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B.RAMAN The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Government of Dr.Manmohan Singh have come under criticism for the perceived ham-handedness of the CBI in the investigation of a complaint regarding irregularities in the import of some foreign cars involving suspected evasion in the payment of duty. 2.In connection with the preliminary enquiry into the complaint, which precedes the registration of a First Information Report  (FIR), the CBI allegedly raided the houses of ShriM.K.Stalin and ShriM.K.Alagiri, senior DMK leaders and sons of ShriM.Karunanidhi on the morning of March 21,2113, while looking for the suspected cars. 3.Since the raids came a day after ShriKarunanidhi announced the withdrawal of the DMK from the ruling coalition in protest against the Government's policy on the violation of the human and political rights of the Sri Lankan Tamils by the Sri Lankan Government, there have been allegations that the raids were politically motivat

South and Central Asia: The U.S.-India Partnership in the Asian Century

  The U.S.-India Partnership in the Asian Century Remarks Robert O. Blake, Jr. Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs University of California, Berkeley Institute of International Studies Berkeley, CA March 21, 2013 Thank you, Neil, for that kind introduction and for inviting me here today. I'd like to thank Professor Pradeep Chhibber, Director of the Institute of International Studies for organizing this event. I'd also like to give a shout out to Ambassador Steve Browning, the State Department's Diplomat in Residence here at Berkeley, who has no doubt persuaded countless Berkeley grads to join our ranks. I met earlier this afternoon with some students studying South Asian issues and, based on our engaging discussion and their provocative questions, I think that they would all make fine recruits. In fact, a notable number of U.S. diplomats received degrees from UC Berkeley, where their interest in foreign affairs was sparked and nurtured. Most n


B.RAMAN I have been in receipt of many tweets and E-Mails criticizing me for advocating that the case of Sanjay Dutt, who has been convicted under the Arms Act for having been found in illegal possession of two fire-arms and sentenced to five years of imprisonment, should be treated differently and any petition from him for a lenient view of his guilt should be considered sympathetically. 2.In my first tweet after his conviction by a bench of the Supreme Court, I had said that, as in the US, there is a need for a provision in our laws under which a court can allow a convicted criminal in certain cases to do compulsory community service in lieu of imprisonment to cover cases like that of Sanjay. 3.Subsequently, I had tweeted my agreement with the view of retired Justice Katju, Chairman of the Press Council of India, that Sanjay's case deserves pardon in view of the good service to the community that he and his parents had done in the past.However, I had diffe

Pakistan: Hold Musharraf Accountable for Abuses

Fair Trial of Ex-Military Ruler Key to Ending Security Forces' Impunity MARCH 23, 2013 "Musharraf should not be allowed to elude the serious legal proceedings against him on his return to Pakistan. Only by ensuring that Musharraf faces the well-documented outstanding charges against him can Pakistan put an end to the military's impunity for abuses." Ali Dayan Hasan, Pakistan director (New York) – The Pakistani government should hold the country's former military ruler Pervez Musharraf accountable for human rights abuses when he returns to Pakistan, Human Rights Watch said today. Musharraf announced that he intends to return on March 24, 2013, after over four years in exile to be a candidate in parliamentary elections scheduled for May. Legal proceedings are pending against Musharraf in several human rights cases. In November 2011, Musharraf was charged with involvement in the killing of Akbar Bugti, a Baloch nationalist leader who died under unclear circumstan

Baloch to boycott elections, seek UN referendum on freedom: BRP chief Brahamdagh Bugti

   Mar 23, 3:05 pm Geneva, Mar. 23 (ANI): Balochistan Republican Party (BRP) Chairperson Brahamdagh Bugti (BRP) has said that the Baloch population will boycott the elections in Balochistan, and will simultaneously work to convince the international community to undertake and allow a United Nations-sponsored referendum to determine the Baloch demand for establishing a free and democratic state. In an exclusive interview given to Asian News International (ANI), Bugti said that all nationalist parties of Balochistan were coordinating with each other to realize the long-term goal of freedom from Pakistan. "Our strategy is that people should not vote. It does not mean that we are against elections or political process, we have our own political party and we believe in political process. But these are not our elections, they are the elections o

I’m in the Mood for Cash

  The Daily Reckoning Presents... By Doug French "Cash is king," was once the old saw. The saying became passé in boomtime. Nobody wanted to hold on to cash. There were stocks and real estate to buy, not to mention big screen TVs and granite counter tops. Besides, the PhDs at Federal Reserve stay up late at night figuring out how to make money less valuable. Ben Bernanke and his colleagues keep printing the stuff to solve what they fear the most: insufficient aggregate demand and liquidity traps.  But for all of the Fed's stimulus and the central bank's desire to nudge people and businesses out of cash and into riskier assets, the cash hoards still pile up.  The Economist reported last November that companies have been supplying cash rather than using it since 2008. Firms in the S&P 500 are holding close to a trillion dollars in cash on their collective balance sheets, an increase of 40% from the dark days of 2008.  President Obama has businesses scared to d


