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India hasn't quite slammed the door on Iran: US report

January 19, 2013 12:52 IST  India [ Images ] is hesitant to implement all aspects of US and European Union sanctions against Iran, a Congressional report has said, attributing this to New Delhi's [ Images ] reliance on Tehran with regards to Afghanistan and the historic, cultural and economic ties between the two nations. "India is implementing UN sanctions against Iran but its cultural, economic, and historic ties -- as well as its strategic need for access to Afghanistan -- have made India hesitant to adopt all aspects of US and EU sanctions on Iran," the independent and bipartisan Congressional Research Service said in its latest report on Iran. "India first signalled greater support for sanctioning Iran in late 2012 when its central bank ceased using a Tehran-based regional body, the Asian Clearing Union, to handle transactions with Iran," said the rep

Jim Carey - How Wealthy People Laugh

IMF concerned over Pakistan’s falling reserves

ISLAMABAD: The International Monetary Fund expressed concern over Pakistan's falling exchange reserves on Friday, but stopped short of echoing analysts' warnings that it could face a new balance of payments crisis within months without a new loan package. "There is still a balance of payments concern … the foreign exchange reserves in the central bank have declined," Jeffrey Franks, the regional adviser to the Fund on Pakistan told a news conference. "Foreign direct investment has fallen sharply but other capital inflows are also very weak." Franks said that Pakistan has not sought a new loan programme. However, if it did, it would have to implement strict measures for achieving economic targets needed to qualify for a new IMF programme, DawnNews reported. Pakistan's state bank currently has about $9 billion, enough to cover about two months' worth of imports, if cash deposits in private dollar accounts are not counted, Franks said. In 2008,

Balochistan law and order: FC given ‘free hand’ to launch crackdown

By Our CorrespondentPublished: January 17, 2013 Decisions taken in the meeting include a ban on publicly displaying weapons across the province. Balochistan Governor Zulfiqar Ali Magsi has decided to give police and Frontier Corps (FC) personnel ‘a free hand’ to crack down on elements responsible for the deteriorating law and order situation in the province. According to an official handout, the decision was taken in a high-level meeting held at the Governor House on Wednesday to solve issues plaguing Balochistan. Decisions taken in the meeting include a ban on publicly displaying weapons across the province. All law enforcement agencies and provincial administration departments were directed to ensure compliance with the ban. The governor also directed concerned quarters to compensate the family members of those who lost their lives or were injured as a result of violen


By Kumar IS our silent PM aware of the seriousness of the ground situation as it obtains on the LoC? In the past he was quick to express concerns when am Indian was arrested on suspicion of terrorism. He is pathetic and his body language even more worse. I am forced to use such strong language, because the government is filled with nincompoops. When the COAS is warning Pak of strong retaliatory action and exhorting his field commanders not to remain passive and meet fire with fire, this bloke who heads the Foreign Ministry talks of the amount of time invested in peace efforts with Pakistan. May I ask what is the rich dividend that this country has reaped through its investments? ZERO. All we got was Kargil, Parliament Attack, bomb blasts in major cities and Mumbai 26/11 . What is this government and its ministers like the FM up to? The author must be reminded that our FM is an utter failure and so was his predecessor - remember Sharm el-Sheikh. So let us not give too much credit to

Wadhwani Foundation launchs video portal Entrepreneur Academy

We are pleased to announce the launch of our video portal, the Wadhwani Foundation Entrepreneur Academy  powered by NEN. It features videos which include courses, interviews and how-tos for aspiring and growing entrepreneurs. The course videos inform and throw insight on all aspects of the lifecycle of a venture - from the idea stage all the way to growth and exit stages. The how-to videos give step-by-step information on specific topics while the interviews with established entrepreneurs and experts are chockful with inspiration and learning for the discerning user. As we gear up for the public launch of  WF  Entrepreneur Academy ,  we are glad to share the exclusive content with you and look forward to your feedback to help us to continue building a great learning platform. Click here  to go to the  Entrepreneur Academy  website and mail your feedback to .  You can also subscribe to our  YouTube Channel  for the latest videos  here . We are workin

