Congress misgovernance. 3.Many of us formed the perception that the public disenchantment against the Congress was so strong that its electoral defeat in the various elections to the State Assemblies and to the LokSabha in 2014 would be certain. We were surprised when public opinion polls held in some states a few months ago indicated that the disenchan

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2012: Narendra Modi's 'spin' and 'plot' games A third victory for Modi would be remarkable, regardless of his margin.   Two kinds of politics thrive in the national capital. One, chartered kite-flying by the spin-masters, meant to divert attention from the real plots. It has no life beyond the political lane of shallowness.  Second, the cold-blooded plots of the entrenched politicians from their war cellars, designed to reach out to the far-flung catchment areas of realpolitik and votes that matter in bigger wars. On the eve of the Gujarat poll results, 'the Narendra Modi factor', too, stands caught between these two incompatible worlds of 'spin' and 'plot'.  Result-eve talks in Delhi have are obsessed with one question, "What will be Modi's margin?" Since the overwhelming Gujarat-returned political wisdom prepares us for Modi's

Cyber Defence & Network Security conference

Defence IQ's  Cyber Defence & Network Security  conference, which is taking place in London from 28th - 31st January in 2013, truly is the event you must attend if you not only want to  improve your understanding   of the cyber threat , but to  facilitate cooperation between international organisations .  Entering into its 7th year, CDANS will once again deliver an unrivalled panel of senior speakers from government, military and critical national infrastructure –  providing you with the insight your organisation needs to protect its networks against the next generation of cyber threats . View the brochure online  or simply email  to request a copy and we can send it to you!  Topics at the 2013 event range from improving international coordination to the best methods for testing your network for security vulnerabilities, with presentations from top senior personnel including:  -  Major General Harold W. "Punch" Moulton , Director of Operati

Alienation of the Baloch from Pakistan is complete

One of the biggest problems in Balochistan has been  the conspiracy of  silence regarding the in the much vaunted 'independent' media of Pakistan. Apart from extremely the sketchy reportage of the horrors being visited on the  Baloch, the mainstream Pakistani media has paid little attention to Balochistan.  This was partly because the media is now allowed free access to large parts of Balochistan by the security forces, partly because of behind-the-scenes threats and intimidation of journalists by officials, and partly because Balochistan did  not make for a good copy. Quite simply, the rest of Pakistan was either not interested in what was happening there or else preferred to shut its eyes and pretend that nothing was happening there.   But the truth of the matter is that a lot happened inside Balochistan which has pushed, at least the Baloch areas, to the point of no return. The alienation of the Baloch from Pakistan is complete and there are reports that it is no longer  p

The world won't wait for China to change

By Francesco Sisci BEIJING - Washington's aggressive pursuit of containment of China and Beijing's difficulty in launching major economic and political reforms will likely prove an explosive mixture. Meanwhile, Japan, India, and other Asian powers exploit the logic of "two ovens".  The 18th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party was to be the springboard for economic and political renewal in the world's second power. Many Chinese - and others - hoped it would mark the beginning of a new era of reform.  The main challenge was, and remains, the fate of state-owned industries (state-owned enterprises, SOEs), which are often controlled or influenced by top party leaders or their families. The reform and even partial privatization of SOEs would on the one hand promote growth and expand the economic base of China with a view to better distribution of wealth and consumption. On the other, it could be accompanied by a gra

Cyber Warfare: The New Threat

by Air Marshal AK Tiwary in IDR 14/12/2012 The cyber warriors will identify own networks weakness which will be followed up by regular patch up of vulnerabilities. In addition their actual target could include blowing up electric generators / motors; use of high power microwave to upset fly by control of combat aircraft and more. Some contemporary thinkers have equated Cyber-Warfare as another new form of warfare which is on par with Land, Naval and Air Warfare. This is partly reflected in USA creating a new Cyber Command headed by a General, who is also the boss of Central Security Services and Director of National Security Agency. In the 2010 strategic review of security and defense in UK, while many major defense programmes have been cut and overall defense budget is reduced by eight percent, Cyber War has been allotted £ 650 m for the period 2010-14. A significant increase indeed! Cyber War has becom


15 December, 2012 By Zaheerul Hassan     The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputed (ICSID) has allowed Balochistan government and nuclear scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand to do mining in Smelting Project in Reko Diq area. The Advocate General of Balochistan, Amanullah Kinrani, told reporters outside the Supreme Court building on 14 December that the ICSID tribunal, which had reserved its ruling on Nov 6, released a 45-page unanimous decision allowing the provincial government to carry out the mining activity. The tribunal was seized with a dispute between Pakistan and Tethyan Copper Company-Austria (TCC) after the latter's application was rejected by the mining authority of Balochistan on the grounds that the company had submitted feasibility reports of only six kilometers area comprising two deposits, whereas it wanted to acquire 99 kilometers which contained 14 deposits. Established under the auspices of the World Bank, the ICSID comprising Dr Klaus Sachs