  B.RAMAN Between 20 and 26 persons are reported to have been killed in three days of violent clashes between Buddhists and Burman Muslims (not Rohingyas) in the central Myanmar cantonment town of Meikhtila since March 20,2013. Official figures have, however, given the death toll as five only till the evening of March 22. 2. The town has a population of about 100,000 of whom one-third are estimated to be Muslims. The violence reportedly broke out following a quarrel between the Muslim owner of a jewellery shop and some of his Buddhist customers. 3.Five mosques, including the main mosque of the town, are reported to have been burnt down by Buddhist mobs. Armed Buddhist monks prevented journalists from taking photographs of the damages caused to the mosques. 4.Finding the local police unable to bring the violence under control, the Government imposed a State of Emergency in Meikhtilla and neighbouring townships and villages on March 22 to enable the d

BALOCHISTAN: Black Day March 27

.  Naila Quadri Baloch Chinese people take stand against their government's imperialist policies; occupation of Gwadar is a foolish dream.Pakistan army is selling body organs of our missing loved ones, Balochistan is converted into a Nazi concentration camp with the help of China. On coming March 27, the black day, the day of occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan's army in 1948, Professor Naela Quadri President of the World Baloch Women's Forum has sent a message to Chinese mothers that they must take stand and raise their voices against imperialist policies of their government that is resulting in genocide of Baloch people. She said that our fourteen thousand loved ones including our daughters are abducted by Pakistan and Iran, we have received one thousand mutilated bodies of our gems like sons with uncountable wounds of severe torture in last two years and this is a continuous daily base routine, our women and children are facing deaths due to bombardment on our civil

Ceasefire Violations along Line of Control (LoC) and International Border (IB)

The details of Ceasefire Violations along Line of Control (LoC) and International Border (IB) during the last three years are as under:- Year No. of Violations YEAR Number of Violations 2010 44 2011 51 2012 93 The details of casualties during this period are as under:-   YEAR LOC (FATAL) LOC ( NON FATAL) IB (FATAL) IB (NON FATAL) 2010 8 1 5 3 2011 3 1 1 2 2012 11 3 8 7 All ceasefire violations with Pakistan are appropriately retaliated through return of fire / protested through established mechanisms of Hotline, Flag Meeting and Director General of Military Operations Talks et

Exports to Pakistan spur China to become world’s 5th largest arms supplier: Report

China's arms export­s grew by 162% primar­ily due to large-scale acquis­itions by Pakist­an.   By AFP Published: March 18, 2013   BEIJING: China became the world's fifth largest arms exporter with five per cent of the global trade, primarily due to large-scale acquisitions by Pakistan, a Swedish think tank said on Monday. China's arms exports in 2008-2012 grew by 162 per cent compared to the previous five years, with most of them – 55 per cent – going to Pakistan, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said in a report. "China's rise has been driven primarily by large-scale arms acquisitions by Pakistan," Paul Holtom, a research director at SIPRI said in a press release. "A number of recent deals indicate that China is establishing itself as a significant arms supplier to a growing number of important recipient states." Pakistan has long been China's key ally in South Asia. The report also named Myanmar, Bangladesh and

US should dump Islamabad, Pakistan diplomat says

  Mar 19, 2013, 11.58 PM IST   WASHINGTON: Washington and Islamabad should give up the fiction of being allies and acknowledge that their interests simply do not converge enough to make them strong partners, Pakistan's recent envoy to the US, who is now a hunted man in his home country, has advised both sides in a searing examination of tortured relationship between the two countries. Instead, says HussainHaqqani, till recently Pakistan's ambassador to the US, Washington should leave Pakistan to its own devices so that it can discover for itself how weak it is without American aid and support, eventually enabling it to return to the mainstream suitably chastened about its limitations.  "By coming to terms with this reality, Washington would be freer to explore new ways of pressuring Pakistan and achieving its own goals in the region. Islamabad, meanwhile, could finally pursue its regional ambitions, which would either succeed once and for all or, more likely, teach Pak

UN must intervene to stop Pakistani spy agency ISI's brutality in PoK

Brazil’s SisGAAz programme

Have you heard about Brazil's SisGAAz programme?* It's the Brazilian Navy's $4 billion surveillance project designed to help defend its coastline and protect its offshore assets … or, to put it another way:  It's a massive programme that Brazil is spending lots of money on and you can get a piece of the action… With the SisGAAz request for proposal (RFP) due to be delivered next month, Defence IQ is hosting the  Coastal Surveillance Brazil  conference with official support from the Brazilian Navy, allowing you to meet with the nation's decision-makers and industry prime contractors to explore opportunities for this significant programme. We have confirmed an unprecedented speaker faculty, which boasts participation from the key Brazilian coastal surveillance authorities including a Senior General Officer representing the Commander of the Navy as well as Captain Marcus Vinicius da Silva Roberto, Project DSAM-SGAA31, Brazilian Navy. The full line-up of speaker