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Baloch Rally in front of the White House asks President Obama to intervene in Balochistan.

WASHINGTON, D.C - The members  of the Baloch community in United States held a highly successful protest rally in front of the White House to draw the attention of President Obama to the ongoing Pakistani military operation, human right violations, arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings, disappearances and genocide in Balochistan. The protest rally was organized by the Baloch Society of North America (BSO-NA) and Balochistan National Congress (BNC), Washington D.C chapter.  Despite the heavy rain, snow and stormy bad weather the protestors carried on to make the history. Many people flew from far away to attend the rally. Arshad Umrani, from Balochistan Strategic Forum and President of BNC - Chicago Chapter, came all the way from Chicago with his friends to attend the rally. Andrew Eiva, who is working with Sudanese resistance forces in Sudan came with Sudanese community members to join the rally. The participants were chanting slogans;  PAKISTAN: S


B.RAMAN The Shabag movement of  Dhaka, which is also referred to as Bangladesh Spring, has been like the Tahrir Square movement of Egypt (2010), a spontaneous uprising of the youth of Dhaka demanding the death penalty for leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JEI) of Bangladesh presently under trial before an international criminal tribunal for their role in opposing the liberation movement of Bangladesh in 1971, collaborating with Pakistan and carrying out the massacre of a large number of civilians, including well-known intellectuals, for supporting the liberation. 2. Like the Tahrir Square movement, the Shabag movement, named after a locality in Dhaka where it started on February 5,2013, is an iconless movement triggered off by spontaneous public (mainly the youth) anger and outrage over the non-award of the death penalty to a prominent leader of the JEI and imparted momentum through social media networks. But, whereas the Tahrir Square movement was against the dictato

Wharton and Modi: Political gamesmanship won over business savvy

Last updated on: March 06, 2013 11:53 IST 'I agonise for these students that only desired to create a platform to discuss India's [ Images ] challenges and opportunities for growth. The students and the Wharton administration must learn the lessons of consequences even as they seek redemption that can be theirs with the right moves forward, argues Dr Aseem Shukla. The Wharton India Economic Forum, a completely business student organised event, leverages the weighty Wharton imprimatur and has been a signature event in Philadelphia, the United States, for seventeen years, basking in the media spotlight.   This year, that spotlight is more a glare because of a profound and disturbing (mis)handling of an invitation to their chief guest, Narendra Modi [ Images ]. These students showed savvy in inviting Modi, elected thrice as the chief minister of Gujarat. Known as

How Iran Went Nuclear

Veteran weapons inspector Olli Heinonen on how the U.N.'s 'Stockholm Syndrome' has aided Tehran's drive for the bomb—and why an unsettling secret may be lurking in the Iranian desert.   By DAVID FEITH Cambridge, Mass. ? It has been more than three years since President Obama revealed the existence of the secret Iranian nuclear facility at Fordo—a uranium-enrichment plant buried deep inside a mountain and surrounded by missile silos and anti-aircraft batteries. Is the world due for another surprise soon? If anyone has standing to speculate, it is Olli Heinonen, who says he first "got a whiff" of Fordo six years before Mr. Obama acknowledged it. In the fall of 2003, Mr. Heinonen was in his office at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna when a man appeared unannounced. The "walk-in"—whom Mr. Heinonen hasn't previously discussed, and whose nationality he

An Inconvenient Truth

INDIAN POLICE: Punjab Cops hit woman who asked for help

Watch live footage of a woman beaten up brutally by the Punjab policemen on road. Reportedly the woman had complained to the police of a teasing with her at a wedding ceremony which led the Policemen beat her up without any provocation on the road

As Europe goes down, we need to be prepared for consequences

March 4, 2013 · by Prof Vaidyanathan · in Economy, Globalization, The European economic and social crisis is becoming worse with each passing day. One business channel asked me in 2008 how long it might take to recover and I responded saying 40 quarters — they never came back to interview. But now I forecast it may never recover. Sri Aurobindo said that India will rise on the ashes of western civilisation and it seems to be coming true. It is important to recognise that the dominance of the West has been there only for last 200 odd years. According to Angus Maddison's pioneering OECD study, India and China had nearly 50 per cent of global GDP as late as the 1820s. Hence India and China are not emerging or rising powers. They are retrieving their original position. In 1990, the share of the G-7 in world GDP (on a purchasing power parity basis) was 51 per cent and that of emerging markets, 36 per cent. But in 2012, it is the reverse. So the dominant west is a myth

The cacophony of the world

By Dominique Mo├»si  -  01.03.2013 / 17:48 CET Fragmentation is the current leitmotif of international geopolitics. In his masterpiece Diplomacy, Henry Kissinger describes, probably too idyllically, the international balance-of-power system that, following the Congress of Vienna in 1814-15, produced what came to be called the 'Concert of Europe'. As Kissinger describes it, after the Napoleonic Wars, "There was not only a physical equilibrium, but a moral one. Power and justice were in substantial harmony." Of course, the concert ended in cacophony with the outbreak of the First World War in the summer of 1914.    Today, after the brutality of the first half of the 20th century, the temporary bipolarity of the Cold War, and the United States' brief post-1989 hyper-power status, the world is once again searching for a new international order. Can something like the Concert of E

Pakistan Ulema Permits Suicide Attacks

Abdul Haq Omari, 02 March 2013 13:18 The Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council on Friday said that suicide attacks in Afghanistan are permitted as long as US forces are present in the country."Palestine is occupied by Israel, Kashmir by India, and Afghanistan by the US. So if the Muslims don't have the atomic bomb, they should sacrifice their lives for God," head of Pakistan Ulema Council Alama Tahir Ashrafi said in an interview with TOLOnews. "We are asking America to leave the region in order for the region to become peaceful," he added.Afghanistan's Ulema Council has rejected his comments, stressing that suicide attacks are unlawful under Islam."Pakistan does has the atomic bomb, so why are they carrying out suicide attacks? Suicide bombing is unlawful in Islam religion," member of Afghanistan's Ulema council Abdul Qayoub Hafiz told TOLOnews. Afghan polit

Hidden Secrets of Money: Mike Maloney

Response to WSJ Op-Ed Calling For Bible Education In Public Schools

Posted: 03/03/2013 2:35 am   The Wall Street Journal's recent editorial has the bold title: "Public Schools Should Teach the Bible : Westerners cannot be considered literate without a basic knowledge of this foundational text. While I certainly support the idea that students should be better informed about world religions, I vehemently oppose giving special preference to the Bible over other faiths. The WSJ op-ed's argument is that America is a Western nation with the Bible as its foundation. This is a racist assumption which ignores that for most of its 10,000 year history America was unknown to Europeans and was inhabited by the Native Americans, originally from Asia. OK, I agree that today we are where we are, and must deal with the practical reality that Europeans dominated this land for the past few centuries after "emptying" i

Balochs take their voice to the door step of White House.

WASHINGTON D.C: A peaceful protest rally is being organized by the Baloch community in North America in front of the White House to draw the attention of the Obama Administration towards the ongoing military operations, human right violations, arbitrary arrests, extra-judicial killings, disappearances and genocide in Balochistan.  "The Obama Administration must also take note of the brazen and unmindful exploitation of Baloch resources by Pakistan and Iran to fill their coffers, strengthen their might and unleash a reign of terror on the poor Baloch people, with the help of China", said Dr. Wahid Baloch, the organizer of the rally and the President of Baloch Society of North America, a Washington D.C based Baloch human right organization, dedicated to highlight the plights of Baloch peole and human right violations in Balochistan by Pakistan and Iran. "Balochistan is going through the most critical time in its history. The Pakistani aggression is a