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Hydro Power Projects Race to Tap the Potential of Brahmaputra River

Brig (retd) Vinod Anand (Senior Fellow, VIF) For past many years while China has been in the news for its efforts in exploiting the vast hydro power potential of Yarlung Tsangpo River of Tibet Autonomous Region India has also been attempting to tap the potential of this river known as Brahmaputra in India. Recent reports indicate that China has approved the construction of three new hydropower dams on the middle reaches of Yarlung Tsangpo. Work on an older 510 MW hydro project in Zangmu in Tibet had commenced way back in 2010. The capacity of the two new projects coming up at Dagu and Jiacha would be 640 MW and 320 MW respectively while the capacity of the third new dam at Jiexu is yet to be confirmed. These projects have been planned to be completed in China's 12th Five Year Plan period i.e. 2011-2017. China has, as usual, given the assurances that these are run of the river projects and in no way affect the downstream flows. In addition China has also built at least six smaller

What Indian Americans Can Learn During Black History Month

Rajiv Malhotra Author, 'BEING DIFFERENT: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism' February is celebrated as America's Black History Month, making it an opportune time to examine some important relationships between the Indian and black communities in this country. For one, there are longstanding ties between the two peoples that ought to be unearthed and rekindled. Mahatma Gandhi started his civil disobedience movement in South Africa where he spent 21 years honing his political philosophy and leadership skills. The event that became the turning point in his life was when he was thrown off a train, because as a person of color he was not allowed to sit in first-class even though he had a first-class ticket. The indignity of this event, similar to that experienced by all people of color in South Africa at that time, launched him into a life of social and political activism. His movement culminated in the eventual overthrow of the British Empire and colonialism in gen


  B.RAMAN  The intelligence agencies would have examined in depth the likely security implications of the execution of Afzal Guru this morning for his involvement in the attack on the Indian Parliament in December,2001, and taken necessary precautions not only in Jammu and Kashmir, but also in the rest of India. 2.They would have studied in detail the kind of security problems our agencies faced after the execution of Maqbool Bhatt of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front in the Tihar Jail in 1984 for his involvement in terrorism. 3. The circumstances in 1984 were not as complicated as they are today. We had to contend with only dangers of retaliation by the Kashmiri terrorist organisations. 4.In 1984, we were not faced with dangers of possible retaliation by Pakistani jihadi organisationssuch as the Lashkar-e-Toiba, the Jaish-e-Mohammad, the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen.They were busy fighting the Soviet troops in Afghanistan and the attention of Pakistan&


B.RAMAN As in previous years, the Tibetans are not celebrating their New Year's Day this year too which falls this month. 2.Tibetans in the Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR),Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan as well as the Tibetan diaspora abroad, including in India, are observing their New Year's Day as a day of mourning and prayers in memory of 99 Tibetans who have so far committed self-immolation ( 80 of them fatal) in the Tibetan areas of China to demand their freedom and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Lhasa. 3.Their hopes that the advent of a new Chinese leadership headed by Mr.Xi Jinping could mark a relaxation of the suppression in the Tibetan areas and a willingness to address the grievances of the Tibetans have been belied so far. 4.Since Xi took over as the Party General Secretary from Mr.Hu Jintao in November last year, the Party has shown no inclination to re-consider its policies of suppression and forcible integration of th

Thousands rally in Turbat against Pak atrocities in Balochistan

By ANI Turbat (Balochistan), Feb.4 (ANI): Thousands of Baloch people, including women and children, took part in a protest rally over the weekend in Balochistan's Turbat District. They were protesting against atrocities committed on them by the Pakistan authorities. Turbat echoed with "Free Balochistan" slogans. Held under the aegis of Baloch Student Organisation (Azad) and Baloch National Movement (BNM), the rally was said to be the largest in Turbat's history. The Baloch are angry about continuous military operations in the region and the ongoing 'kill and dump' policy of the Pakistan Army and spy agencies. They also raised doubts about the silence of international media, international human rights organizations and United Nations in raising the issue of gross human rights violations in Balochistan. Kareema Baloch, the vice chairperson of the BSO-Azad, led the parade from Degree College Turbat to Fida Shaheed Square, where a sit-in was staged

Pakistan's occupying forces have intensified their dirty war against Baloch freedom fighters

AN URGENT CALL TO UNO AND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO INTERVENE IN BALOCHISTAN WASHINGTON, D.C- Dr. Wahid Baloch, President of the Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA), on Sunday strongly condemned the ongoing Pakistani military aggression and offensive against the defenseless Baloch people in Pakistani-occupied Balochistan and reiterated his call for the U.S., UN and international community to act immediately to save innocent lives. "The situation is of dire need for international attention, action and intervention," said Dr. Baloch. Pakistan's armed forces, the FC, empowered by the Islamabad-imposed Governor of Balochistan, have intensified their aggression, extrajudicial target killings, arrests, kidnappings, raids, arson and daily attacks against the Baloch citizens with full impunity. There passes not a single day where the FC forces do not raid and burn a Baloch house and/or kill and kidnap a Baloch citizen. This is all being done under a media b