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The volatility of Gas, Geo-Politics and the Greater Middle East. An Interview with Major Agha H. Amin

The volatility of Gas, Geo-Politics and the Greater Middle East. An Interview with Major Agha H. Amin Posted on   February 1, 2013   by   nsnbc The volatility of Gas, Geo-Politics and the Greater Middle East. An Interview with Major Agha H. Amin Major Agha H. Amin is a retired Pakistani military officer and the author of various books, including "Development of Taliban Factions in Afghanistan", "Taliban War in Afghanistan" and "History of Pakistan Army". He studied at the Forman Christian College and at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kalkul. Agha H. Amin has been working as Assistant Editor of Defense Journal, Executive Editor at the Globe, and as Editor of the Journal of Afghanistan Studies. He is an active member of the Think Tank ORBAT and the Alexandrian Defense Group and he is working as security management consultant. Agha H. Amin has been working as consultant on various oil, gas and energy projects in Central Asia, Afghanistan and Pak


  B.RAMAN Despite its continuing concerns over the freedom struggle of the Balochs which shows no signs of letting up, China, which originally constructed the languishing commercial port of Gwadar on the Mekran Coast of Balochistan, is reported to have agreed in principle to take over the responsibility for the operation of the port. 2.The 40-year-old contract awarded by the Pakistan Government in 2007 to Singapore's PSA international for the operation of the port has been a non-starter due to disputes between the Pakistan Navy and the PSA International over the free transfer of land to the PSA international for the construction of warehouses for containers and other infrastructure facilities and over the failure of the Pakistani authorities to improve the road and rail connectivity of the port as promised in the contract. 3.The Pakistan Government agreed to the request of the PSA International to withdraw from the contract. Islamabad has now appro

Weasel Words The weasel, charming animal that it is, attacks eggs in bird nests using a very particular method: it pierces them and sucks them, then leaves them there. The mama bird thinks she sees her egg, but it is only the shell emptied of its precious contents. Weasel words do the same thing, but with propositions. Thus, one can be under the impression that a statement is full of rich content, but the presence of a little word has emptied it of substance. Advertising relies on this strategy often; an attentive observer will find a great number of incidences. Who hasn't received an envelope marked, "You could have won $1,000,000"? Here are a few other examples: A product can produce such and such effect. A product diminishes or augments something up to such and such level. A product helps to . . . A product contributes to . . . A product is a component of . . . A product makes you feel l

Is a Revolution possible in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

  Almost since WWII, US led West has dominated, controlled and exploited the resources of West Asia and South West Asia through its axis with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan .The axis can be enlarged to into US/ UK/Israel-Saudi Dynasty/ Wahabis –Pak   Military/ ISI.   The US-Saudi-Wahabi Nexus   In 1979 Washington lost Shah of Iran its Gendarme in the Middle East region ,but it made up amply by lining up Saudi led Gulf and other Muslim states and Pakistan in ousting from Afghanistan Soviet presence and threat to its oil wells in the Middle East in the process creating nurseries of terrorism in Pak Afghan region , which have since proliferated as Jihadis of various hues like various Taleban , Al Qaeda with local branches all over north Africa , West Asia and elsewhere. Al Qaeda is only a franchise since in Afghanistan iit is said to be no more than a few hundred or even less.   Washington acts as a protector of Saud Dynasty and

Refused to hand over David Headley to India or grant him death, yet US says justice for 26/11 a priority

   | The US today said bringing to justice the perpetrators of 26/11 was still an "unfinished business" high on its priority, days after Pakistani American LeT terrorist David Headley was sent to 35 years in prison by a Chicago court, a sentence that has left India disappointed. Defending the 'lenient' sentence, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Headley had yielded significant information to help India and the US prevent Mumbai-like attacks in future. "I think it is unfinished business that we are not in any way walking away from. I'm leaving office, but I can assure you and the Indian people this remains one of our very highest priorities," Clinton said when asked if she was satisfied with the success that she had in bringing the perpetrators of 26/11 to justice during her tenure. Clinton, 65,

Congressmen seek US postage stamp on Diwali festival

Washington, Jan 29, 2013 (PTI) Next time you receive a post parcel from the US, don't be surprised to see a colourful display of Diwali on it as some American lawmakers have introduced a resolution seeking issuence of a postage stamp on the popular Indian festival. Congresswomen Carolyn B Maloney and Grace Meng, besides Indian-American Congressman Ami Bera, have introduced the resolution in the House of Representatives, urging the United States Postal Service (USPS) to create a stamp as per the Diwali Stamp resolution. The USPS has recognised other major religious holidays such as Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Eid, with a commemorative stamp earlier. "Meaning 'row of lights,' Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil, the awareness of one's inner light, the dispelling of ignorance, and bringing peace and joy through the awakening gained from this higher knowledge,"


This manual is designed primarily  for the intelligence staffs and soldiers of units conducting intelligence support to operations in the urban environment.  It can also be used by commanders, staffs, and intelligence personnel at all echelons, and applies equally to the Active Army, the Army National Guard/Army National Guard of the United States, and the United States Army Reserve unless otherwise stated. With the continuing growth in the world’s urban areas and increasing population concentrations in urban areas, the probability that the US Army will conduct full spectrum operations in urban environments is ever more likely.  As urbanization has changed the demographic landscape, potential enemies recognize the inherent danger and complexity of this environment to the attacker, and may view it as their best chance to negate the technological and firepower advantages of modernized opponents. Given the global population trends and the likely strategies and tactics of futu