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Happy landing for BRICS at Durban

  March 12, 2013   M K Bhadrakumar   The BRICS' splashy 'arrival' in the African continent is bound to arouse disquiet in the western capitals .   South Africa is taking very seriously its onerous responsibility to host the BRICS summit meeting in Durban on March 26-27. The  invitation  extended to the African Union [AU] and African economies to the BRICS summit sets a new chapter in the grouping's 5-year long chronicle.   The decision to spread wings is a trendsetter, no doubt. Why it didn't occur to India to invite SAARC to last year's summit in New Delhi, I do not know, but it would have been good to do that. South Africa's  invitation to Egyptian President  Mohamed Morsi to attend the Durban summit is even more important. The big question is whether Egypt would have a permanent berth in the BRICS tent. But then, how long can Egypt are kept out if Morsi makes