Shri Modi inaugurates CCTV surveillance network of Surat police

  January 18, 2013 # Surat 'Safe City Surat' project of Surat police CM inaugurates CCTV camera surveillance network in Surat Chief Minister: "The project will show path to the nation in establishing reliable vigilance network for crime detection" Rising above the PPP model, the project has become the best example of four 'P' formula of 'People's Public Private Partnership' Chief Minister Narendra Modi today dedicated to people closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera surveillance network – 'Safe City Surat' – of the Surat police.  Inaugurating this unique public safety project based on public private partnership (PPP) model, the Chief Minister exuded faith that the project will show path to the nation in establishing reliable vigilance network for crime detection. The project will be exemplary for other cities of Gujarat and will also infuse new vigor in the judicial system, he said. The vigilance network covers over 200 km. r

India and Pakistan: Getting Along with the Peace Process  Smruti S. Pattanaik January 18, 2013 The incident of killing and mutilation of two soldiers of the Indian Army—and especially the beheading of one of them— by intruding Pakistani forces on the Indian side of the Line of Control (LoC) has threatened to derail the India-Pakistan peace process. On the back of the public outcry over the incident, a usually soft-spoken Prime Minister Manmohan Singh issued a statement that there cannot be "business as usual". The government has decided to "pause" the implementation of the liberal visa regime on 'technical' grounds. Against this backdrop, the following questions come to mind: is India-Pakistan peace process sustainable? Can they be de-linked from the events on the ground, especially in Kashmir? Can Pakistan's fledging democracy be a partner in this long and tardy path o

The Cleric in the Container

By   HUMA YUSUF     Zohra Bensemra/Reuters Muhammad Tahir-ul Qadri addressed supporters from his container in Islamabad on Jan. 15.   LONDON — Between 25,000 and 50,000 people marched on Islamabad this week to demand the resignation of the government and  electoral reforms . At the head of the movement is  Muhammad Tahir-ul Qadri , a cleric who recently returned to Pakistan from Canada. Qadri says he wants to ignite a " people's democratic revolution ." Others say the protests are being  orchestrated by a Pakistani security establishment that wants to weaken civilian authorities months ahead of a historic election. But perhaps more than Qadri's calls, or the controversy over his intentions, it's his curious abode that may say more about Pakistan's prospects: Since Monday the cleric has been sounding the clarion from within the confines of a yellow shipping container parked in front of Parliament. Qadri's container is bullet-proof and powered

Former CIA officer and Brookings Institution fellow Bruce Riedel explains the politics of Pakistan.

As protests escalate in Pakistan before the spring elections, former CIA officer and  Brookings Institution fellow Bruce Riedel offers a glimpse into the country's complex  political process. The Fold/ The Washington Post. Watch the Video :   First Pakistani military and it's ISI tried Mr. Imran Khan, the cricketer, to stage the drama for the military take over against Zardari's elected civilian Government, but when he failed, they have now imported this Cleric from Canada to do the job. They think they can fool the world by saying look,  he is a moderate and is against Taliban and Al-Qaida, Bla Bla Bla, so that the west accept him, or  they  just to use him as a scare tactic to tell the west that look, if the green light is not given to the military for a coup, then these extremists will take over the country and get the nuclear weapons in their hand Bla Bla Bla..

Beijing's Map Aggression Now and Then

BY CLAUD ARPI in IDR. Yesterday, Xinhua reported that China "has inked for the first time South China Sea islands on its new official maps in equal scale to that of the Chinese mainland." The National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation (NASMG) announced that "the new vertical-format maps of China, published by Sinomaps Press, include more than 130 islands and islets in the South China Sea, most of which have not been featured on previous maps of China." The Indian Prime Minister had still not realised that the Five Principles were a one-way road; but he was much too engrossed in his future role not only as the 'neutral' chairperson of the cease-fire commission for Indochina but also the self-appointed leader of the newly independent nations of Asia and Africa. Zhou Beiyan, the editor of the new maps declared: "The old maps, which were in horizontal forma

India’s new strategic challenge

by Anil Padmanabhan Freelance terror may become the norm rather than the exception, with attendant consequences 14/1/13 Last week’s face-off with Pakistan on the Line of Control, following the mutilation of the bodies of two soldiers killed on the border, has stoked predictable responses. While those who demand an eye-for-an-eye are right in their own way, the peacenicks, too, make a legitimate point when they claim that this is not the time to abandon the path of reconciliation. For the moment, it does seem, despite belligerent remarks by the defence minister, that India has pulled back from the brink; the situation is yet fragile though. The bigger worry is whether this was a one-off, or a warning of an emerging challenge for India. There are several factors that are rapidly converging, which suggest that India, which has evolved as the unchallenged economic centre of South Asia and

Fight Pakistan fire with fire, Army chief orders commanders on LoC

By Rajat Pandit, TNN | Jan 15, 2013, 12.24 AM IST   NEW DELHI: India on Monday demonstrated its renewed resolve to fight fire with fire along the volatile Line of Control, directing all its battalion commanders on the fiercely-contested boundary to retaliate with all their might if the Pakistani Army provokes them by violating the ceasefire or pushing militants into J&K. "I expect all my commanders on the LoC to be aggressive and offensive in face of provocation and fire...No passivity is expected from them. Their response has to be measured and for effect," said a tough-talking General Bikram Singh, a day ahead of Army Day celebrations. The fact that the Army chief issued an unequivocal warning to Pakistan to cease and desist from misadventures along the border is a confirmation there is going to be no immediate de-escalation of tension, especially as a defiant Pakistan refused to own up to the beheading of an Indian soldier and mutilation of another's body by it


B.RAMAN   The barbaric Pakistani attack on Indian soldiers in the Jammu area on January 8,2013, and the brutal killing and mutilation of two soldiers with one of them beheaded called for a three-pronged response: ·       An exercise to express the solidarity of the nation with the families of the martyred soldiers and  to initiate action to maintain their honour and dignity. This should have been the responsibility of the Prime Minister's Office which should have taken a series of gestures like the PM visiting the families of the martyred soldiers, asking one of his senior officers to represent him at their cremation, a televised address to the armed forces to assure them of the solidarity of the nation and working for an all-party consensus on the subject to prevent partisan exploitation of the issue. One has an impression that  these important aspects were totally neglected by the PM and his entourage. ·       A second exercise to determine how

ISI sets up 2 new terrorist training camps near Jaisalmer-Ganganagar areas

Vimal Bhatia, TNN Jan 14, 2013, 01.40AM IST JAISALMER: Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI have reportedly opened two new centres to train a large number of youngsters on terrorism. The centres are in the Pakistani side just opposite the Jaisalmer-Ganganagar area along the international border. Sources said one of centres is only 50 km away from the Jaisalmer border in the Ghotaki area of Pakistan. It is housed in an underground bunker and managed jointly by ISI and Jaish-e-Mohammad Similarly, opposite the Ganganagar border in Bahvalpur area, ISI officials and Jaish-e-Mohammad cadres are brainwashing many youths and imparting them with terrorist training. These terrorists could be pushed into the Indian border taking advantage of mist and fog. Upon receiving this information from across the border, the BSF has put its jawans on high alert especially during mist and fog and the borders are being strictly guarded. Jawans from reserve and training companies have also been deployed

India is entering into an unpredictable phase in counter-terorism cooperation with the US

  I think we are entering into an unpredictable phase in counter-terorism cooperation with the US. The US Exit Strategy, no doubt mid-wifed by the ever devious British, has daangerous implications for us. The concentration will not be on emiminating "Al qaeda and its affiliates" as President Obama asserted. The real problem is that most Americans are not prepared to admit the reality that the Taliban is an Al Qaeda "affiliate", as is the Lashkar e taiba. The "immunity"' to former ISI Chief Lt. Gen. Shuja Pasha by the State Department of the class action suit in New York against the LeT is  a manifestation of how far the Obama Administration is prepared to go to absolve the ISI of its sins.and this tendency will grow once Senator Kerry assumes charge as Secretary of State.           Given these developments the parting of ways with the US on counter terrorism may well become inevitable. Despite what Praveen Swami has said, he personally acknowled

Narendra Modi a 'king among kings', says Anil Ambani at Vibrant Gujarat summit

Edited by Surabhi Malik (With Inputs from Agencies) | Updated: January 11, 2013 16:26 IST   Gandhinagar: Narendra Modi received lavish praise today from India Inc at the biennial Vibrant Gujarat summit that began today, where the chief minister of Gujarat employs his marketing savvy to drive investment in his state. Mr Modi, in his address to the gathering, promised the creation of three million additional jobs through the various development initiatives undertaken by his government. On Twitter the Gujarat Chief Minister tweeted, "Earlier, Gujarat was the gateway to the Globe from India. Now it is becoming the Global gateway to India. Earlier, speaking at the summit, Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries, said "In Narendra Bhai, we have a leader with a grand vision."  He announced a Rs. 500-crore university that will be set up in collaboration with the Gujarat government. (Special Feature: At Vibrant Gujarat Summit, India Inc praises Modi)     His yo